5 Tips and Tricks For Uber, Lyft Drivers To Make More Money

  1. Focus your driving areas where you fill safe and trust more. Making money should not risk your life be safe.
  2. Canvas the area where relatively expensive restaurants exist when possible. (Usually better tips)
  3. Make yourself personable to the person you’re driving for. Sounds weird but people tend to tip and give good reviews to people they like. Never just pull up and say get in. I know the day is long but this is about making money after all. The old adage of pleasing the customer still stands. They are the ones with the money that you want. If you act like a non-emotional robot, you will begin to be seen as one and robots don’t need affirmation like tips. Think about it, ever dealt with a company with poor customer service? People rant about it all of the time online. 9 chances out of 10, you have too. Now, you’re the company. You are dealing with the public, Just because it takes place in your own car does not mean that you are exempt from customer service. You are conducting business and a business has one purpose. “Get the money.”
  4. Be timely. Remember that people only want one thing from you…satisfaction. They want the problem of the need for a ride solved. Give them what they want with respect and courtesy even if you have to fake it.
  5. If you just want drive to make some extra money, that’s fine. But if you’re looking to make as much as possible, you can’t just settle for what the act of driving pays you. This is a common mistake. Even if you drive full time for services, there is still a limit to the amount you can make. Just like with any job, time is a tremendous factor. You need to do something like this https://sites.google.com/view/driver-salary-boost to multiply your earnings without multiplying your driving. Working smarter not harder.