We decline shared rides so people who don't know better take that ride

When you decline shared rides you are doing a disservice to your fellow drivers. Someone eventually will accept. If everyone accepts shared rides many of those rides wouldn’t have to be such long pickups. Just because you decline doesn’t meant lyft is going to get rid of it🙄

You mean to say that when a driver ACCEPTS a shared ride, then lets additional pax in the car, he is depriving others of a fare. This is one reason I only accept uber pool rides, I can limit the number of pax to just 1. Lyft screws every driver by putting too many asses in the seats.

Even if its not shared and you dont go offline they add riders. I had a trip on Friday near EWR, forgot to go offline, they added someone from Terminal A while I was passing exit 12 on the turnpike. Regular rate going to JC

Uber diss better job of extending trip lyft sometimes try to get a if the second ride doesnt extend Im not interested

I honestly could give 2 shits for most drivers, but anytime I can deprive uber/lyft of a payday I will. Putting additional asses in your seats does not equal money in your pocket. The $$ only starts after the closest pax drops and then the driver earns till the last drop. The TNC gets all the additional profits in between.

. It’s easy to just pass the buck. Bet if lyft /Uber had a limit on how many cancellations you can process before being deactivated you would all be taking those shared rides.

Good thing we’re not employees then. Go tell your boss that if he wants me to pick up shared rides, he can classify me as an employee and give me all the benefits of an employee

Accepting and cancelling are two different things. They cant get rid of you for low acceptance rate.

You do realize, share/pool are surge killers?!?!?

Every extra passenger you pick up, is a a ride another driver does not get. In addition, Uber/Lyft are getting paid twice and paying you once.

When I am paid a portion of each fare, I will take pool/shared rides. Until then, pool rides get an immediate “Stop new requests” and shared rides get ignored.

Only accepted one pool trip, because it was 60min+ and turned out to be a great ride with a long conversation and a large tip at the end. Otherwise I’ll hit no thanks every time.

I’ll say it over n over again FUCK SHARE RIDES!!! They smell, they dont tip, they all complain, always looking for a free ride, LYFT screw us over on additional passengers, 9/10 smell like cigarettes or weed…do I need to continue?? I have leather and these fucks could careless about my vehicle soooo I’m infatuated with that x button on the top left corner everytime I see purple!!! Ur doing us a huge favor by accepting all the shared rides :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

How about if everyone didnt do multiple pax pools or shared it would create more work and more surge for us all.

Those who have no other choice but to take the rides since no one else wants to do it. That’s y some here make very little money.

I refuse to accept Lyft Shared requests. I am an independent contractor and Shared rides are very bad business. If I accepted Shared requests and picked up a second and/or third rider it would deprive another driver of a rider. And too many Shared riders prevents surges. Don’t you like surges? Lyft has sent me at least five nasty emails about my low acceptance rate and I really don’t care. If they provided me with a weekly salary and car with gas, insurance and maintenance I would gladly accept Shared requests. If Lyft asked you to drive around in a circle all day for no money would you do it?

Lyft and uber do not deactivate drivers for low acceptance rates. They will deactivate for low ratings and excessive cancellations. One of the reasons I refuse to accept Lyft Shared requests is that those ignorant riders love to give low ratings. And Lyft requires that drivers maintain a 4.6 rating. Uber requires only 4.5.

Shit, I PREFER shared rides. It gets me to the weekly challenge faster because of ride count/ (And used to do it for the PDB as well) Im serious. If Lyft could send me only shared requests back to back to back I’d be ecstatic.