Deliver Amazon Prime Now: How to guide for Amazon Flex Drivers

Amazon Flex Driver - Delivering Amazon Prime Now

Congratulations on becoming an Amazon Flex driver. This article outlines what you should do next and other information that would be great to have at your fingertips. If you are still on the Amazon Flex waitlist, this information will help you hit the ground running when your confirmation comes through.

For those who may be thinking of becoming an Amazon Flex driver, this article will no doubt provide you with information to assist in your decision making.

Let's get started by ensuring that we are all on the same page about what Amazon Flex is.

What is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is an opportunity that provides drivers with more flexibility.

You get to build your own schedule by either scheduling your availability in advance or picking up what is available when you are available. In addition, you get to earn between $18 to $25 an hour.

The benefit of being able to dictate your own schedule has made this program extremely popular. As a result, being placed on a waitlist waiting for a spot to become available is a common occurrence.

Selecting a Warehouse

Once Amazon Flex confirms you as a driver your first action is to select a warehouse from which you will pick up items to deliver.

There are two types of warehouses in the Amazon Flex program from which to choose from:

  • Amazon Packages

  • Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Packages

  • Type Of Packages - Boxes
  • Scheduled Work Blocks - Work is scheduled out in 1, 2, 3 and 4-hour blocks.
  • Pick-up Location - Pickups are from the specified warehouse only.
  • Pay - Starting pay is $18 an hour. You are not eligible for tips.
  • Number of Stops - Between twenty (20) and fifty (50) stops.
  • Number of Parcels - Between thirty (30) and seventy (70) parcels.

Amazon Prime Now

  • Type Of Packages - Packages either in paper bags or in insulated bags.
  • Scheduled Work Blocks - Work is scheduled out in 1, 2, 3 and 4-hour blocks.
  • Pick-up Location - Pickups are either from a warehouse or from restaurants.
  • Pay - Starting pay is $18 an hour. You are eligible to earn tips so this can bump up the hourly rate to between $22 - $25 an hour.
  • Number of Stops - Between two (2) and ten (10) stops
  • Number of Parcels - Between five (5) and twenty (20) parcels.

Amazon Prime Now is the most popular so let us look at it in more detail.

Shift Selection

Currently Amazon Prime Now is currently offering two types of work blocks. One hour and two-hour blocks. They are offered randomly to meet demand as it arises. The two-hour block is the most common option offered.

Shift Start

As an Amazon Prime Now driver, your shift begins when you check in for your scheduled work block. You check in twice.

The first check-in is via the app on your phone. When you check in, confirm that they are no stops required before you get to the warehouse.

When it comes to checking in, note the following:

  • Do not check in late for your shift. If you do, you will lose your entire shift and it goes against your record.
  • Do not check in too far away from the warehouse as it eats into your delivery time.

The second check-in is at the warehouse on a tablet typically located near the entrance.

Amazon Prime Warehouse

At your assigned warehouse, the roll call is usually taken before routes are assigned. Once roll call is complete and routes are assigned, proceed to collect your items for delivery.

Items are grouped by route. When you scan the first item using your app, the route comes up along with other items that belong to that route.

Routes are assigned randomly. However, it seems that those who check in earlier than others get better routes so check in as early as is feasible for you to avoid ending up with challenging routes.

Once your deliveries are done, check your app for next instructions. Most of the time it will indicate a return to the warehouse. On occasion, it may indicate a return to an alternate staging area.

The above process is typical for the two-hour block. The one hour block as slight differences which will be reviewed below.

One Hour Block

If you select the one hour block you will receive notification of pending pickups on your app. You will also be prompted to accept them on your app.

Once you do, you will need to check in again at your assigned warehouse. This is for two reasons. The first is that it indicates you are still working. The second is so that you can get information on when the item is ready for pick up. The app indicates this by either telling you to wait in your car or come inside the warehouse.

Inside the warehouse, one-hour deliveries are clearly marked. Scan the item or items as indicated above and proceed to deliver. Once the delivery is complete, wait for the next advisory.

##Delivery Challenges

Late Deliveries

Late deliveries are tracked. Rack up too many and your account will be deactivated. If you are running late be proactive. Advise Amazon Flex Support. They will create a support ticket for each instance.

Missed Deliveries

These tend to occur when the customer is not available and not responsive via phone. If you unsure whether to leave the package or return it, call Amazon Flex Support for guidance.

Items That Will Make Your Life As An Amazon Flex drive Easier

In any job, there are certain items that make the job easier. For this job the following three items are recommended. A collapsible hand truck, a car cell phone charger, and good cell phone holder.

Changing Warehouses

Depending on your personal needs you may wish to change warehouses. This can be done but you will have to need to arm yourself with a whole lot of patience. People are waiting up to a month and some have even moved to get the right warehouse for them.

You may inquire about warehouse changes via email to the Amazon Flex support desk or by speaking with an Amazon Flex warehouse manager.

Amazon Flex Support

Amazon Flex support is available via phone or online.

Phone support is for current deliveries only. Phone calls must be initiated using the Amazon Flex app as there is no telephone number

Online support is for issues with your Amazon Flex account, warehouse changes etc.

Please note that Amazon Prime Now procedures can change and vary from city to city. Be sure to confirm any changes and city specific information prior to commencing work.