Uber And Lyft Driver Earning Average Of $2000/Week - Tips [Advice, Experiences] (5)

Anyone who is thinking of driving as Uber driver-partner(LOL) or as Lyft driver is curious about what will be the earning per week or month. I have the experience of 3.5 years driving with Uber and Lyft in Seattle, WA. …

Uber Driver App, Customer service and Rider Complaints ( 2 ) [Advice, Experiences] (28)

An Uber Driver is someone who loves to complain about his riders, how the uber driver app functions and obviously their favorite uber customer service ( which is on point sometimes ). So this post is dedicated to all the…

Uber Customer Service and Phone Numbers for Riders/Passengers and Drivers [Customer Service] (18)

How do passengers and customers contact Uber Customer Service for various issues? One of the biggest issues facing Uber customers is contacting support and after doing so, getting an efficient and fast reply. There is no…

Uber Phone Number? Does Uber have a phone number for drivers? [Customer Service] (20)

What is Uber’s Phone Number for driver issues? Thanks!

How Much Do Uber Drivers Make--Show Your Weekly Pay Stubs [Payments, Taxes, Income] (20)

Recently we did an article on Uber driver pay and looked at all the studies that have been done so far. Well, they are just studies. Why not look at the real pay stubs from Uber drivers to see how much they really make i…

Rideshare Tax Calculator -- A Simple Tax Calculator for Uber and Lyft Drivers [Payments, Taxes, Income] (3)

Disclaimer: I am no way an expert in taxes or accounting. Although, I do have some knowledge of coding, which I used to make this tax calculator for Uber and Lyft drivers. It can also be used by drivers who drive for Pos…

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