Hate all you want, but Uber is pretty awesome

I loved the Live Stream today. It made me realize how massive Uber is and what an impact it has on people all over the world. I am proud to be part of this company. I love driving for Uber and the freedom it gives me to make my own schedule and make money. I get to meet new people, I get to work when I want and I get to drive in America’s Finest City.

Surged Pool is one thing, base rate pool at rush hour is another entirely, there you spend an hour as a glorified shuttle for $7. So there are definitely times where ‘F uberPOOL’ is the right sentiment

  • Drivers have earned hundreds of millions in tips ( golly didn’t mention where that’s happening )
  • a new app coming
  • earnings tracker on top of screen ( can be hidden as well
  • ‘cleaner’ earning opportunities (surges) with navigation option to peak locations
  • Surge colors now under streets – easier to see streets
  • Better ability to search to find signal when one is not in app signal range
  • ‘tap’ to replace ‘slide’ in some portions of app
  • App tested on beta – will continue testing
  • Rollout over the coming months, but heard no specific date(s) mentioned

Layout is different with a new feature. Shows where there is more frequent rides near you.

not complaining one bit I know what is signed up and paid for. Lol don’t get your emotions and twisted up.

I’m just confused as to why a person would continue to be miserable working in a “pennies” job when they can always go elsewhere for $10/hr.

Wow, sounds like we may be able to see the ride requests pop up and choose if we want it, rather than going online and hoping for the best.

That’s how I figured it would be when I signed up 8 months ago

I love your enthusiasm, don’t let these snowflakes take that away from you. I do disagree that any city in Commiefornia is the finest city anywhere though lol

Yeah. Saying San Diego > New York City is typical Inflated Californian thinking. San Diego is Top 10 for sure. #1?! HA!

I’m hoping this app does help. Living in the Tucson area, we’re lucky to get 3-4 tips on a Friday or Saturday night. Especially driving the “entitled” U of A drunk girls around (the guys are ok). An average U of A ride is a $2.25 profit. When it’s surging, it’s okay.

I do only xl and select, i made the choice to switch to lyft simply on account of driver support 4 months ago

I know… You talk a great game. Impress me some more… What did you do last year in just curious?

how you gonna tell me what I need to do? I own an IT company with my husband WITH celebrity clientele. Driving is a lucrative networking tool an fills my time since my son is serving in Afghanistan and my daughter lives on her own graduating college this May. You need to focus on what YOU need to do which a total makeover. I bet you get HELLA cancellations when ur pic pops up on the pax screen. FOH.

I’m still not impressed… Maybe someone else is. .
Anybody impressed?

Boy you are full of others accomplishments… None of your own, but plenty of others… you are a great cheerleader… keep up the good work…

who is hating, you do well with lyft, kudos. I average on a crappy day $30/hour with lyft, and uber, but its all where you drive and how you strategize. I certainly wasn’t hating. I simply pointed out that the pay is the same on Lyft as uber, with only small differences. I chose lyft because of support, not pay

I agree, Uber has helped many people and does good for the communities it’s in. I am proud right along side ya…

Nobody is forced to work for Uber. It is an opportunity that doesn’t work for everyone and complaining about it is not going to do anything about it.

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So how much does uber pay you to post this and how can I get paid to post this in The uber groups I’m in?

I love your enthusiasm as well. I agree with someones post about the pay but there is nothing you can do. I hope one day though we can see where the customer is actually going in case some of us can not travel too far or out of the “zone” we want to stay in.