What can get you banned from Uber as a Rider?

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Riders can be "deactivated" from Uber, the same way drivers can be deactivated. Riders are deactivated from using Uber's app due to a number of reasons, and Uber describes in quite some detail what these are. Uber also notes that customers can sometimes order trips for other people, or order a ride for a group of people, so you should be aware of how that other person will act during the ride.

Here are some reasons why you could lose access to Uber as a rider:

Damaging property , this means damaging any property during the ride, whether it's the driver's property or another passenger. This means intentionally spilling food, drink and other materials or liquids that can deface the upholstery or any part of the car. In regard to unintentional vomiting, this too can be a reason, if it was due to excessive alcohol abuse.

Physical contact with the driver or other passengers without their consent. Regarding sexual contact between passenger and river, this is totally forbidden under any circumstance. Drivers are forbidden to use any form of force, even in self-defense. However, we will state here that if the driver's life is in danger, and only if the passenger is using physical violence that endangers the ride or has a weapon that is being wielded in a violent and aggressive manner, it is better to be deactivated as driver and be alive and well, unharmed, then to allow a rider the ability to maim or kill you.

Inappropriate language is also not condoned, and this includes body language too such as suggestive hand movements. Uber states that swearing, threatening, discriminatory and sexual and even asking personal questions is an inappropriate use of language.

Unauthorized contact between a driver and a rider is also not allowed according to Uber. If a rider sees a driver when off-duty in public, they should not approach them. Riders are forbidden to text, visit or contact a driver in any way or form after a ride has been concluded. One of the ways that Uber enforces anonymity is that the customer's contact details are never given to the driver, even during a request the details are shielded from the driver, and they contact the passenger for pick up instructions via the app and not directly. The only way a rider or driver is allowed to be in contact with ether after a ride is if they were in any kind of relationship before the ride, such as co-worker, friend, associate, distant relation or any other kind of knowledge of each other.

Lawbreaking during a ride is not acceptable, and this includes bringing controlled substances into the car during a ride, such as alcohol or drugs. Drivers cannot allow the number of passengers to exceed the legal limit, which is the number of seatbelts in the car. Riders must not ask drivers to break any driving laws including speeding and parking illegally. Riders must not cause a driver to break the law in any way by being an accomplice to illegal activity that the rider intends to perform during the ride. This includes transporting people against their will, sexual exploitation of children, human trafficking, driving as a getaway from a crime scene and drug-related offenses.

Uber will investigate all incidents that drivers report. If Uber finds out that a driver was complicated by a crime without their knowledge, or without their consent will be reported to the local authorities, and Uber will deactivate the criminal's account.

Star Ratings (Rider)
The reason you want a higher rating is that the lower the rating, the less chance you have of getting a ride. Uber and Lyft drivers look at all their fares ratings, even if its a quiet day and you are the only passenger request, they will still look to see what kind of passenger you are.

Think of the driver, he is not a taxi service and is not a chauffeur, he is a ride-share driver, offering you his personal car as a service. When you call a driver, think of where you want him to meet you for a seamless pick-up. Look at the area around you, your address, and pick an easily accessible spot where the driver does not need to go around the block just to reach you. Also, make sure you are facing the direction you want to go to. Otherwise, the driver will have to either turn around or drive you around longer than needed. Make sure you pick a pick-up spot that will not endanger the driver or yourself, and also, don't pick a spot that is not legal so that the driver will not be possibly fined.

Try not to cancel too late. Remember, the cancellation fee might not mean much to you, but the driver has wasted time and energy to reach your destination, it is possible that the driver chose you out of some options. So please keep your mind on the order, and if you think you have to cancel, cancel it as quickly as possible.

When you place the order, input your exact location and if possible (it always helps) input your destination. Drivers find it hard to navigate if you don't put in an exact location, and regarding the destination, sometimes drivers pick up passengers based on destination more than location.

If you don't think you will be able to be at the pick-up location on time, let your driver know. Don't let the driver wait, the longer the driver waits for, the more frustrated they get and most drivers will wait the recommended time but will drive off if you don't notify them. It would be a shame for both of you if you missed your driver by a minute. When your driver arrives, don't waste time, first check to see if this is your pick-up, if it is, gets in quickly and just let the driver drive off.

Seat culture, If you sit in the front, you will most probably want to talk to your driver. If you plan on sleeping or doing your own thing, working or chatting online, then it would be better if you sat in the back. If you have a pet with you, sit in the back, pets are not allowed to sit in the front. If you accompany a minor, you must sit in the back with them. If you accompany a drunk or ill person, sit in the back. If you are getting into a multi-passenger car if the front seat is empty, but you prefer to sit in the back, before you get into the back, ask the passenger if they don't mind.

When entering a ride-share car, (or any car in fact), don't eat, especially not smelly or dripping food. Ask first if the driver allows it. The same goes for hot drinks. Never smoke in a car, unless your driver smokes too, but even then, the probability is that the car is a smoke-free zone since most passengers don't like smelly cars. Before you enter the car, make sure your cologne or perfume is not overpowering and definitely don't spray it on in the car, the smell is subjective, and not everyone will like your preference. Regarding climate control and music, you must ask the driver if they can adjust the temperature to your liking, as well as music, not everyone likes loud music, and not everyone wants to freeze. While you are paying for the ride, it doesn't mean you can do anything you want.

When talking to your driver or other passengers, always be polite. Note if they want to talk, maybe the passenger doesn't feel like talking. When using a cell phone, don't shout at it and try to keep chats as short and concise as possible.

When talking, try not to talk about sensitive subjects, also, when talking, try not to use abusive language, even when joking. If you know the route perfectly because you have taken it every day for 50 years, then tell the driver that you can direct him better than we or google maps, the driver may listen to you. No matter what the situation, let the driver do their work. If you think the driver is making a mistake, you can broach the subject gently, don't get angry or nervous, just tell the driver what you think, and it is possible that a great discussion and new route will follow.

Tip, rate, and thank: If your driver did a good job, tip him/her, also thank them for the ride, even take their card if they have one and don't forget to rate them. Rating drivers are important for them, and it will lead to a reciprocal rating.

Terms of Use
When riders login and register to Uber they authorize the Terms of Use. This gives Uber the right to take legal actions against the rider if they do not comply with all the clauses in terms of Use. Uber will also be allowed to deactivate an account of the account holder has falsified any information such as their age, if the payment method is incorrect or has expired and if a customer orders a ride for an unauthorized passenger such as a minor without proper supervision. What Uber will do to the driver in the instance of complying with a rider to perform an illegal act is also Ubers prerogative.

Firearms Ban
If a rider is not a law enforcement officer or a federal agent or service member with a legal right to carry a firearm, Uber does not allow firearms in their cars. Riders that violate Uber's firearms prohibition policy will be deactivated from using an Uber account.

This issue is of major importance to Uber, and whilst it has been discussed in previous paragraphs it comes up again as a separate item. Uber states that it has "zero tolerance" to discrimination, and that includes discrimination against service animals too. The usual discriminations include "race, color, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, gender identity, age or any other characteristic protected under applicable law."

Fraud or Illegitimate Behavior
Riders that are involved in any fraudulent or illegitimate behavior either by themselves or in collusion with others, including an Uber driver, will be deactivated immediately and they will be reported to the local authorities. Uber states that these kinds of activities include using duplicate accounts, registering under a false identity, colluding with a driver for illegitimate gain and disputing fares using falsified information.

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