Uber tests a 24/7 rider phone support hotline for frequent riders

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Just last week Uber introduced yet another new feature, this time a service support feature for their premium riders. This pilot was reported by TechCrunch, and the main feature is access to 24/7 live support either via Uber's hotline via the app. The 24/7 support is comprised of specially trained experts that will answer all questions and complaints all day all week.

This new support feature will only be available to Ubers premium riders, that request rides frequently. Although, frequent is a loose term here since it has not been defined. Josh Constine of TechCrunch was invited to the new service after riding Uber cars for 10,633 miles, which is what he received in his app popup notification. We guess that the pilot will be for riders that have ridden thousands of miles and paid thousands of dollars.

What is interesting is while this new feature has been added, Uber has slowly replaced its phone and email support with in-app support. It even closed down the e-mail address support@uber.com, the support address used by both riders and drivers. Although, Uber still keeps its emergency 1-800 number operable. This came in lieu of Uber drivers that passed the stringent backchecks but still managed to prove fatal while working for Uber.

Uber has also been returning some standard help, and support services for drivers, such as 24/7 driver support BPO, which is Philippines based driver support call center. Due to the success of the BPO, Uber will be recruiting more call center operatives over time.

The new service is not part of Ubers emergency services, and is considered to be a new initiative to help improve customer relation, especially in relation to Lyft's aggressive new competitive stance, which has also led Uber to partner with Barclay's Bank and offer branded Uber credit cards that provides a point reward initiative for riders.

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