UberEats--An Intro to UberEats--Application Process for New UberX Drivers and Earnings Expectations


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An intro to UberEats

If you need to increase income and start to generate profits; Uber entered the delivery scene with UberEats. UberEats is a food delivery service that connects customers to restaurants via the Uber drivers service. Initially, it was used by UberX drivers, but the requirements for joining UberEats are quite lax. So, many applicants now apply for this service without being a UberX driver. UberEats is similar to DoorDash and Postmates, the only difference being the Brand name of Uber, making it a more popular service with Uber customers.

We present the ups and downs of this service including the requirements and process needed to apply.

Some basics

  • UberEats is an on-demand food and meal delivery service.
  • If you are a UberX driver, you can sign up for UberEats and add it to your Uber profile.
  • UberEats drivers must be at least 19 years old.
  • UberEats vehicles must be no older than the 1996 year make.
  • If you are a UberX driver, you can decide to work only for UberEats or both.
  • Requests come in with the order pick up location, the order description, and the order number.
  • After accepting the request, the driver goes to the restaurant and gives them the order number.
  • A UberEats request can be canceled if the wait is too long if the pickup or drop off is too far away and for any other acceptable reason.
  • The app will notify the driver if they need to park and pick up in the restaurant or just wait in the car curbside.
  • Payment is per mileage and time, and Uber's fee is 25% of all rides.

The UberEats Application process

Anyone can apply to become a UberEats driver by applying on their site online. You do not need to become create a new application if you are an UberX driver since the requirements for UberEats are less stringent.

  • Applicants must be at least 19 years old in the US and 21 in Canada.
  • Applicants must have a valid driving license.
  • Applicants must have valid regular insurance.
  • Applicants must have proof of car registration, but do not need to own the car.
  • Applicants must have at least one year of US driving experience.
  • Applicants must be able to lift up to thirty pounds (14.6 kgs) of weight and carry it.
  • Applicants vehicles must be newer than 1996, or newer in certain cities; you can check this out in the UberEats city guide.
  • Some cities require Applicants to be an UberX driver. You can also check this out in the UberEats city guide.

UberX Drivers Application

As an UberX driver, the option to add UberEats is automatic. Just click on the Uber app menu and choose " deliveries." Press the "opt-in" choice and wait for a confirmation e-mail. The activation process takes about one day. The e-mail will welcome you to UberEats and give you a quick training video to review.

If you are a regular driver with UberX and UberEats, you can toggle the delivery option on and off. This allows you control of delivery requests during a regular UberX shift. You can choose to perform both services or either one of them from the app. You do this via the Uber app menu, choosing the trip preferences feature and tapping the appropriate type to activate or deactivate.

The UberEats delivery process

Once you activate the Uber app, you will start to receive requests. Drivers get a 30 second period to accept incoming requests. Requests are based on the distance drivers are from the pick-up point. Once a driver accepts a request, the app will send the customers location as well as the order details and the location for pickup.

What the process of managing delivers in the app is like this:

The slide to begin the trip and slide to end the trip buttons are only used once you arrive at the customer's location, not when accepting a request. It's important to remember this. You also immediately slide to end the trip after sliding to begin it. Don't ask me why this is, maybe Uber has to employ a grown adult yet to design the application process.

The delivery can be, and usually is from your car, but there are two delivery drop-off options, here they are:

Curbside is when the customer will come to the car and take the order from the driver. This is the best option, especially downtown or in busy city areas. Finding a place to park and getting out to deliver is a huge problem.

Walk-in drop-off is when you have to park the car and find the customer. They are found at the point of a pin on the map. If you want to be sure, text the customer to get exact details.

Cancellation of Orders

This is standard procedure when a customer cannot be found or does not collect at the pick-up point. The cancellation fee generates $5 income.

UberEats Driver Earnings

Customers pay for the service via the app, so the drivers do not need to deal with cash unless they get tipped. How much do UberEats driver make? Well, Uber doesn’t release UberEats drivers earning details and there’s no publicly available data on it. But we can certainly tell how much UberEats drive will make per trip. The fare calculation is like this:

Pickup Fee + distance of the ride + drop off fee.

Uber takes 25% service fee.

If you receive multiple requests from the same pickup location, you will be paid a fee for every drop-off.

An LA trip income example

$2.50 pickup fee + $0.20 per mile + $3.00 drop off fee.

If you drove 5 miles you get $2.50 + $1.00 + $3.00 = $6.50 – 25% = $4.875


UberEats has a tipping feature in their app, so if a customer hasn't tipped you in cash, then they most probably tipped you in the app. A lot of drivers have reported getting app tips as well as cash tips, so this is an added bonus.

Expected UberEats Income

The expected net income before tax but without tips is around $8.00 to $12.00 per hour. It gets hectic during lunch and dinner hours, but it also brings in better tipping for driver.

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