Uber And Lyft Driver Earning Average Of $2000/Week - Tips

Anyone who is thinking of driving as Uber driver-partner(LOL) or as Lyft driver is curious about what will be the earning per week or month. I have the experience of 3.5 years driving with Uber and Lyft in Seattle, WA. I am able to consistently earn $1,900 to $2,100 on an average per week. Your Uber or Lyft driver earning will depend mostly on how many hours you dedicate to driving and knowledge of busy areas at specific times. Here are some tips which can help you achieve the goal of $2,000 Uber and Lyft earning:

  1. Number of Hours: If you want to earn good money, you have to put in lot of time. It is not easy. During weekdays you should at-least drive 10 hours and during the weekends maybe even 12 or more. The approach I take is earning somewhere from $250 to $300 during the weekdays, which will bring in $1,000 to $1,200. As the weekend is mostly busy, I am able to earn up to $1,000 when I am driving Friday and Saturday. And please do take one day off to refresh and calm down your brain. Driving is a very dangerous and stressful work. If you are not serious about rest, you are taking a big risk and may end up with fatal consequences. If you start on Tuesday and end the week on Sunday, you will be able to score more hours.

  2. Drug use and partying - It is very obvious that if you want to achieve higher Uber and Lyft driver earning, you have to stay away from any alcohol and drug use. I don’t even drink coffee or tea, as that will interfere with my sleep cycle and I don’t feel fully rested after sleeping. If you live a clean and healthy life, that will make you more productive and thus more money in your pocket.

  3. Sleep Aids - If you drive during the day and sleep at night, just stay away from bright lights as you are about to sleep. But if you drive during the night like me and sleep during the day, it gets a bit tricky due to sunlight. For me It was very hard to fall asleep if my room was not dark. So I started using this sleep mask which I bought from amazon and the result was truly amazing. Deep sleep with dreams and full relaxation.


4. Seating - The most difficult part of driving is sitting for long hours. If you don’t have proper seating your legs will go numb, your back and knees will start aching. If you want to drive for longer times, it becomes very important to get a good seat cushion. I tried three cushions. The third one I have now is the best one and highly recommended. The two, which I tried before, were a mesh and a memory foam one. But their shapes and material didn’t help my cause. I love this cushion because it maintains your blood flow and reduces the stress on your lumbar area, thus reducing any backache. Below you can see the third cushion I used :

5. Weekend Updates - Always read the weekend update emails sent by both Uber and Lyft. It is very important to keep an eye on the events. Games and concerts bring in big crowds and is the best time to tap into the surge or prime-time pricing. Try to stay close to the venues where some event is taking place. To get a longer trip at the time of higher surge I always set a destination, doing this I have gotten lucky many times. I score $40 to $100 trips using this trick.

6. Airport Trips - Early morning and afternoon airport trips are a good way of earning money. I don’t know much about other cities, but in Seattle 3:30 am to 6 am, and 1:30 pm to 6 pm, are the best times to score an airport trip. Depending on the surge pricing, an airport trip can earn you somewhere from $20 to $60. Now, both Uber and Lyft have launched the ‘Airport Rematch’ feature, which makes it even better. Drivers who are not familiar with Airport Rematch–Drivers will be prioritized in the FIFO line and moved to the front of the line if you are dropping off a rider at the airport. Sometime I am able to get a round trip and make a minimum of $40 in an hour.

7. Hybrid Car - Your choice of car is very important in rideshare business. My recommendation will be a used Toyota Prius. These are amazing cars with very low maintenance(Toyota Prius 2010 not recommended due to transmission issues). In my case, I just had to do regular oil and brake pad changes. I never faced any other problems. I bought my Toyota Prius at 85,000 miles for $9000 and now it has over 2,30,000 miles, still runs like new. As I drive around 300 miles a day, I am able to save $10 per day compared to other similar cars.

8. Dash Cam - It is a highly recommended investment, you should invest for your safety and time saving. As Uber and Lyft driver are on road for long hours, our risk of getting into accidents is much higher than other drivers. It is a very handy tool to collect evidence during a crash and will make the process of obtaining insurance money much easier. I am truly regretting my decision of not having one when I got into a crash. I had to rely on the independent witnesses which can be a bit tricky. If the crash took place on a freeway, it is very hard to prove someone guilty. If you have all the evidence recorded on your dash cam, you can just exchange insurance and LIC# information and you don’t have to wait for the cops which may take up to an hour. I would recommend the dash cam shown below:


Below I am sharing my earning for a good summer week:

Lyft Driver Earning

Uber Driver Earning

So here’s my issue with your post… THATS GROSS EARNINGS, what’s the cost of your gas, insurance, mileage, maintenance and tolls all accounted for. I am better you are making about 800-1300 a month and working 10-12 hours a day 6-7 days a week doing it. Please elaborate, because I make 2500 a week in nyc and our fares are consistently hire then anyone else’s in the country and I know my daily outlay is 110.00 in gas maintence etc…

Above you can see the breakdown. Let me further give you the details of my expenses per month.
I use a Toyota Prius, so my average gas consumption comes around 22 USD per day. My insurance payment if calculated per day will be around 4 USD. I get an oil change once every month which is 40 USD, so 2 USD Per day. For Tires I paid 230 USD and those were good for 8 months, so 1 USD a day. On an average the toll charges are around 15 to 20 USD, so I will just say 1 USD per day. Car depreciation will come out to be 8 USD per day. Transmission oil change 1 USD per day. Brake pad and rotor changes also 1 USD per day.

Summing it all up:

Gas expenses= 22
Insurance Payment = 4
Oil Change = 2
Tires = 1
Toll expense = 1
Car Depreciation = 8
Transmission = 1
Brake pads + rotor = 1

Total = 40 USD

So my weekly expenses will be around 40 x 6 = 240.

On an average if I make 2000 USD, then my take away for the week will be 1760 USD before taxes.

I hope this answers your question.

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I’m calling BS. Here’s why:

  1. I’ve been working 13 to 14 hour days for several weeks now (in Austin, TX) and haven’t made anything even close to that, not even during busy event weekends.
  2. I was told I would receive a BONUS after completing my first 2 drives (with Lyft). However, upon completing the 2 drives I never heard from them again and have been unable to reach them, and have had no response whatsoever.
  3. I signed up with Uber during a $500 bonus offer, which I never received either.
  4. I’ve been driving for both Uber and Lyft at the same time (most days) and still have been unable to earn anywhere near what people are saying you can make as a driver.
  5. I provide 5-star service:
  • I continuously clean my car inside and out whenever I get a break.
  • I I keep a bag of mints in the back for my passengers.
  • I drive as smoothly and safely as possible.
  • I keep conversations positive, pleasant and never talk too much.
  • I play whatever music they like
  • I consistently receive 5-star reviews from my riders
    Even with all of this, I’ve never made anywhere near what people have told me I would make. I think inflated numbers are posted to lure people into driving (perhaps posted by one company to compete with a rival company), promise them bonuses and rewards, yet they always fail to deliver, at least in my experience.

IMHO: I think it’s great that anyone with a decent car can earn money simply by driving others around, choose their own hours, and get paid immediately. However, I’m shocked that these companies take such a large cut for themselves and leave so little for the people who are actually doing the work, risking their lives, and running their vehicles into the ground in the process.

Lessons learned:

  • Drive because it’s what you want to do, not because of anything anyone promises or offers you.
  • Consider everything you hear to be untrue until proven otherwise.
  • Always provide excellent customer service and keep improving. This will guarantee you will always be increasing your value, as customer service is quickly becoming a lost art.
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If you guys are interested to be a driver in a new rideshaing app that allows drivers to keep 100% of the money from the fares and tips, not just a percentage of it, reply to me. If you guys make this much with Uber/ Lyft, I can’t imaging how much you will make in this new one.




Every city and municipality is different…the bigger the city the more demand. Also every city has different rates as well to keep up with its local economy. I drive in Chicago and we do pretty well here, plus we also have the capability to drive in five different states including: Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and parts of Ohio. Perhaps you should consider driving in a different city or state to increase profitability. Best of luck!

Totally in agreement with your statement. Uber driver’s earnings vary widely depending on what part of the country he or she drives in. The difference could be in thousands of dollars a week.

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Cool tips. Rideshare is best if you have your car paid off. The money is there if you know where to go and the best times of day.

Also, don’t believe the scare stories about “people destroying your car.” Aside from the usual mud on the floor mats when it’s raining, there’s not much to worry about. I saw some good advice on this video today:

I agree. It’s BS. I did The Rideshare Novel project for two years and found that there is no way to make a profit with Rideshare full-time. The fares would have to be the same as a regular taxi to make a profit. Anyone doing ride-share full-time will lose 30,000 to over 100,000 per year depending on the vehicle cost.

The only way to make a profit is to pickup people along the route to a destination you were going to anyway. So, actually, one can only make money picking up people on the way to work and on the way home. However the destination features stopped working correctly over a year ago. It does not only get riders with close end points, but it gets rides as low as $3.75 that intersect the driver’s path. In a world where bacon cheese burgers cost $10 to $15 dollars, one can get a private car ride for $3.75 from a slave in a Cadillac.

Even if one makes $2000 in one week, that’s less than $400 profit for 90 hours of labor.

I drive a hybrid Lexus with the following numbers IN PHILADELPHIA, Raleigh NC, and Washington DC

Car cost 70-100% loss val mileage $35K

Fuel annual $35x365 =$12775

cleaning narcotics $6k ( requires chlorine, ammonia, plastic, seat covers, face masks, etc)

Maint, oil $6K

Insurance = $5k annual

Food water anti-sick supplements travel exp $12,775

Total = $77,550 annual break even

$230 daily break even = $1610 ZERO PROFIT WEEKLY MINIMUM

$132 / day living/med. expenses

$362/day to live

AVERAGE ACTUK daily gross income $85

Avg loss $277 / day

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Thank you so much for this information guys! It helps me a lot!

of course. Whats the app?

More information please


I am new to this forum. Are you still driving in Seattle. How is the business driving in Seattle at the moment. Are you still making the same amount at the moment. Thank you.

Hi. Do you still make the same amount weekly $2500 in NY.

Hi. What city do you drive. How much do you make per week

I work in Phila part time and i made more a couple years ago,it looks like uber takes over 50percent of what riders pay and very rarely do i get tips. After gas its less than $10 per hr. Sure you can make ok money if you stay at it 10 hrs a day but your car will pay the price.its just not what it should be or what uber advertises that people will make

it’s not that difficult to find out how much you really make per hour driving for Uber. there is a free calculator online www.driver-salary.com