UberEat's Deactivation Policy for Delivery Drivers/Couriers

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Delivery Recipients, Partners, and Merchants
As with Uber ridesharing, couriers, customers and businesses of UberEats and Uber Rush can lose their rights to use the platform if they do not comply with certain standards. These standards are the base of the community guidelines that Uber publishes and updates on occasions.

Driver Guidelines
Couriers working for UberEATS & UberRUSH can be deactivated or temporarily blocked if they do not meet certain levels of expected service compliance. Uber arranged these levels of compliance similar to those of Uber drivers, but they are different due to the nature of the service provided. UberEATS & UberRUSH are a delivery service, so the car and passenger guidelines do not exist. Vehicles must meet certain standards, and the delivery process is monitored, as with rides, UberEATS & UberRUSH couriers have a star rating system too.

Customers and drivers rate each other based on the level of performance and expectation. Since the rating system is a perceptive system, it means that couriers expect a certain amount of understanding and respect from customers as much as customers demand quality, speed and respectful services provided by the courier.

Ratings are given after delivery is made. The customer rates the courier and the restaurant. The rating is based on performance during the pickup and the speed of the delivery. Regarding the restaurant, the rating is based on the accuracy of the order and any issues arising during the pick up if there were any. The ratings are based on the last 500 deliveries, and they can be seen in the app. New couriers can see their UberEATS & UberRUSH ratings after the first 20 deliveries.

Deactivation can occur of your star ratings fall below the city minimum, if the rating is constantly low, you will be deactivated.

Cancellation rate
A negative KPI is the cancellation rate. Couriers receive requests in-app and have the ability to accept or not accept an order. The cancellation rate is based on how many times a courier accepts an order and then cancels it. This is considered to be acceptable at a 5% cancellation rate. The reasons to cancel can be many; Uber doesn't care what the reason is, the higher the cancellation rate the closer you are to deactivation.

Each city has a different cancellation rate, and they set city limits, which means you have to check to see what your cap is. A cancellation rate cap is the highest percentage of cancellations the cities Uber office will allow, will lead to immediate deactivation.

Acceptance Rates
A positive KPI is the courier's acceptance rate. Acceptance rate is based on the number of orders a courier accept and does not cancel. The higher the acceptance rate, the larger the expected income will be for the courier and is also a good metric for Uber to gauge the courier's commitment to the process. UberEats suggests that couriers that don't want to work for any particular reason should log off, that way they do not need to lower the quality of the overall service.

Insulated Bags
Couriers are expected to deliver the orders in the way they were prepared. Hot and cold food and drink must reach the customer as hot and cold as possible. This can only be reached when using insulation bags. Therefore, couriers are expected to have at all times good quality insulation bags for all deliveries. If a courier doesn't have any or if the quality is degraded, they will be eventually deactivated due to poor service.

Delivery delays
Estimated times of arrival (ETA) are important to maintain a high-quality service. Couriers are expected to deliver ETA's promptly and always within the expected time of delivery that the app suggests. Once a courier maintains delays over a period of time they are liable to deactivation.

Couriers will be deactivated if they are found to be part of a fraudulent activity that includes falsified deliveries, claims for full delivery without even picking up the item or picking up items but not delivering them. Other cases include claiming fraudulent fees, charges, and tips.

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