Three common UberEats issues

There are three common issues that arise during an UberEats schedule, and I decided to address them today in this article. Just to recap; UberEats is an on-demand food and meal delivery service. If you are an UberX driver, you can sign up for UberEats and add it to your Uber profile. Requests come in with the order pick up location, the order description, and the order number. After accepting the request, you go to the restaurant and give them the order number. The UberEats request can be canceled if the wait is too long if the pickup or drop off is too far away and for any other acceptable reason. The app will notify you if you need to park and pick up in the restaurant or just wait in the car curbside.

The first Issue: Double Orders

Double orders. Yes, you can get a double order from the same place, and you get to the restaurant, and the manager or chef will say, the first order is ready but the second one will take around 15 minutes. You say OK and just make sure the first order is heated while waiting. Then the time goes by, and the order isn't ready, you ask when it will be ready, and they say another 15 minutes, and you realize that the first order will be late. So, you cancel the second order and deliver the first one, hopefully on time.

You can cancel double delivery orders, but it's always better to make sure in advance that the customer is aware of any delays. With double orders, you have to notify two customers, so if you have experience with this, don't even wait for the second, just deliver the first and transfer the second order that is delayed to another driver. It's better to keep on the road and deliver a seamless shift that stands about waiting.

The Second Issue: Missing Items

It can happen many times, you arrive at a restaurant, and an item is missing. Usually, that's not a problem, you notify support and also contact the customer. The customer usually tells you what to replace instead of the missing item. However, sometimes there is a line too, so you don't know about the missing item up front until you get to the counter. You have to listen to the conversations because that happens a lot. If you listen to what is being said, you can find out earlier if an item is missing and can deal with it until you reach the counter. This will help you with waiting in lines and decision making. When more than one item is missing, you should be prepared for an order cancellation. Just make sure you notify both support and the customer and let them decide what to do. Your job is to pick up and deliver, that's all.

The Third Issue: Curbside Delivery

It happens to all of us, sometimes once a day, we get a delivery to a sealed off location. You cannot get in, and you have to wait a long time for someone to answer you to open the gate. In this instance its best to call the customer, you will find customers are very receptive and understanding when faced with a time issue. I had a case in Venice Beach, and the customer agreed to meet me curbside. So, there I was, sitting in my car, no problems with parking, no issues with waiting for access and the delivery went smoothly.

Most customers also don't want to deal with giving strangers entrance codes and are sometimes too tired to enter the code at home; they find it easier to come down to meet you and take the order from your hands.


UberEats is a great delivery service that provides a quick and simple application to delivering food with the least amount of hassles. Since it's a curbside delivery service, unlike DoorDash or PostMates, the driver doesn't need a company credit card, all deliveries are pre-ordered, and all you have to do is pick up and deliver, I find that this service is by far the easiest to operate.