Uber Customer Service Phone Numbers - What drivers can expect calling the 24-7 customer support

A review of Ubers 24-hour phone service

Uber started a 24-hour phone service initiative that was reviewed in the past, we now come back and check up on this initiative offering a deeper insight into the service and how it held up till now. We also include excerpts from our first review explaining about this service.

Uber Phone Number

This new program that is now fully functional is found in the driver's app. After the official e-mail announcement during October, drivers have been waiting for the service to be accessible.

  1. Open the Uber driver app
  2. Choose the "account" option
  3. Press "help" in the menu
  4. Press the blue phone icon that appears in the top right corner
  5. Press the "call support" popup option
  6. The call will commence

Services received from 24-hour help

  • Quick fare fixes
  • Document reviews
  • Greenlight Hub scheduling
  • Reporting issues during or after a trip
  • Accident reporting and much more


This personal support option is for emergencies or for issues that the help.uber.com cannot solve or issues that cannot wait for you to get a reply from other means of communication.

Why do we suggest this; the 24-hour support is a BPO or call-center site based in the Philippines. It has a limited number of representatives and works for all of Ubers drivers globally. If they are inundated with calls the waiting lines will take longer, the answers will become shorter, and eventually, you will get the same frustration levels you had the old system of contact

The Support Service

You have dialed and received an automated transfer service that makes you decide which support service you need. After spending about 30-60 seconds to get through the selection process, you are usually answered immediately.

Sometimes you will have to wait, and the answering service uses a pre-recorded message that loops back every minute. The frustrating part is that it sounds so real, you end up saying "hi" every time you hear the voice start a new loop.

The BPO (remember these letters, they stand for Business Process Outsourcing, which is a fancy title for overseas call centers) is in the Philippines since English is the second official language taught in schools and the wages are still low enough to attract US business. Drivers will not need to worry about language issues since the service representative understand English and the Uber system very well. Also, call operators are required to return to the service that the driver request just to be sure that they heard it correctly, so there will be no confusion with the result. Sometimes the accent can be hard to understand, but most drivers should be OK with the conversation.

Tickets and Follow-Up

One of the main missing features is the absence of ticket numbers, a way to recognize and follow up a support service call. This is an issue because other than the driver recording the message; there is no recording of the call or specific request. This is highly important, since a support person reply is an official reply from the company, so if you asked a critical issue question, such as "can I carry a concealed firearm?" and the support representative answered, "Only if its legal where you live." And you did carry a firearm, and you did use it for self-defense and you were de-activated by Uber for life, you have no proof that a company official representative in fact sanctioned the use of the firearm.

Another issue with ticketing calls is for multi-part requests, where the driver asks about some issues and will not remember everyone. The use of a ticketing system with an immediate e-mail or in-app response will provide proof of all requests being discussed and also make the driver's life easier when needed to follow-up on requests.

Do they answer?

Sometimes you might get a response that either does not answer your question or cannot answer it will open a ticket, but it is an empty ticket, there is no content, they will only state a general title such as "this is your ticket about Quest, " and no details added.


Uber phone support can help with issues that a driver is uncertain of after reading the FAQ or help site. Don't call to get a quick answer before you have read up on all the literature. There are no quick ways to knowledge, and the FAQ will actually explain more details about the question, giving the driver a greater insight into the logic behind the answer. The other issue is how to ask the question correctly, make sure you understand that you have to explain the question very carefully in order to get the right answer.

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I tried the customer service and got a very fluent representative, so I don’t know if it was in the Philippines or elsewhere, but the rep. spoke perfect English and gave some really good answers. I could have posed as a frustrated customer, but decided to be nice.