How many people find it insulting when you pick up a pax at a restaurant and they offer you their left overs

“If you don’t take it, I’m just gonna throw it away.”
Ok, throw it away. Not gonna eat it.
“I just don’t want it to go to waste.”
Then why the F’ id you order so much.
I’m not poor, I’m not looking for a hand out, but I’ll be damned if you think I’m gonna eat from a complete stranger who’s already dug onto a meal. No thanks.

I bet you don’t like riders sitting in your front seat. Lmao.

In 6000+ rides I have had maybe 5 offer this and I politely declined. A simply no thank you or I have already eaten is all that is needed.


Never had that offer, but why pack it up to go if you’re not going to eat it? Now you’ve not only wasted the food, but the packaging materials too. People are such idiots sometimes. >.<

When I pack up leftovers, I actually eat them later that night or the next day, nine times out of ten. I don’t pack up things I know won’t reheat nicely - or that I just know I won’t eat later.

why is it an idiot to pack up food that you paid for to go? You know these restaurants give you a super huge portions which they don’t do in other countries. So it’s not our fault that they put too much food on our plate. I always take my food to go with an interest in giving it to someone less fortunate. Have you been to the cheesecake factory?

Why do people read things wrong and then berate you for it? I am referring to those who KNOW THEY WON’T EAT IT and pack it up anyway. The original post said “If you don’t take it, I’m just gonna throw it away.”

So why pack it up if you have NO INTENTION of eating it later? THAT is the sort of idiocy I am referring to, and I stand by what I said. You don’t need to educate me on how to reheat takeout food, I’m a pro at it - but I’m not going to reheat most french fries, toast, eggs, or any number of other things that don’t lend themselves well to a second go.

And that’s why I referred to the Pizza Stone, and international Chef showed me this trick. And you now can warm up French toast, and french fries and things like that. I wasn’t trying to offend you. I was trying to help you because I’ve learned to new life since I’ve had this pizza stone and I want everyone to buy one. It’s amazing.

Well the other option is to just leave the food in the restaurant and let the restaurant the wood away which a hundred percent is doing no good, if you take the food to go there is a chance that you may see a person that is less fortunate, maybe your neighbor, maybe someone that lives in your house. I mean that’s my thought process when I take my leftovers to go. I wasn’t trying to break you, I was just trying to share my opinion. I didn’t know that that was an allowed here. I was sharing my opinion like you shared your opinion.

clearly have too much time on your hands, writing a book here when you could be actually living a life. And maybe you could use a new eyeglass prescription, too… since you seem to misread just about everything I write.

Maybe this is something personal that bothers you, maybe your ego was offended. When i used to do Grubhub I was in a restaurant to
pick up a meal and the lady next to me offered me the leftovers from her plate. I thought it was cute. You could’ve taken the leftovers and just give them to a homeless person. It’s not that fucking serious.

Friend, it’s really very simple. Take the food get your 5​:star:️’s from the passenger then go feed the Wildlife around the corner and chalk up another 5​:star:️’s from the Uber Gods! :man_shrugging:

I’m not on a high horse, I just have respect for people who have lost their way and have lost their jobs or have went insane and had to live on the streets. I dont refer to them as wildlife. We are all one check away from being in the same position. You need to get off of disrespecting people. Calling them and wildlife? Wow. I think you’re the one that’s on your high horse actually. you think you’re better than people

Happens all the time here in New Orleans. I happily accept. We have great food here!

I didnt say anything bad about NOLA’s food. Never been there to judge. Have you been to Tampa to judge? Either way, the places I’m referring to are typical high end eateries, Columbia, Ocean Prime Steak House, Eddie V’s.

I read all of my comments and I don’t see me name calling anybody in it. I defended myself again someone called me a stupid tool. I don’t go around offending people when in actuality we all need each other. I’m so sorry that everyone took what I said wrong. I thought I was trying to help. Peace and love everyone. Be safe on the road today

Just ignore this bitter and angry people. The sad reality is that Americans waste so much food but our homeless and hungry people are comparable to third world countries.

The sad reality is that majority of the drivers drive daily for gas and food. Shit there have been times when it’s so busy I don’t stop and eat. I have no shame, I will eat someone’s leftover sandwich in a heartbeat and appreciate every bite.

A lot of these drivers drive around with blinders on.

Yup the ones driving at regular fare, thinking a $2 per ride bonus is good, then cash our daily to pay bills, gas for tomorrow or whatever. And still think they are above accepting or declining someone’s offer for free food.

Or when they assume you live in low income housing because I’m a driver. So offended.

I am secure with myself and I have never felt someone offering me food for pity. I think they don’t want the food to goto waste.

Maybe being aware of homeless people in your area and accepting the food to give to someone in need will make you feel less offended.

I am offended because it is leftovers of food they already ate. Good example, dude offered me a half eatin Cuban sammich, that he bit into, and admitted to it. Offer to buy me something in a drive thru thats something different. But half eatin food, I’m not starving.