A quick look at UberEats - Uber's Food Delivery Service

Everyone has heard of Uber, and associate it with rideshare driving, while the company continues sot lose money on the rideshare investment, the executive decision was to increase the basket of technologies to find other ways to increase their income. Uber created UberEats, which is proving to be profitable in some countries.

So, what is UberEats? Let's find out together.


UberEats is a food delivery service that enables customers to order food from member restaurant, and an Uber driver delivers the order. UberEats is a service that changes Uber drivers to food delivery service providers. The UberX drivers do this more often, and some even prefer working with UberEats than with passengers.Other drivers combine the two services and use UberEats as the source of income when there are lulls, which is usually around lunch and dinner time.

Places to find UberEats

Uber has not limited where UberEats will operate, in fact, every country with an Uber office can and is a candidate for UberEats services.

How can an Uber driver sign up for the service?

All Uber drivers living and operating in an UberEats area just need to "opt in" via their Uber app, and they become an UberEats delivery service too. If a driver wants to just deal with UberEats, then the requirements for a vehicle as easier than for a passenger driver. If you already own a car or lease one than car ownership is not an issue. If you are applying to be an UberEats driver, then the driver and car requirements are easier. For an UberEats driver, you just need to be 19 years old, and the car can be a two-door and up to 19 years old. Some cities allow UberEats drivers to ride scooters, motorbikes and even bicycles.

When did UberEats appear?

UberEats launched as a pilot in 2014, it evolved since then, and the model is now totally different to what it once was. In 2014 the services were called UberFresh, and it only delivered pre-made meals that were picked up by the drivers in a logistics center for distribution. Uber realized how ridiculous that system was and streamlined the whole process by utilizing their main resource, the driver. Since they already had a global delivery service for passengers, it was just a matter of time to adopt that service to restaurants. (I wonder how long it will take Uber to realize that they can replace FedEx and other delivery companies.)

UberEats and Uber Rides together

Every Uber driver can set their preferences via the app. An Uber driver can set up to be a passenger driver only; a delivery service only or a hybrid of the two. You can set a profile for each type, so you can change what you are doing during your shift.

UberEats deliver explained

An UberEats request will direct the driver to the restaurant where the driver will need to discuss food receipt issues with the restaurant staff since some restaurants are hard to park near, so arranging for food to be brought to the car is not far-fetched. Sometimes you will receive more than one order from a restaurant, so it's like an Uber pool ride but for food deliveries. In some instances, you will have to find a place to park since you might need to take some delicate dishes and heavyweights.

As for delivery, some customers want door delivery others curbside. In major cities and congested areas, Uber pushes clients to meet the driver at the curbside; this cancels out the need for parking and delays due to finding the right entrance to the address. Some areas, such as suburbia, here houses are easy to find; then drivers are prompted to make a door to door delivery, it all depends on the area to where the driver is delivering. You can find out this information in the "find your city" page and look at the FAQ sheet.

Delivery Driver Payments

Income is what its all about, how much are drivers making per delivery. Unlike Uber rides, there is no time factor only mileage. Based on calculations of the services, Uber pays around $3.50 for a pickup and $1.10 per mile and $1.30 per delivery, or $4.80 for the front and end service and $1.10 per mile in between. This payment is a gross fee, you must now deduct the 25% Uber commission and expenses per mile, and you have your net income before the end of year taxes.


If you are a rideshare driver, you already calculated your expenses, they are the same for deliveries. If you are only a delivery driver, you will not need ride-share friendly insurance, since that designed for Uber ride-sharing.

Surges and Boosts

Some cities enjoy surges and boost for deliveries, not all cities do. Not that it matters if you live in an area that doesn't provide it, you can only ask Uber to include your city or just bear life without these added incentives.


While Uber doesn't promote tips, it doesn't stop drivers from receiving them; it's really up to the customer to decide to pay or not. Since they don't get in the car, once you make a hand over delivery, if the customer tips you, great, if not, great too.
Update: Uber does allow tipping for delivery drivers through the app now.

UberEats competition

There are some competing companies to Uber, and as with ride-sharing, its good signing up for more than one service. There is Caviar, DoorDash, Postmates, and GrubHub. Each one works in different cities so check which opportunities you ave and sign up to them. Multiple company delivery driving is a proven method for increasing income during quiet times as well as a relaxing moment from dealing with passengers.

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