As a driver for Uber

Hi. I have been a part time driver since 2018 and more recently Uber became my primary source of income. I also recently contracted COVID-19 and am unable to work for 14 days over the Christmas and New Years holidays which many of you know is a great time to make money driving Uber. I was shocked when I called support to ask about assistance being offered drivers who get COVID and the response I received was none and your account has been deactivated for 10 days so good luck getting through to driver support with a deactivated account. It blows my mind that we(Uber) is offering free rides to people who get vaccinated but cannot offer any assistance to the drivers. Without drivers Uber doesn’t exist and why are we giving free anything if home is not taken care of first. It’s like letting your family starve so you can feed someone else’s family. I’m genuinely saddened that I’ve been a part of allowing this to happen to anyone else. I drove when people were collecting unemployment. I drive almost every holiday and weekend nights when the need is greatest but maybe that has made me a part of the problem and not the solution.