Commercial Insurance Coverage for Amazon Flex Drivers

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Amazon Flex is not a rideshare business it is a delivery business, so insurance coverage for this kind of work is commercial. If you are a rideshare driver, your insurance will not cover you when working with Amazon Flex. While both are commercial insurance coverages, the difference is in the service provided; Amazon Flex is a delivery service while ridesharing is a passenger transportation service. The main difference being that ridesharing insurance is more expensive than standard commercial coverage since it includes livery insurance, and if you only have standard personal insurance, all you need to do is bump it up to commercial coverage. The most common commercial insurance coverage is for trucks and delivery vehicles, every time you use your car for Amazon Flex your personal insurance does not cover you, so you will need to buy a special insurance policy for this line of work.

The Amazon Flex Auto Insurance Policy

Most companies offer an in-house insurance policy to their drivers, which they get at a discounted rate, Amazon Flex has such a coverage and is, in fact, a good one. The policy they offer you will not cost anything, so don't go out to buy one until you check with them first.

Here are the key points of the commercial insurance coverage that their policy provides:

Vehicle Liability: $1 million per incident. This is the primary liability clause and will cover any damage to third party property or person

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Clause: $1 million per accident. This clause covers bodily injury to you and other occupants of your car. It includes damage to your car if another motorist is at fault for the accident and doesn't carry adequate insurance.

Comprehensive and Collision Contingency Clause. $50k per accident. This only covers you if you have comprehensive coverage on your personal auto policy. This covers physical damage to your car while delivering working a block. While damages to your car are covered up to $50k, you still have a hefty $1,000 deductible. You do not get this coverage if you do not have Comprehensive and Collision coverage on your personal policy.

Amazon Flex Auto Policy FAQ

Do I need special insurance?

Yes, you need a comprehensive personal auto insurance for your own car to have all the features of Amazon Flex cover your car while driving their blocks. If you are renting or borrowing a car, make sure you have the correct coverage. New York drivers must have their own commercial coverage. Check out

Do I have a deductible under the Amazon Flex Auto Policy?

There are two deductibles; Automobile Liability Coverage which spares you any deductible fees, and the Contingent Comprehensive and Collision coverage, which is a $1,000 deductible you need to pay for physical damage to your car while working a block.

What rules apply to NYC drivers?

New York demands that Amazon Flex drivers have commercial insurance that covers the following requirements:

  • Property damage for a single accident: $10,000
  • One person bodily injury: $25,000
  • Death for a person involved in an accident: $50,000
  • Two-person or more bodily injury: $50,000
  • Death of two or more people in an accident: $100,000

Can I have my own commercial auto policy?

Yes, and the Amazon Flex Auto Policy will be excess over your commercial auto policy.

Should I consult with my personal auto insurer if I deliver with Amazon Flex?

That is up to you; it is your responsibility to fully comprehend the terms of your personal insurance and or commercial insurance coverage. You can consult with your insurance agent to get a better understanding.

Who are the Amazon Flex Auto Policy underwriters?

Zurich American Insurance Company.

Who should I contact in the case of an accident?

In the case of an accident, you must follow any standards of precoder that you would normally adhere to in case of an accident. You must immediately report (if you can) the incident to Amazon Flex support and provide documented details of the incident. This means, photos or witness statements if applicable.

Amazon Flex support can be reached by phone or by e-mail

You can also supply the insurer too, that is Zurich American Insurance Company as well as your own insurance policy if you have a commercial insurance policy too.

Who covers my medical bills from an accident?

Medical insurance is private, so you must make sure you have adequate medical insurance coverage for any incidents. Amazon Flex does not provide medical insurance coverage.

Who covers my car damage?

Any accidents that occur during a block of Amazon Flex work is covered by the Amazon Flex Insurance Policy. Any damage done outside of work hours is covered by your own insurance policy.

Does the Amazon Flex Auto Policy cover towing, flat tire, or rental car expenses?

Yes, it covers towing as a result of an accident while delivering during an Amazon Flex block. However, rental car expenses and flat tire repairs are not covered.

Is the Amazon Flex Auto Policy active even when I haven't provided information about my vehicle?

Yes, you are covered automatically by the policy when driving for Amazon Flex.

Who is financially responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen Amazon packages?

Amazon Flex is responsible, except in cases of fraudulent or illegal activity involving the Delivery Partner.

What cases or situations are not covered by the Amazon Flex Auto Policy?

There are standard general exclusions including intentional injury, racing, war, terrorism, and nuclear hazard, and it does not include damage, lost, or stolen property while delivering.