Uber Customer Service Zero Help With Underage Riders

Today was:
“Bring Your Uber Support Person To Work Day”

Trip #1. We arrived at three kids under 18, and I made the support staff tell them I was not allowed to transport children. I asked to support what I should do, and she said “cancel,” but I said… “that will count against my cancellation rate correct?” She said yes.

Trip #2. Next request was to pick up at a preschool. I told support to hang out because I was sure they wouldn’t have a car seat. We arrived and Bingo! No car seat.
I told support to explain why I couldn’t transport them… the passenger actually argued with Uber support about how it was only a short distance lol.

Trip #3. Was a high school. I knew what was going to happen, so I again told support to hang with me.
We arrived, and I asked how old she was… “16 years old,” support told them I couldn’t do it.
The passenger actually asked support if they could have their money back.

Trip #4. We arrived (another kid, but this time the father called) because I was hanging around waiting for the clock to run down. The father calls and I put support on hold. The father says he also is an Uber driver and that is alright that I give his kid a ride because the child is on his Uber family account lol. " I told him he’s an idiot, that I have Uber support on the other line and would be reporting this as fraudulent use… he canceled and I got my fee + some. He reordered, and yes I accepted.

For over an hour Uber support witnessed what’s going on out here. It felt great and was hilarious that four requests in a row came in.

I then got on the phone and contacted the CPUC directly. We talked for 1-hour & 15 min.

Did you know the CPUC had not been aware that Uber has been penalizing drivers with increased cancellations rates for drivers who need to cancel trips for reasons of underage passenger and passenger without proper child seats?

So if you want to Uber to stop holding these cancellations against you and start getting paid for providing child seat the time to file your complaints is now, before Uber gets a pass on this docket.

Uber is up for a review for four upcoming dockets, and child safety seats and wheelchair accessible vehicles are one of them.

I learned lots… for example, did you know Uber’s driverless car fleet will not be a TNC? Because TNC’s are not allowed to own cars of their own.

Also, San Francisco has 49 new companies applying for Rideshare service permits.

Can you say Hello competition!

So if you want to Uber to stop holding these cancellations against you and start getting paid for providing child seat the time to file your complaints is now, before Uber gets a pass on this docket.

How did you get the rep to stay on the phone for that long without them disconnecting the call?! I seriously wanna to do this to them on the weekend so they can see how Miami customers act with uber driver!

Uber Support is terrible! Dear Uber, just because I don’t want to drive anymore is not an excuse for not letting me get access to my tax documents. I am so glad I don’t drive for you anymore.

  1. I can’t get to my dashboard because the system is trying to force me to upload new documents.
  2. I tried to email support; major fail.
  3. I tried phone support; the guy barely speaks English; tells me he is logging a case and waiting 48 hours; 5 minutes later I get an email saying thanks for contacting them and if I need further help to send a message. So I send a message, and they say that I cannot reply to a phone case via email.

What a pitiful, sad joke.

I am disgusted with Uber… this happened last night:
Was only getting Lyft requests for about an hour on NYE in Annapolis which is usually an uber hot spot.

Rebooted my phone, checked everything I knew to check and not only was I not getting requests… but there were no surge amounts showing on the map. This is my 4th NYE with uber, so I knew something was wrong, but I kept taking the lyft rides I was getting with little or no surge…

Finally, I had to go to Baltimore with lyft… after drop off… I turned uber on… and got four consecutive hits for meal deliveries… I rejected all of them and got a few more lyft riders. About 1 AM I figure out there is a new feature that lets you choose what types of rides you want… and the only I think that is listed is Deliveries. UberX isn’t even an option. Finally about 1:45 I send a request to support asking them to make UberX rides available to me. After 2:30 I notice deliveries are gone and uberx is back. So I got blanked on the busiest night of the year because of their “improvements” to the app.

I am pissed… I have exchanged messages today with customer support, and their only message is that it is working properly now.


I was asked this question by Uber customer service in regard to a visit I had with the Uber office in El Segundo.
Well, let’s see. I took the airport test 4 weeks ago, passed it and waited for my airport sticker. But none came. So I went down to the Uber office to inquire, and I was told that I passed the test and we were just waiting for LAX approval. Another week went by so I emailed the Uber office again. I was told they had no record of me taking the test (and this is four days after being told I passed it) and was advised to retake the test. So I did that, and then a week later I received my airport card. I then traveled down to LAX to find that I don’t register in the Queue. This goes on for several days, so I call Uber support and speak to a representative that tells me I’m registering in the queue as number 437. (Keep in mind the entire TNC queue doesn’t hold 437 cars). All of the Uber, Lyft, and commercial limos do not add up to 437 cars, so I am advised to just keep on waiting. Finally, after about an hour of that, I travel down to the Uber office once again to ascertain what the problem is. I am told that the Uber card that I was sent in the mail never should have been issued as they have no confirmation from LAX, so the Uber representative rips up the card I was sent in the mail and tells me" I’ve sent them an email" and we will let you know how it goes, and when and if we hear anything, then you can come all the way back to the Uber office to get an airport sticker. So in answer to your original question how did my visit go to the Green-light Uber office? I would have to say “the same as always”. Nothing was resolved; I have no more information as to what the original problem was that I did two days ago. The only thing that was accomplished with this visit is the same thing that is always accomplished with every visit; my gas, money, and time were wasted. I’m sorry I was incorrect in my previous statement because I did learn something from the Uber representative. She informed me that the Uber office, Uber email support, and the very new Uber phone support system do not share information. So any phone call, email, or on the spot visit, is not documented towards a continuous stream of information. Therefore any problem you have that is not resolved by one venue of support must start from the very beginning with every new person you talk to. Apparently someone finds this to be more efficient. I sincerely do wish I could tell you that this visit was somehow unusual, but the truth is, it was no different than any other time I have visited, spoken to or emailed Uber for any type of assistance. So the only thing I can do now is turn on my lyft app, which all though the app works better than Uber, truthfully they don’t get as many calls. Although I suspect that may change over the coming weeks. I started driving with Uber first and frankly for the money I think it is the superior ride share-app, but that’s just my opinion and opinions change over time. I hope this issue can be resolved somehow, some way. I know that’s just wishful thinking and we would all need someone to give a damn for that to happen. But if Donald Trump can be president, I think anything is possible. I hope you found this letter amusing, at least one of us should get some joy out of this horribly pathetic situation.