Do you guys get out of your car and help people load their bags/groceries/etc?

I stopped doing it because people would never tip. Since I stopped neither my rating nor my tips have suffered so I guess nobody cares. 2700+ rides and rated 4.96. Rating and tip ratio doesn’t change no matter what level of service I provide. I do NOT load/unload groceries. In fact when I roll up and see a cart full of bags I cancel. Not worth the $4 ride. Thoughts?

I help those that look like they could use a hand. Also if they have big hard side luggage to protect my car.
It’s also good to get out and stretch sometimes

Actually I do it no matter what because I drive uber black , my mission is the 5 Stars rate , and it’s just nice in general to help people

I help if they are elderly or handicapped in any way. If it’s someone young and capable then I open the trunk for them but let them load their stuff. You are right though…tips are no better and still nonexistent either way.

I get out of my car for any reason that requires me to open my back hatch. Mostly because I’d rather me do it than them (being my car), the hatch doesn’t have a auto thing that opens it. Mostly, it’s not about the tips. It’s about NOT wanting them to touch my hatch door LOL

I do it because, IMO, it’s respectful. Plus, at least I know what’s going in my car. Can’t have someone dumping a dead body back there :joy:

I tend to help or at least offer my help if it’s a lot of groceries or if at the airport and the bags are heavy . But still you’ll get the ones who expect you to do it because they think it’s part of your job to those I’m quick to let then know I’m not obligated to do it .

it’s always better to decline these trips. Until these people tip, which most likely they won’t, it is not worth the time, effort, and lost opportunity cost. We are running businesses with thin profit margins, not a charity or a subsidized bus service.

I know the demographics of my area. i know exactly where to drive and how to run my business, and grocery store clientele is not my target audience.

it would be very personal to me if some asshole uber driver cancelled on my mom or wife and left them standing at the curb

Unfortunately it’s the cost of staying profitable. If Uber made these minimum fare rides a bit more profitable but at $3.51 I have to cut my losses.

I like how you think. It’s how I think. I’m running a business and have learned my market well. Grocery stores, shopping malls, and fast food places are in my no-fly zone as they don’t fit into my business plan.

Yes I do, especially if they are elderly, disabled or have children with them.
And if they have a lot of stuff I do because the longer they take, the longer for me to get on my next pickup

I don’t. Unless they are obviously handicapped or incapable for some reason. I have a bad hip that gives me trouble from time to time so getting out of my car can be painful

Are you really expecting a tip because you helped??? Did you tip EVERYONE who has helped you in the past?? Well here’s a tip: Do it out of the kindness of your heart, not because you wanna get paid!

That’s what’s wrong with people now days. Used to people helped each other without expecting anything in return. Now days people are so greedy.

But that’s the thing though … There’s people who raised with those valores , you know helping older people or whoever may need it … At least that’s how I was raised but then again I can’t force others to show some kindness there for I worried only about what I can do and let others be …

I help them just to be nice and also to make it go faster. Even if they don’t tip at least you get the ride over quicker so you can move on to the next one.

I help people regardless of tip. I’ve been poor and homeless and my empathy level is a bit higher then many. I’m also Southern and know what is the right thing to do.

Men no. Women with more than 1 bag yes some tip some dont. The killer is when I went to help woman at airport and the man with her just set his bag down by trunk and got in car! Left her and me I just said wow!!