Uber Customer Service and Phone Numbers for Riders/Passengers and Drivers

(Bick Bhangoo) #1

How do passengers and customers contact Uber Customer Service for various issues?

One of the biggest issues facing Uber customers is contacting support and after doing so, getting an efficient and fast reply. There is no direct phone number to call, and there is no direct e-mail to a particular customer service address, what you have to do is go-to the help.uber.com site and navigate through the pages until you find the subject you need. Once you have found the page, there is a contact Uber support form for that specific subject. This is not the most efficient way for a customer to reach Uber but it does categorize issues that Uber receives, and it directs the request to a specific category professional service rep.

The other option is to contact Uber regarding a specific trip via the app, go into the app and choose the trip receipt and contact Uber via that option.

Here is a list of issues and how to deal with them.

Critical Safety Response Line: +1-800-285-6172

The app includes an emergency service response team; you never use this unless it is to deal with an emergency during a ride or about a drunk or ill driver issue. This is not a 911 replacement number either.

Only call on this phone number after you have contacted emergency services or called 911 and the help has arrived on the location. You will be directly contacted with an Uber rep.

General Inquiries

Don't contact Uber, read the help.uber.com site, this will give you many issues and faq's, as well as answer most general operational and technical inquiries you might have.

Lost Items

If you left an item on a ride, you could contact the driver, via your app. You can go to the specific trip by tapping on the menu button in the upper left corner and choose “Your Trips,” and then choose the " I lost an Item" button. There are three ways to get your lost item back. You can choose “Contact driver about a lost item.” At the bottom of the page enter your phone number or another person’s phone number if you lost your phone and hit submit. Uber will then connect you directly with the driver. If the driver does not answer, leave a detailed voicemail with a phone number to contact you. Please be aware that most drivers cannot return your call as they are busy with their next ride. We recommend waiting for at least 15-30 minutes before trying other options.

If the driver does not answer, and you do not get any response within 24 hours, then choose the “I couldn’t reach my driver about a lost item” option and describe the lost item and where you left it. Also, let Uber know whether you would like to share your phone number with the driver so that the driver can contact you directly. Uber will try to contact the driver by emailing the details of the lost item and the trip. You also have to agree to pay a $15 return fee by toggling the “I understand I will be charged a $15 fee.”

Sometimes, drivers leave lost items with Uber local offices. Either Uber or the driver will let you know if the item was returned to the Uber Support Center. Uber will hold on to your item for 45 days. If the lost item is not retrieved within 45 days, Uber will donate the lost item to local charity or dispose of it.

Involved in an accident

In case of an accident, riders can contact Uber through the app and send the appropriate details. Select “I was involved in an accident” from the trip details screen. Riders have to give the following details of the accident:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Whether you were present in the vehicle at the time of the accident
  • Injured
  • Describe how it happened
  • If you took pictures, upload them
  • Additional details like if you had another rider, personal property damaged, hospitalized, etc.

Rates and Fares

Drivers do not have any say in rates and fares, so asking them will not elicit an official response, you can get information from a driver, but for most ride issues you must contact Uber through the app and receive an official and direct response for a particular ride issue.

The fastest way

Unfortunately, the fastest way to contact Uber is through its help.uber.com pages. You find a relevant page, it does not need to be exactly what you want, but close enough, and you send a form request from the page.

Uber Driver Support

For Uber drivers there are seven ways to contact Uber; some are more successful than others, these are:

  1. Uber app support
  2. uber.com
  3. Uber movement
  4. E-mail
  5. Greenlight Hubs
  6. 24-hour telephone support
  7. Critical Safety response line

  1. Uber App Support
    For any questions that are not answered by Uber's support website, you should use their in-app support, and it works. You will get an answer usually within one hour of posting it. Uber does a lot of upgrading to its app, and the support section has been updated many times, offering constant improvements. The in-app offers talkback to customers and direct calling for drivers, and there is so much more there.

    However, before you start to drown Uber with online questions, you should first goto their help site and check to see if the issue you are facing hasn't been asked about before. You will be able to resolve many issues by going to the Uber help site; help.uber.com which has some amazing features similar to those offered in the support app.

  2. Help.Uber.com
    Uber uses help.uber.com which is a comprehensive site and lists many help issues. The reason it's so successful is that it is peer-reviewed and as such, the content entering is high quality and correct. Another cool feature of this page is that it is user biased, which means it will look up your account and offer you account relevant help, which allows you to decide if you need a popular topic with answers relevant to your city or a general request.

    It's very important to note that the help.uber.com site is now so comprehensive the changes are you will find all your answers here.

  3. Uber movement and local partner websites
    If you prefer to focus only on your region issues, then Ubermovement.com is a wonderful starting point for a lot of useful information. For instance, amongst the city focused information you will receive what products Uber supplies in your area, the driver perks they offer too. They also include information about the airport and the hot-spots where you could find many ride opportunities.

    While Ubermovement.com is comprehensive, sometimes it won't cover your city, so this is when you will search for a partner website. Finding such sites can be harder since they are not as popular. These sites tend to offer Uber support e-mail addresses, local office hours and a list of cars that can be used for UberXL/Select, etc.

  4. E-Mail
    For quite a while now, Uber doesn't promote drivers e-mailing directly since they have invested heavily in the support app and help pages. So contacting Iber via support@uber.com is not recommended. If, however, you do e-mail them, here are some tips:

  • If you want the same responder, then reply to the email sent, don't send a new e-mail, or you will get a new responder.
  • Don't ask too many questions, keep it simple, concise and preferably one question.
  1. Greenlight Hub Hours
    Most drivers don't need to go to the local Uber offices, but for those that have, they are usually surprised by the nice experience. All you need to do is check out where the office is, what are the opening hours, and just drop by.

  2. Uber Critical Safety Response Line: 800-353-8237
    You should remember this line and use it anytime you get into an accident when driving for Uber.
    The above number is Users' s emergency line, like 911, you do not want to waste a non-emergency call on this line. Not only is it unethical it won't elicit a response and just be a waste of time for both sides.

  3. Uber 24 hour Phone Support
    24-hour phone support is part of a pilot program called 180 days of change and is only available to Uber drivers. The 24/7 phone support is available in the app and connects drivers with a live support agent in under 2 minutes.

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(Graham Sandy) #2

Uber customer service is useless! I hit a pothole and had two flat tires a few weeks ago. Haven’t driven since. Today I decide to go out. Turn on the app, and it says “vehicle is invalid.” I had a pax in the car when I had the flat, so I had to report to Uber as I had just picked up the guy and didn’t want him to be charged. Closest reason I could find for contact was “I was in an accident.” I then wrote a detailed explanation that I hit a pothole and had a flat tire. They had me upload pics of the vehicle. Today I see in my msg. from Uber that they have deactivated me until I upload pics of the repaired vehicle. Was not able to respond to the msg, so tapped “contact.” My call was answered by somebody who had such poor English; I could barely understand a word he said. Finally got that he sent me an e-mail. Get off the phone and no e-mail. It looks like I’m driving Lyft until I figure this one out.

(Audrina Jameson) #3

They did that to me. If you have a mechanic you see … Have them write on their letterhead business that they examined the car and tire and it is safe to drive. I was deactivated for two days because some pax said my tire was so bad you could see the metal. Lmao. I was like there is nothing wrong with my tire

(Jonathan Green) #4

The Uber customer service is situated in India. They do everything according to the book. I had a rider that I gave ride the whole day for apartment hunting. On the way back to her place, I got a message from Uber to drop the rider to a safe place because the ride is being ended. After about a minute the ride was ended. I proceeded to drop the rider to her place. When I checked my earnings for the day, I was only paid $2.25 for the whole day’s drive. I complained and was asked so many questions and to submit many proofs about the ride. I detailed the various stops and destination changes and estimated a minimum of $80 earnings. I was just paid $39 and change. And the customer service in India closed the claim, and I can not respond any further.

(Mitchel) #5

I’ve heard so much negative feedback about the Uber platform and their customer service that I almost didn’t attempt to join.

But after nearly a month of driving and experiencing everything from incorrect fares to bad passengers, I can honestly say that Uber has been very proactive and prompt to resolve any concerns I may have had. The pay is fair, the work has been demanding, I’m marketing my LegalShield business, I’m learning the city, and I’m choosing my own hours while maintaining TWO full-time jobs with four children. I’m usually picky when it comes to investing my time, but in my opinion, this is an excellent opportunity for the people of all ages to generate income.

(Paul Garcia) #6

Wow, that is quite a schedule. You are very right it is all about mindset and what your personal goals are. Good on you. This type of work definitely isn’t for everybody, but if you’re going to do it, you should have a good mindset and then it will work for you.

(Mitchel) #7

The days I work are about 16 hours total. It’s about balancing and maximizing time. I want to be debt free before my 30s, so some sacrifice is needed. 60k tuition and 40k car loans need to get up off me!

(Paul Garcia) #8

Hey, I hear you, I think what you are doing is great. I have four kids myself and work a full-time job and have been doing Uber every weekend for about two years now. I know how hard it is to juggle work and family time and reach your goals. So, again you have my respect man cause I know what you are going through

(Michaela Biksacky) #9

As a former customer service/support call center consultant, in my professional opinion, UBER sucks at providing driver support. They are victims of the same paradigm that often plagues companies like this model. Lots of great “Geek Talent” but NO idea how to support their product. In this case, the drivers are the backbone of their product, and creating accessible, non-techie, non-scripted, ENGLISH ARTICULATE support to their drivers should be their highest priority! Companies off-shore their support for ONE reason; FINANCIAL. It benefits their bottom line but hurts the end user. I had planned to start out early this morning and try to make up today for not having driven all week. But I cant get on, and the response I FINALLY received was unintelligible. Maybe the next one will be better. I hope. Otherwise, it’s PB&Js next week!

(Donna Harris) #10

OK, so I had an issue that I’ve been talking with Uber customer service with for over three days and have literally stale-mated it. I live about 10 to 12 minutes away from my city’s greenlight hub, so I went in today. The same problem literally took me 15 minutes, and five of those were just waiting for my turn to be helped. So today was a successful day because I got the money that was owed to me only took a few minutes out of my time. Never again will I contact customer service if I have an issue I’m just automatically going to go straight to my greenlight hub since shit actually gets done there. LOL

(Sheena Washington) #11

Does anybody have a phone number for uber customer service? I’ve been knocked out of the airport Q twice the first time I was 40 and were sent to number 60 the second time I was 46 and got put back to 84. I’ve noticed that if your app is idle for too long, it will knock you off-line or ask you if you’re still there. That is what it’s doing but I’m in the airport Q, and sometimes it takes a while to get a ride. I’ve been a tip airport for two hours

(Brendan Halai) #12

Are you using mystro?

(David Smith) #13

No. There’s no iPhone version, and mystro costs $10/month. Lyft runs ok in the background and doesn’t kick me out of the queue usually. I keep Uber on top. When one app pings I shut the other off.

(Dennis Scott) #14

I suspect Uber Driver is intentionally designed to make it more difficult for drivers to run both apps. Lots of their incentives are designed with the same goal: in order to qualify you have to be logged in for 50/60 minutes and maintain 90%+ acceptance rate.

(Brendan Halai) #15

I did mystro for one day. Canceled it because I wasn’t getting any rides and not being placed in the Q at airports. It said sleep the whole time even though both apps were on the line. I couldn’t get a hold of Customer service help to figure it out

(Eric Moore) #16

I HATE Uber Customer Service!!!

They are the most inept ‘customer service’ I ever had to deal with.

There was a promo this week where if you drive from 7-9a and 5-7p and do three rides in a row, you get $11 added to your third ride. I have done them all so far, and nothing was added.

I talked to several people at Uber support, and they don’t know shiiiiit.

They send me an email to send them screenshots of the rides etc… I am spending so much time and being offline not taking rides talking to them that it’s almost not worth it.

Uber Customer Service

(Bick Bhangoo) #17

(Lisa Markee) #18


I got an uber request for a guy called Mohammed, b4 I pick him up I got a phone call claiming it was uber customer service and that they needed to verify that I’m the one driving behind the wheel, they asked for my phone number and email on file and sent a verification code, after I read it back they sent a guy to my car so he can buy them time he was telling about his mother’s cancer story and how he wants money

After I hung up my uber account password was changed and a debit card added on file,
They used instant pay to cash out the money I had available

I share this so you won’t fall for it if it happens to you.

For the people saying why I gave him the information
Because I thought the passenger that I picked up b4 this trip reported that I wasn’t the driver and uber wanted to verify and plus I never heard about the phone method b4 I was totally clueless about this method.

Good thing it was only 30$.