Uber Customer Service - 24-Hour Live Phone Support for Uber Drivers

Uber drivers have been facing serious issues with the uber customer service or support system. Not just that they've also been a frequent honking to the company with a plethora of complaints about various issues out of which the support service is the major one. Uber started off with an In-app support system for the drivers. This was majorly a way out for drivers to take the app related issues in the notice of the company and find a feasible solution to it. Then again there were certain drivers' questions that the support website failed to answer, i.e., fare related or other issues. Thus, Uber had introduced an In-app Support last year that has a record of reverting to questions within a hour's time. But, this doesn't suffice in times of emergencies. For instance, which passenger or driver will wait for the app support to resolve fare issues like that for that long?

The local partner websites or UberMovement.com is helpful in some concerns, but mere support mail services cannot solve the recurrent driver issues.

Due to many a reason, Uber has left a pretty bad impression on its driver and have thus, as a gesture of apology, have set sail with a campaign that is called the "180 Days of Change". The rideshare company, Uber, has started this campaign not just to pacify the driver's community but also to render meaningful as well as beneficial driving experience transformations. The changes will be both in the combination of drastic and small as per the demanded needs of the Uber drivers.

One of the most vital changes that Uber has set forward to bring as an evolved aspect of the driving experience is that of the 24/7 support hotline. This service is as of now in the premature stage of testing, waiting to wow the driver community. This round-the-clock live phone support that Uber will be launching is sure to be a blessing in disguise for all Uber drivers. It brings quick incident reporting as well as the facility of providing quick answers to the driver's queries. The company is also looking into ways to provide rating protections from the unfair ones, app fare fixing, fast document reviews and the long-awaited tipping feature as well.

The bright light is but on the 24/7 live phone support at the moment. The drivers are eagerly waiting in the hope of this blessing while its functions are still being tested within the Driver App of Uber. Yes, it is true; you can hope to call someone shortly from Uber itself.

When this amazing live phone support is finally launched, gone will be days when the drivers had to be stuck in an abyss of canned email responses. The responses with this improved support system will be much faster benefitting primarily the drivers and the passengers as well. The test is being conducted throughout the US in many cities. Uber aims to roll out this support function to the rest of the US after being certain about its fine-tuning and feasibility.

Current availability of Uber 24 Hour live Phone support function

Uber intends to let the drivers know that this live phone support is available in their city via an email. They will, before the nationwide announcement, roll it out to other markets. But, as of now, the support is only available in New York, Seattle, Boston, Washington DC, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

The Calling Procedure in 24/7 support

First and foremost you have to be driving in a city in which Uber is presently offering its 24/7 live phone support or else you cannot avail the service. Next, you can enter into the Uber App and go to your profile page where you need to press the "help" button and take the eye to the top right corner of the page. A phone icon must be displayed on that top right corner of the app, clicking on which you can talk to a customer support agent of Uber if need be.

What's it like, the live phone support? How good is it?

Opinions have been gathered from several drivers who say that the 24-hour support is doing good. It doesn't matter what hour you call, you are sure to get the precise and quality information on what your query is.


The reply that you can in most instances is very accurate. For instance, suppose you pose a question to the 24/7 phone support about what the difference is between acceptance and cancellation rates of Uber rides. There, you have a precise answer. Same is the case if you are curious about how that difference is calculated. The result that you get out the call is always accurate.


Considering the present scenario where the improved support facility has not reached all the states but is only active in few, the volume of calls for the support center is not that high. Thus, the call-wait time when the call is being directed to an Uber support agent is not much. It is merely a matter of few minutes that you are connected to an agent to speak. At times, there is no wait at all. The aim, however, is to respond within 90 seconds covering eighty percent of the calls.

Best friend when you are blank about something as a driver!

The Uber 24 hour hotline is best to use in instances of dire need such as in times of queries about a quest, bonus referrals, peak hours, etc. You can ask for a written reverts on such issues.

Uber has perfected the race of sign-ups into the tremendous efficiency and support process. Most drivers work for Uber at the moment with the lowest ETA. This has majorly impacted Uber's quick and rampant expansion. Compared to the in-person hubs of Lyft the ones of Uber are more in number as well as efficient when it comes to their support network and services, The reason, of course, is simple, because Uber can have a larger call center due to the availability of capital. If compared with any other rideshare company, Uber has the best support model as of now.