Get proper car insurance


(Marsha_Smith) #1

Been driving with Uber since Feb. Today I’ll resolve an issue that’s been hanging over my head for months: proper insurance. My insurance broker told me that my current policy is null and void as soon as I turn on the app. If you don’t realize you’re in the same boat, look into it. Most personal policies don’t cover rideshare accidents–Uber and Lyft only cover your passengers. That coverage is also limited. I’ve researched ride share policies in my area and have affordable options. I’m semi-retired, with enough saved to live comfortably barring some unforeseen disaster–like getting in a serious accident without proper car insurance. Such an event, assuming I’d survive it, could ruin what’s left of my life. If you’re taking a chance by driving without a proper rideshare policy, I urge you to reconsider. I rolled the dice long enough. I no longer want to rely on luck. If you’ve been avoiding this issue, I urge you to revisit it.

(Jeremy Mwan) #2

Last I checked, it is not available in New Jersey but I saw a post yesterday about State Farm. definitely does not offer it in New Jersey, I checked their website. Technically, rideshare is still illegal in Jersey.

(Cody Parker) #3

In LA I only know it’s FARMERS and METROMILE. FARMERS charges like a regular insurance and they include the rideshare policy. From what I know of METROMILE they could be expensive. Since they charge overall by mileage. Different situation.
FARMERS I recommend

(Brahim Decker) #4

Unless things have changed uber/lyft insurance kicks in once you pick up a pax… If you going to get a pax then technically you not ride sharing and normal insurance covers it.

Nobody tells their agent “well I was driving for uber on my way to get someone”

It’s a normal accident until you pick someone up.

Fee free to correct me if I’m wrong.

(Garrent George) #5

That is not the case. I have spoken anonymously with Geico and State Farm and once you activate the app, you are commercial. They will deny coverage. That is if they know but if they suspect, they can subpoena the records from Uber to see if the app was activated. It is amazing how things can be found. I don’t normally tell people that they are wrong but every expert, insurance companies and states do not agree with your statement.

(Christian Odom) #6

I guess that’s why you keep your mouth shut… 99% of the time the insurance guy is not going to say “hmmm I wonder if he drivers for them and if the app was on”.

(Lisa Markee) #7

If you have bottled water and tip signs, the police officer could note it on the report. Again, the truth tends to have an uncanny way of being seen so I would not bet on always being able to hide.

(Jack Dolen) #8

No tip signs no bottle water… Now someone that has all sorts of “look at me I’m a ride share” stuff in and on their car then I could see and understand your point.

I have some suction cup logos on my front glass and that’s it.

(Mark Moore) #9

My Gieco rep told me the same thing. I called them to get rideshare insurance and just asking them about it put me under suspension. My rep said they will drop if I have been doing rideshare even though I was calling them to get rideshare. I went elsewhere and got commercial insurance.

(Kelly Hector) #10

When you turn on the app you’re covered, when you’re driving to get somebody else your coverage increases, when you have somebody in the car your coverage increases again. Your deductible with Uber is $1,000 and with Lyft it’s $2,500. That’s in California the rest of the USA, I don’t know.

(Bector Ernest) #11

My insurance agent says you’re wrong. He’s been my agent for over 20 years. Very reliable. I have no reason to doubt him and in fact, he will be losing money when I switch after all this time. You may want to have a pointed discussion with your agent, as I did. Uber/Lyft insurance does not cover drivers, only riders.

(Melinda Foster) #12

I’ve been saying this all along but people get mad and start talking all sorts of shit or you got ones thinking they have a bulletproof rideshare policy which is all bs and will learn the hard way once they get in an accident. Unless you got a good commercial policy to cover your ass anything else is a half ass joke. Driver beware.

(Jonathan Green) #13

Sorry but you don’t have to pay for that expensive Commercial Insurance all you need is a good insurance company with a Rideshare Gap coverage. Between that and Uber or Lyft Insurance you will be covered well enough

(Peter Nelson) #14

They are right! I switched to Erie with Ride share coverage and it only cost me $10 more per month. Why anyone would drive without it is beyond me!

(Harold Young) #15

Most agent don’t even know about the TNC endorsement, and don’t want to look stupid when you ask them about it, the same goes for many underwriter’s agents. Ignorance is bliss.

(Dennis Scott) #16

This what irks me about Uber, among other issues, which is their lack of clarity with issues as serious as insurance. This company is putting people in very dangerous territory, both legal and financial, yet they do not feel any responsibility in communicating the legal aspects of personal vs commercial insurance. I guess ignorance is bliss but, in this case, I would rather know. However, again, we are in a unique situation in New Jersey.

(Allicia Lopez) #17

Spread the word drivers need to go to the Rideshare guy blog. He has a world of information about Rideshare insurance as well as an updated list by state which companies have Gap coverage and are Rideshare friendly

(Jerry Hall) #18

That’s the way it is in NV too, and I’d expect most states. On your way to pick up rider is Period 2, which has full liability coverage.

Period 1 is the tricky spot - that is app on, but no request accepted. Uber and Lyft’s coverage during this time is minimal, and personal will most likely deny a claim.

(Timothy Clark) #19

My understanding is that if you carry collision and/or comprehensive on your car, then Uber’s insurance provides them as well… Just with a $1000 deductible. If you don’t have those coverages, then Uber does not provide them.

But I don’t have personal experience.

(Harris Frank) #20

Now deductible is a grand, their insurance company is hard to deal with… Their repair shops take forever… But they do eventually fix your car… Took a month… Not the best, but they do cover you