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Uber Driver App, Customer service and Rider Complaints ( 2 ) (31)

An Uber Driver is someone who loves to complain about his riders, how the uber driver app functions and obviously their favorite uber customer service ( which is on point sometimes ). So this post is dedicated to all the…

Uber And Lyft Driver Earning Average Of $2000/Week - Tips (12)

Anyone who is thinking of driving as Uber driver-partner(LOL) or as Lyft driver is curious about what will be the earning per week or month. I have the experience of 3.5 years driving with Uber and Lyft in Seattle, WA. …

Accepting and Managing Rides - Uber Driver Guide (2)

Drivers during period 1 wait for new requests to come in, we will now look at what drivers do during periods 1 and 2. Learn More: Uber Driver's Handbook Uber Trip Experience What Uber Drivers can do during a trip …

Drivers and Passengers: The trip experience - Uber Driver Guide (2)

Once the driver has received a request, they will start periods 2 and 3. These are the main features of the Uber experience that passengers will always associate with their ride. The overall experience and perception of …

What happens during a trip - Uber Driver Guide (2)

Once a fare has entered the car, the trip is officially in full ride mode. You passenger in the seat, front or back, maybe alone or with other passengers. Now the fun begins. Depending on the type of ride you are taking,…

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I'm the guy with water, mints, aux cord, and iOS/Android combo charger (15)
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You ever need to have the police remove a difficult drunk from the car? (15)
Driving the public is an inherently dangerous job (13)
Experiment for the right formula (17)
I have never seen evidence that giving out freebees increases rider appreciation (16)
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Paxs should be providing us with refreshments, not the other way around (13)
No water, gum, candy, mints, phone chargers, etc. should ever be provided for UberX riders ever (13)
Be firm with these entitled pax (16)
A huge flaw with Uber and it's app (14)
Don't kill a big tipper (16)