Share your doordash stories

(Jose Hernandez) #1

An open invitation for all the doordash drivers to share their crazy, exciting or just day to day stories of dashing. Your experience will serve as a way for others and may make it easier for them. You are also welcome to share tips which can improve the dashing experience for the fellow drivers.

(Brendan Halai) #2

Dickey’s gave me the wrong order tonight…went back in immediately upon finding out, they scrambled to make the new one…and guess what? They didn’t include the small Mac and cheese so when I got to my drop off point; the customer wants to check it while I’m there…of course, they ordered late and close to closing…so guess what? They hold me up from leaving, I feel bad, and then I offered to reach out to support…I saw them make it, I showed them the order twice, and they affirmed it was correct.

And now I feel I’m going to take the hit even though support said it’s not my fault and that they would have to do an investigation before dropping me.

(Jerry Hall) #3

It is now 1.50pm EST; my block started at 12 pm. to start my block, I had to confirm my Drive Order for 3.12pm.

DD had me confirm 3 hours early. Can anybody guess what’s been happening ‘since I’m waiting’ to get the Drive Order?

Yeah, no other f*****g deliveries in this time frame; fml. And while I get that it’s Mother’s Day and all that other happy horseshit, I’m sitting in a dark-shade red area.

(David Smith) #4

That’s one thing that’s been frustrating me lately. I asked them to extend the time, and they said with the “recent update,” they don’t have the ability to do so. Sadly, this weekend has been a mixed bag with being on time, being forced to wait (but I keep the customer posted every step of the way until I can get on the move), and jumping over other hurdles just so my on-time rating sits at 89% and never moves :roll_eyes:

(Christian Odom) #5

Stepping onto soapbox grabbing the mic…(ps before you start…put your thumbs away…I DON’T CARE!)

We as delivery drivers represent a customer. There is no reason a restaurant should treat us any differently than a customer who walks in the door!
Any and every restaurant that treats me like crap as a doordash representative, I will call corporate on them in a New York Minute.
Companies that partner with doordash are paying a lot of money for doordash service.
The customers are paying a lot of money for doordash service.
Hourly employees at locations who don’t want to be bothered because they’re not going to receive a tip need to check their attitudes and do their jobs.
As a delivery person who gets to see all the restaurants, I will make managers aware of poor treatment and the fact that I as a consumer will not frequent their restaurant.
This will generally get their attention and attitudes will change. Employees of restaurants need to understand we as delivery drivers are representatives of the customers and we are ourselves are potential customers…
Stepping off soapbox…

(David Smith) #6

Has anyone ever had a restaurant treat them like shit because they ask every couple minutes if the order is ready yet because the staff says “Just a few more minutes” over and over again? We are providing business they wouldn’t otherwise have…and they treated me like it was my problem they were extremely late with the order. It was so odd, then they all ganged up on me outright and whispering…and I’m like, uh, I’m here for food that’s not ready, and this isn’t middle school gossip or procrastination time. Is there a way to get a restaurant removed for just being beyond douchebags without reason?

(Brahim Decker) #7

That’s happened twice to me this weekend. The first time WAS their fault because the girl in charge of confirming the DD orders via their tablet dropped the ball and didn’t tell anyone…and tonight the restaurant decided that my customer’s order could wait so they could deal with the dine in customers when they had a window to have it in my hands by 6:20 (which was later adjusted to 6:50ish…but they didn’t give it to me until almost 7:10 and I had to go up to the foothills of Claremont to deliver it).

At least the pizza place apologized (fake apologies as they knew what they did) and Shogun just kept blowing me off like I wasn’t important. Thankfully, both incidents didn’t hurt me…but I believe we lost a customer last night because of that error.

(Lisa Markee) #8

The driver gets screwed by the customer and merchant, and corporate could give a shit less? Your ratings go down, your pay goes down, and you meanwhile deal assholes. It seems a better system is needed for drivers by corporate, and merchants need to be more honest in food turn times with DD, and customers need to be more understanding that restaurants are the problem. Or app issues with DD, not loading or misguiding, etc. Etc. Yet the driver suffers and corporate just steal all your tips.

The one awesome thing that was supposed to be about DD was guarantees pay plus tips; now they steal your tips to help the delivery fee on their end. It’s bullshit. It makes this company worthless now. They already guarantee less than minimum wage before gas and vehicle expenses, so they guarantee realistically $5 or 6 an hour. How about a guaranteed rate, then plus 100% drivers tips. There is so much wrong already that they don’t fix, then they “fix” driver pay structure which was never broken like everything else is in there hands that we can’t control.

(Kelly Hector) #9

Man yesterday I walk into the restaurant, and I’m not even greeted then two people walk in the right after me, and they do get greeted. And then they act like I’m not even there I try talking to workers there and they just ignore me till about 5 min a worker there comes out and asks me who is here for smh

(Kimberly Nelson) #10

What do people usually do with drinks?

I have a couple of cup holders in the front, but those are usually full of my drinks _water bottle and go cup) I have a couple of cup holders in the back, which I will occasionally put drinks in. But when I have more than two drinks I’ve got to use a drink carrier from the store.

And some dude two car lengths in front of me on a rainy day just dashed out into the street, and I had to lock up the brakes, and there went all four drinks off of my front seat in the drink carrier onto the floor.

What do I do to avoid that in the future?

(Lisa Markee) #11

I always have a small insulated soft bag about the size of 6 pack cans that I fill with ice every day for keeping smoothies or ice cream cold. The weight is enough that when I put drinks in drink carriers (always at 2 or more drinks) on the floor in front of pass seat, they never fall over.

(Sharon Green) #12

Ask the restaurant for a bag. Put the drink carrier, with the four drinks in it, inside the bag. Tie the bag somewhat loosely, just above the lids. No straws in the drinks. Put the straws to the side.

(Graham Sandy) #13

So annoying. Add a second order to your route? Sure I’ll take the extra $9. Get first order then the second one will be ready in ten. Ten minutes later"oh sorry her order hasn’t been put in the system yet…another 15-20 min. So I text my customer no reply. So I deliver the first one come back get the second one finally tell me everything is there. DD calls me asking me about order tell them in five min. away find out the customer gas wrong phone # on file :imp: never got my text. Deliver food. Accept another order. DD calls again saying the customer wants me to come back and pick up food it was wrong…OH MY GOD NOPE. DONE and moving on. Had to vent.


Contact Support=No more deliveries afterwards?..Having an average/high number of deliveries and the customer doesn’t come to the door. And they won’t answer the phone. Contact support. They call the customer and it works right away. Which is an utterly ridiculous app fail. But not the point… After item is delivered… No more deliveries offered. WHY? It wasn’t my fault the app didn’t work and customer is def to someone banging on their front door. Doordash fail. Yet again.