You should invest in Crypto

You guys should invest like 5-10% of your earnings and invest in Crypto so you guys can retire from uber next year like me #coinbase I made 120k with only $2600 last year I bought a ton of ripple and litecoin if your wondering >>>$$$$$

I invested about $6,000 of my Uber/Lyft money last year and have barely anything to show for it. Unfortunately I bought in while everything was high. But this whole year has been a major downtrend. On the bright side, everything is cheap right now.

Yeah I’m in with Litecoin, Euthereum and Euthereum Classic. Invested a total of $32 with Lit and ETH with almost nothing left. Just put another $32 into ETC classic and I’ve already lost $5.50. Hopefully the trend is up only.

Wish I knew about BTC when I was deployed in the Army back in 09. I would be rich right now.

a. that was last year during a huge bubble
b. you got lucky if you cashed out when it was mooning
c. nobody wants to sign up with your coinbase referral code :wink:

Cryptocurrency is the best investment you could make right now. No investments can/will give the returns you can get from cryptocurrency. No bank investment will triple in value from one year to the next.

Alot of them are, but some have actual value and great use cases. Definately not the same as gambling for all cryptocurrencies.

If you think cryptocurrency is in any way the same as tulips you are grossly misinformed.

I made my money off the marks and cashed out months ago… I know exactly what it is… Kay fabe :joy:

cashing out is fine, but you still compared crypto to tulips. I am pretty sure there are thousands of people who cashed out of Bitcoin when it was $200 and made alot of money. Now its $6,700 and they look stupid. So cashing out doesnt make you smart.

what do you mean how so? You know what the tulip market was… You know what bitcon is… Same exact scheme… You can’t work a worker fellas… These scams are old as time

Who bought anything? The money to be made was in mining it originally… Paying anything for cyber currency is ridiculous

Bitcoin actually costs electricity to be created. That alone make it worth something. Plus the like 5 other reasons why its valuable.

It’s too late… 4 yrs ago was the time to get servers up and mine it… Now it’s a fools errand to try to and it costs way to much to be a smart investment… The window to make real money is closed. It closed over a year and a half ago really

Its not too late. Will easily go past $100k in the next 5 years. And other useful cryptocurrencies will increase in value by 20 to 80 times in the same time frame.

All three points above are correct. Thats why investing in blockchain tecnology is great. Crypto currencies at this formative stage? Crapshoot :sob::astonished:

You do know that a blockchain WITHOUT a cryptocurrency is just a bank/government/privately held operation right? Which means your money/value would be controlled by a third party and/or would be using fiat currency which is basically value-less and also controlled by banks/governments.

The cryptocurrency part is what fully allows no third party to get in the middle.

Just give me all your money instead of throwing it away. Bitcoin lost 90% since its all time high. Dony be a moron.

Bitcoin is worth 1.5x what the price was on 08.24.17. So i think its doing just fine. The stock market gives you an average like 8% return in a year and Bitcoin did 150% from 08.24.17 to 08.24.18 …

November 8th 2016 when Trump was elected Bitcoin was worth $700 so thats like 950%+. January 20th 2017 when he took office Bitcoin was worth $900 so thats still like 700%+. So 26x and 20x better than your 36% 401k gain in the same time frame. You may have been able to retire right now if it was all in Bitcoin. And thats with Bitcoin at $6,700 and not $20,000 like it was in December 2017.

Bet you paid your share in taxes to🤔
By the way anybody saying bullshit doesn’t know that what he saying is completely legitimate. At least the potential for investing that much money and making that much money was completely legitimate.