We are over saturated with drivers

Different streets are closed daily and the entire city is under construction. Surges are gone due to the amount of drivers and if you don’t speak Spanish expect bad ratings.

Staying here for vacation is a mirage, what you see on TV is not real. Miami beach is over crowded and although some of it can be fun most places are just a copy of the previous.

Now the women are fantastic to look at but only feel valued by what their bodies look like and can’t hold a conversation to save their lives. Fake asses, fake fits and a head filled with air.

Im not so surprised that your city is over saturated, this seems like the norm in most popular cities. My broken Spanish probably wouldn’t kill my ratings there but no point in chasing scraps .

I’ve heard really nice things about Tulsa. The 6 months of waiting for a state license would be the bottle neck for me in my case. I can’t imagine that your streets are worse then what I drive here in Brazil lol! Reading this forum for some time now, seems that the single biggest gripe drivers have (other then the low rates) is the rude/ borderline dangerous pax.

Same here. Gringo married a Cuban girl. We actually met in LA. She’s from here. But when we had the kid, she wanted to come back home to her mama. Cubans don’t want to leave the family.

Yep my mother in law quit her job to nanny our kids while we work. Personally I want them in a day care with more kids but her mom did pick up a couple more to socialize with mine. I’m not really the family type and if it weren’t for my kids would have left already, I love my wife but like changes. I have moved every few years of my life and it is what I have become used to.

All I can say is welcome to the club guys !
I came to the North of Brazil for work on a project. My wife got pregnant, we were going to move before that but after the baby, leaving was no longer an option. We work, her mother watches our kid.

If you do a search for my handle just the way you typed it you will find me on amazon in the books section. I made it into a couple books due to my past and being one of the founders lol. You will know what it is by the title of the book.

And what Limepro said about traffic, it’s painfully true. They must be building at least 10 new high rises in downtown alone. Streets are blocked off, one lane in many parts of downtown. Construction machinery. Yeah, it sucks.

Not a bad idea! Not the easiest pax in the world, butI wonder what the actual volume is there?
UberSelect is being downsized (killed) nationwide… New Market?

Personally I would stick to San Diego. The weather is nice, it doesn’t rain much. The culture is laid back. I can make $200+ after expenses in an 8 hour shift. Sometimes I make $300+, but not often.

I am still a newbie, but most Uber folks are. The PAX are pretty mellow. Usually business people, tourists, and folks going to and from work or bars. You can make $200/day net working the day shift, which doesn’t happen in most cities. The temp and humidity are low in the beach area.

My vote goes to any decent middle class area That is underserved by transportation in general.
I’m in G town Glendora I bet no one has heard of this place

Thanks to everyone for the posts and great input! Its helped me to get an overall idea of what the reality is day to day. In the end your driving to make a paycheck be it full time or short term.

I am a LA native, raised in LA, and well I just deleted what I wrote. To each his or her own. I will say for the last 10 years the ass jobs have remained more popular in SoFlo vs SoCal (if you want to say better). And Cali girls on average based on the fact there are more of us (ahhahahaa) are smarter, along with better business women. We don’t do strange things for change. Sometime these women out here OMGeeee, let’s just say they only use the body minus the brain.

I’d work in Cali. I’d just reinstate my Cali license and get a Cali car (trade). I still have a Cali address along with one here. I bet Vegas would be the best for me, but I can never tell if they’re Ubering there or not, seems riskier than Miami. I also like Ubering in Miami.