Recovering crackhead Pax making me nervous

Just picked up a Pax. She tells me she has MS and she’s a recovering crackhead. I listen to her life story after ending the trip. Finally, she’s exiting the vehicle looking for her keys and glasses. I tell her her glasses are in her hand. She says to me, I’M making HER nervous! I said, WHAT? You are the crackhead. You are making ME nervous. Get out!

You’ve got no heart and your a shitty driver

Well my friend, you can be a psychiatrist to all the crackheads in your county. I pass! I’d rather not sit around listening to her problems while she’s potentially setting me up for a robbery. I’m good buddy…lol

If they want to talk it’s going to be on the meter while I circle the block a few times.

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I hope you get deactivated for being rude and hateful
U dont know what this person may have been going thro. And maybe she needed a listening ear .

I do know what she went through. She told me, ALL OF IT! Btw…I didn’t charge her for the listening ear. That my friend, is compassion.

Either way, that woman is not concerned about us. She is somewhere enjoying a peanut butter & Crack sandwich with Tyrone Biggums. (Dave Chappell )

I’m assuming the response of Tammy was in her own head?? Or did she really give that crackhead the business like that??? :joy::joy::joy:

Y’all calling Tammy rude but… who gets in SOMEBODY ELSE’S car & go “you’re making me nervous.”, that was the rude part to me. :rofl::rofl::rofl: This whole situation is hilarious

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What is she gonna do? Tell uber she got called a crackhead, after confessing to being a crackhead for no reason

Agreed, so if the driver is making you nervous, exit the vehicle!! I have a lot of compassion for people, but the fact she’s the invader in a drivers space that’s pretty nervy of her to say & she deserved that response!

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Crack-A-Nese. Definition: The awesome ability to speak to a crackhead. Promptly delivering an unfiltered, swift, appropriate response to a crackhead that renders them temporarily aware that you ain’t for no mess

Multiple Sclerosis & a recovering crackhead. 2 neurologic diseases & yet you treat them like shit. Your pathetic!

When I have a talker I DONT end the trip until 1)they exit 2)I say I have another p/u then see #1
And I remain polite

I would listen to the “crackhead” if I had a nice leather couch and made $300 an hour

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How the hell is tammy being hateful? She wasn’t even rude to the pax. She’s venting, it’s not like she said this to her directly. :joy: wtf

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Since when do UBER AND LYFT DRIVERS have or use METERS? Wrong group, Tammy.