Meeting with Uber exec to discuss problems drivers are facing

Hey everyone. I’m meeting with an Uber exec this week to discuss problems that drivers are facing. It will be filmed and uploaded on my youtube channel, The Rideshare Hub. Do you have any questions that you’d like me to ask?

Big problem here is they are allowing pickups in some areas where they should require people to walk. Or even better setup certain locations as pickup areas. People requesting a Uber at the corner or bourbon street when you can’t even get near it without a 15min wait is a nightmare. But since Uber says I should make it there in 2minutes I get a cancel and no fee. They overpromise arrival times by at least 5min here.

Uber/Lyft will never get involved with that, we need the city to regulate it. There is NEVER any reason to get picked up on Bourbon Street, the city needs to ban it completely, Frenchmen Street as well. I also think they should implement two minute wait times in certain areas. Again, TNC’s are never going to do this, this is already one of the most regulated markets for RS, we need the city to start requiring sensible policies (as opposed to the JazzFest BS.)

It would be nice if there were a designated pick up/ drop off locations for the “Hot Spots” like stadiums, theaters, plazas and malls.

And to be able to get INTO those spots instead of being directed the wrong way or into a road that’s been closed off for the said event! Do the people who program this stuff into the app ever drive in the areas they’re programming for?

Kids using their parents accounts who cant walk .8 miles to and from school it takes me longer to get there only to find out they are under age.

When are they going to do something about unaccompanied minors and car seat laws not being followed?!?

Why do they make us request cancellation fee when these people order a x when they need a xl vehicle

Car seat issue is a big thing these parents could care less about the safety of their children. I refused a ride yesterday of a lady with 3 kids under 6 with no car seats.

can we do something about that the person on the account has to be the person we’re picking up? Can we please require a picture of the customer?

We need a click and call button next to cash out so when we have issues we can click and get a English speaking human being who can understand us .

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When are they going to do something about people filing false claims for free rides, and drivers getting suspended or fired for those false claims?

I think they need to add an emergency button to the app that immediately calls the police and gives our location. There were two attacks on drivers the same weekend in Auburn. One has had to undergo surgery and is still recovering.

Uber should view dash cam footage when there is a serious charge being brought against the driver or passenger

When I need assistance, I’d like to be able to speak with someone who has a command of the English language and perfect pronunciation of words.

yea why deactivate a person driving for 10 months
464 successful rides
4.85 rating
came up for my yearly backround check and they found a non violent felony from 2001 that they didn’t find the 1st time and deactivated me… it’s horseshit

Why is it that I am in the queue at an airport 3rd on the list and I get a ping to drive 15 minutes away to make an ubereats delivery?

We need to be paid cancellation fees for no carseats and underage riders, without having to wait the 5 minutes.

I think maybe you do with the new app. I had a pickup where I couldn’t get to the pickup location and start the timer so after directing the pax to where I was (about a block away) I sat and waited. Few minutes later the pax calls, he walked the opposite direction. I was aggravated by then so just canceled as “Too many riders.” I got the cancel fee somehow.

I cancelled 3 non car seats in the past 2 days, and no cancellation fee was paid.

I drive in PHL, maybe it’s a market thing.