What do you eat between trips?

When I was driving a cab, I rarely stopped to eat anything. If I was heading out on Saturday or Sunday afternoon to the garage, I liked to either eat a pizza at home or stop by an all-u-can-eat Indian buffet, load up on the carbs for my one meal of the day, and just basically drive straight through. Maybe pick up coffee at a BP at 9 or 10pm.

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Chipotle type of bowls are ideal. Stay away from the junk food, it will not only make you fat but also very lazy. Also avoid greasy food with onion and garlic in it. And try not to eat in the car.

They have these little gas station convenience stores all over the city.
They do great fried chicken. Never eat it during work,it is my reward after a 12 hr. Plus shift. Better than Popeye’s ! 25% of the cost. Don’t take my word for it,see the nearly 5 star rating from Trip Advisor. Convenience store 5 star food ! In a city known for food.

They actually have Popeye’s in Louisiana? Live and learn, just seems out of place to me. Like a Taco Bell in Mexico City or an Olive Garden in Rome.

AL Copeland,who started Popeye’s ,used to love to race boats.He used to light up his house & yard every Christmas like Christmas in the oaks. The neighbors complained about all the traffic in the neighborhood.

I don’t eat while driving at all. I may have a bottle of green tea or take a long a caffeine powder drink to down when it gets late. But, if I were to eat on the road, the best way to do it would be to do a cobb salad with chicken on top from Chik-Fil-A or Wendy’s. Since it’s such a sedentary gig, it’s best to eat few carbs.

Apart from the unhealthy aspect of Macca’s (or Jacka’s), getting a satisfying and lasting meal from them is a short cut to the poor house, at Australian prices. I can easily blow $20.00 for a nothing experience.

Subway is OK, but no matter what new flavour is offered, it all tends to taste the same. Their “specials” are often good value, though, especially if you split a 12 inch over two meals. Joffie is on the money with the 7/11 coffee; it’s good value in any of the $1, $2 or $3 sizes, and tastes better than a lot of $5 coffee shop stuff.

Sweet Tomatoes is the bomb. You just have to know the off hours. At Desert Ridge in Phoenix doing lunch at 3 o’clock is the ticket. They put out fresh product every two hours. And at 3 o’clock is still the lunch hour price. You’re between the lunch and dinner rush.

Fast food always! ! Especially McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts and 7-11. And I always eat it out of my car to avoid the smell in the car. Whether I go offline or not depends on what I am eating…For example If I am eating a bag of chips I stay online. If I am eating 7-11’'s delicious buffalo chicken wings I go offline and indulge.

Apple slices, healthy fig bars, beef jerky, pork rinds, ice tea… I snack on the rare 10 minute downtime between pings. I keep them in a small plastic bin under my seat.

If I’m doing a double shift on a saturday I’ll take a long break for dinner at a sports bar (usually with “scenic views”) and get a nice dinner salad and a coke to decompress and watch a little sports. No matter where you are there’s usually one of these types of places within 3-5 minutes drive.

If it’s a single shift I start with a 20 oz coffee in a contigo closed mug and I’m usually good till the end of the shift. 8:30 to 3:30. Then you can usually make it home and get a snack before bed.

I usually drive during the night. I eat brunch (heavy) and light snacks at 4pm. I drive 5pm-12mn and when I feel hungry I always have crackers in my car. And it crackers doesn’t satisfy me I go to Del Taco and buy those chicken rollers for only a dollar before I head home

Depends on the day. Rarely the fast food chains, but I frequent a local convenience store chain that makes food. I order a couple wraps, have one and put the other in a cooler bag for later. I usually carry the bag or a small cooler that stacks on top of my emergency supplies in the car. I have limited cargo area so I don’t carry anything big. I can’t fit anything under the seats except for just under the edge.

I have explored a few diners, restaurants I hadn’t tried yet, and a few hole in the wall dives looking for good food. Yeah some of those hole in the wall places are in not great neighborhoods, but some of those places have had the best food I’ve had in a long time.

When I was driving a cab, one of my brother drivers who weighed 400+ lbs drove a tiny Oldsmobile Ciera cab. He always brought a bucket of KFC and a 72 ounce pepsi that he brought with him as he was squeezing himself behind the wheel to start a midnight shift.

I usually have light snacks and mint during the day and a Pepsi during my night drives since it helps me to stay awake.