UberEats Expands Globally--Now Available in 100+ Cities

In its latest expansion conquest, UberEats is now available in over 100 new cities across the globe, and they include Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. To be specific, UberEats latest gigs are found in Ireland, Egypt, Kenya, Ukraine, Romania, and the Czech Republic.

UberEats will continue to fuel its drive by opening new sites in 40 cities in the UK and 35 new cities in France. Among the other cities to be opened are Bucharest (Romania), UberEats now operates in over 200 cities, and these include areas where Uber rideshare is operational. With the additional 74 cities, UberEats will reach 300 very quickly, and we forecast a continuous expansion for this successful service.

What UberEats is Uber's profit center, the only part of Uber that is paying back what was invested in it. Jason Droege is head of Uber Everything, which is the division that manages all of Uber's operations that are not rideshare. One of Droege's successful projects was to bring about a collaborative agreement with MacDonald's; this gave UberEats an extra 7,000 locations in 20 countries to deliver from and takes up around 9% of all the Uber Eat's deliveries.

At least I know that when I travel I can find food in UberEats without worrying about where to eat.

UberEATS is wonderful … if you enjoy hauling slop across town for $3.71. The only good thing about delivering food is that it doesn’t complain. I am speaking from experience. I tried uberEATS because I thought it would give me some rides in the middle of the day when there isn’t as much action on uberX. EATS is too much time and effort for not nearly enough money. The last uberEATS request I accepted took me to a restaurant inside a gigantic shopping mall with no parking. No way was I going to walk at least five minutes to the mall, then walk in the mall to the restaurant then back to my car to deliver lunch a couple of miles to a lazy bum in a high rise apartment for no tip. That would have been up to 30 minutes for $3.71. That should be illegal. So I canceled the trip then opted out of EATS. Restaurants without close, free and ample parking should not be eligible for EATS. Uber would never put their foot down with restaurants or riders, but they never hesitate to poop on drivers. And I should mention that it is very common for the food not to be ready when you arrive at the restaurant. If you are looking to make a few dollars driving, I would recommend driving people. I am not trying to be mean. I just want other drivers to avoid the mistakes I made.

If you have UberEATS in your market, I have to implore that you get on board immediately. UberEATS pays considerably more than an uberX and the person ordering the food is more likely to tip. I had my hesitations about doing deliveries at first, because

  1. I’m lazy
  2. In the summers I could be seen driving in Gucci flip-flops and basketball shorts. I didn’t want to walk in anybody’s restaurant like that.
  3. I’m freaking lazy!

After my first delivery, I had a change of heart. I’ll let a booty call pass me by before I pass on delivery. UberEATS deliveries are where you make your money if you are an X driver. You will also receive the perks that a regular x will get, for example, surge pricing. 2 for 1: you can catch (2) deliveries at the same restaurant which will pay you X2. It’s a far cry from the uber pool; this is the kind of pool you want.

Since I’ve been doing UberEATS, I focus on just that now. For those that don’t know, you can have more than one profile for the same vehicle. You can do UberEATS strictly if you want. Which is great if you don’t want to deal with people or if you got those squeaky brake pads that need to be fixed and you don’t want to embarrass yourself doing uberX. I haven’t made any changes to my profile; I just focus on putting myself in areas highly concentrated with UberEATS restaurants.

Engage conversation with the people running UberEATS at the restaurants you go to. You can use that to your advantage by asking them what their intake order looks like. A lot of restaurants have the iPad set up so you can just look at the counter and see, some may have it hidden. What you want to look for are the pending orders. You want to see if there are any orders in that don’t have an assigned driver, there will be a timer. If that time is five mins or less, it may be financially beneficial to wait it out. You may receive that request if it’s in your direction of travel of your first order.

Now get out there and make this money!