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Do you guys get out of your car and help people load their bags/groceries/etc? 21 April 6, 2019
Uber Customer Service Zero Help With Underage Riders 6 February 20, 2019
Uber Customer Service Sneaky And Vile Business Practices 8 February 14, 2019
We are over saturated with drivers 15 February 2, 2019
Use the time to stretch your legs, tiddy up the car, get a drink, use the restroom etc 14 January 30, 2019
We decline shared rides so people who don't know better take that ride 17 December 20, 2018
Hate all you want, but Uber is pretty awesome 31 December 12, 2018
Meeting with Uber exec to discuss problems drivers are facing 70 November 29, 2018
How many people find it insulting when you pick up a pax at a restaurant and they offer you their left overs 29 November 28, 2018
The unfair thing about uber nowadays is 13 November 28, 2018
Recovering crackhead Pax making me nervous 17 November 21, 2018