The unfair thing about uber nowadays is

Hey Everyone! The new drivers dont realize what a truely unfair company uber is! Make sure you get only surges!! Or you will be burnt out in a few months just trying to make a few bucks. Do i want to make 35.00 on a 1.5 going from stanford univ to sf airport or know in 4 minutes it usually pops to 2.0 and i can make 60.00. Have patients it will pay off!! Work their system not the other way around. The power bonuses are made for everybody to work like mice on a wheel. Dont do it!! The power bonus has two income options. It had 5 when it started. Uber is Not! about the driver. Be safe!!!

Lyft is better they are a lot more supportive about drivers and rideshare in general. Uber is technically a technology company, they don’t care for people, they care for robots. As such if anyone pays attention to the news, they will see that Uber has been in a lot of trouble lately when it comes to human interaction. I use Uber only when Lyft is slow so that I don’t have down time during my chosen shift.

Average 18.00. But I used to be at 30.00 until Uber changed their pricing and the surge maps. Then they sent everyone emails that we would make more money. Its typical uber BS.

I don’t know what David Ireland complaining about I surely would take $35 for four minute ride where I’m at

I make anywhere from $18-22 an hour for a work hour shift. Not sure is waiting for small surges with help me…

Its hard to debate these issues cause locations, surge and price per minute and if you are a full time or part time driver can make each area completely different. Not to mention traffic.

I’m in San Diego and I can honestly say that I make way more with UBER than Lyft. I can sit and be waiting over 30 mins to get a lyft ride and have completed 3 rides through UBER.

Exactly. But after my 10.000 rides. I would rather wait and know Im going to be paid fairly. Bottom line. And i have learned to gauge the surges pretty well. You have to or a driver will be another uber driver to stop driving. A persons life style and love for driving also gauges how long they last.

Such an unfair company gave you the opportunity to work for yourself. The nerve of them. Just drive anywhere, anytime and it will work out. It’s certainly better than the alternative.

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Why people keep sticking up for uber at this point? So if they slash prices in half again would you still work for them. Probably so cause its convienant and its independent. Lol Are you kidding?! Lol

The great thing about uber, is that you CHOOSE to drive and work. All I’m saying is that as a developer and a driver, I’m glad I have the option of making money driving for uber. Without uber or lyft, you would essentially have nothing to bitch about. Technically you don’t have anything to bitch about now, because you choose to drive for UBER. Do you have any earthly idea how much it costs to maintain and run an application with the size and scope the size of UBER? I sincerely doubt you do. I’m sure when they have an increase, there’s good reason for it. Be thankful for what you got because you clearly have forgotten what the alternative was.

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Well in my area, if you wait for only surges or only prime times, you’d be waiting a while because the only time it surges is Friday and Saturday night for an hour at bar close, and during the occasional concert, festival or hockey game. And most of the time I will be sitting right in the middle of it and not get one. Rideshare is not designed to be a full time job and that particular company is not people friendly in general. When rideshare is your full time gig you take what you can get and work it. I look at this map and I see your whole dang town is lit up, so quit griping and log on.

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You dont chase surges but in our area i can anticipate them and usually im right smack in the middle of them most of the time.