Hawaii is UberEats next stop

Uber’s global expansion continues, although it’s food delivery service stays at home in the US, it has flown across the Pacific and settled in Honolulu as of November 15, 2017 it will deliver food via its UberEats app. UberEats will now deliver all around the southern part of the main Island and includes Honolulu, Kaneohe, Kailua, and Kapolei.

Since the company's arrival, over 100 restaurants signed on to their service, while many of the restaurants use local delivery service Bite Squad, which is the largest delivery service on the island, till now. Amongst the confirmed restaurants that signed on with UberEats are Kakaako Kitchen, L&L Hawaiian, and Phuket Thai.

UberEats only charges a booking fee of $5.99; the meal price is set by the restaurant. UberEats spokesperson, Nathan Hambley said that it is Uber's desire "to make UberEATS available to as many people as possible in the places where we do business," he added that they "we're always looking to partner with restaurants who want to deliver great food."

A press release will be made next week with the UberEats official statement. Uber has started to press the UberEats service hard since it has proven to be a profitable service that can bring in immediate cash to help with Uber's global recovery plans. Apart of UberEats, no other mainland company has made it to Hawaii.