Amazon Flex: How to be reactivated after deactivation

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There are two kinds of deactivation, permanent and temporary. I list the two types and then discuss how to reactivate if possible from a temporary deactivation.

Temporary Deactivation

  • No Hot/cold bags for pickup and delivery
  • Too many late deliveries
  • Customers did not receive their delivery
  • Undeliverable packages or deliveries not returned to Amazon on time
  • Working for others during an Amazon Flex Block
  • Pressing the "I'm at the location but my GPS isn't working" too often when starting a block

Permanent Deactivation

  • Too many missed blocks or shifts
  • Being late repeatedly for a block or shift

The Deactivation Notice

If you meet any one of the above conditions, Amazon will send you an email listing your transgressions leading to your deactivation. They give you a ten calendar days' period to reply using their online Qualtrics form and claim that it will take them up to three weeks to process the information.

Contesting Deactivation

You can use one of two ways to contest your deactivation. Either use the online Qualtrics form that was sent with the deactivation email, and you cannot contact Amazon Flex through the usual ways since your deactivation will close your account, phoning them won't help, you can only request reactivation through this e-mail:

Responding to Deactivation

Stop and think before rushing off to reply using the Qualtrics form that was attached to your de-activation email. You have ten calendar days to reply, so take a day or two to go over the reason why you were deactivated and then word your reply in a way that will be polite, to the point and apologize for the reason. Don't try to spin any tales, keep your reasons to facts, tell them you will fix the issue that was the main reason or one of three possible reasons (they usually give a courier three strikes) and that you have learned from your mistakes and will improve and maintain a quality service.

I suggest you segment the reply according to the following outline:

  1. Acknowledge the fault
  2. Give a brief history of your past delivery performance and behavior
  3. Explain why you like working for Amazon Flex
  4. Deliver a closing statement explaining how you have improved and learned from your mistakes

Remember that you only have one chance to reply, so take your time and make it a good response.

Amazon Flex Response Time

While it does state on their site that Amazon Flex can take up to three weeks to respond, cases have been reported that reinstatement occurred overnight. While the reinstatement can be quick the app activation does take a day or two, so don't panic if you still don't have access, wait until you get an activation e-mail, and then you can start working again. Once you receive the email, you will have to wait a few more hours before the reactivation starts. Do NOT try to set up a block for that day, only schedule blocks AFTER full reactivation. You do not want to be in a situation where you miss a block immediately after activation.

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