The GrubHub Drivers Guide: Sign-up, Download, Onboarding, Scheduling, Pay and more

One of the biggest issues with any app and the new workplace is how to sort out the important details from the chaff. So, we decided to go through all the features and actions that are needed to be a great GrubHub driver and present them here

Let's start from the beginning; you will first need to download the app, here is how:

Downloading the App

Only on the mobile device, you plan to use for your GrubHub deliveries, go to and download the app.

After the app has downloaded, enter the app by tapping the icon and input the e-mail address you sued when you signed onto GrubHub.

You will be asked to provide a PIN; this number will be texted to your mobile device.

Upon receipt of the PIN, confirm the code you received in the app screen.

Once you complete the confirmation process, and your mobile device is verified as the one you will use for working you will be sent to set a new password and add a photo to your profile.

You have completed the first stage of logging onto the app, and now you can start working for GrubHub.

Problems with the PIN

If you cannot find the PIN you set, or if you didn't receive the PIN for confirmation, then you need to check out four probable causes:

  1. When you downloaded the app, was it on the mobile device on which you work with GrubHub? If not, then know that the PIN is only sent to the device that is registered with the application. If you decided to change devices you need to contact support at
  2. When you applied, if you used a landline, then you need to re-apply since GrubHub only works with mobile devices.
  3. Did you use the same e-mail address as the one you used during the application? If you are using a different e-mail account, then go to the one you applied with. If it is the same e-mail address, then just press the "retry" button of the app and enter your e-mail address one more time.
  4. There can be delays when in a slow area, so check to see if you have good reception, if not, just be patient and the PIN will arrive after a slight delay.

Logging in Issues

If you are having trouble logging into the app, so here are some no-brainer reasons to look out for:

  1. Did you complete the download of the app from the GrubHub site? The web address to download from is: You cannot download it from Google Play Store or Apple Store. If you downloaded what looked like the app, be careful it's a phishing attack.
  2. Did you enter the e-mail that you used when applying for GrubHub? If not, then the app will not let you log on since it won't have the e-mail you are using.
  3. Are you logging on from the mobile device you used to register your application? If not, you must only use the mobile device in which the sim card you used to apply.

If you cannot log in after figuring out the above, then you have to contact support via e-mail: or call Driver Care at (866) 834-3963.

Delivery Bags and Brand Clothing

Drivers receive GrubHub delivery bags and GrubHub T-Shirt and Cap, but not at the same time. I have no idea why it has to be either and not both, but that's the case. When you apply, and you live in a city with no local pickup site, you should get the delivery bags within three to five days after you complete the GrubHub onboarding session. As for the shirt and cap, you will have to wait until you pass the background check and then wait two to five days.


All drivers must have their own car insurance, without that they cannot and will not be able to work for GrubHub.

Medical coverage is for your own best interest whether you work for GrubHub or not.

Car condition is also up to you; any mechanical or electronic failures are your responsibility.

Parking fines, driving violations and anything to do with both road safety and transit regulations are all up to the driver.

Always make sure you have a comprehensive vehicle and medical insurance coverage. Being a professional driver comes with many risks, driving around for hours open you up to possible collisions, accidents, and legal suit actions. Most insurance policies handle standard and commercial issues, so you must take out a focused policy. Something to consider, the more you are on the road, the higher the risk of being involved in an accident.

If the accident was due to the other person fault, you could claim medical coverage from their insurance company. Also, homeowners usually have some insurance coverage that will cover accidents that happen on their property during delivery, such as a fall due to wet floors or the most common; dog bites.

Starting Work

Once you have completed your application process, downloaded the app, finished the background check, received your t-shirt and cap or delivery bags and have checked you can log into the app; it's time to start working.

Onboarding Sessions

Onboarding sessions are GrubHub's indoctrination program that teaches you to understand the language and culture as well as work process that is employed by the company. It's always good to go to an onboarding session in the local office since after completing a session you receive both t-shirt, cap, and delivery bags.

If there is no onboarding session in your city then you can attend an online onboarding session, you just need to contact the GrubHub driver specialist and set it up.


A block is a time on the schedule; it is the GrubHub (and Amazon Flex) term for the shift. So whenever you hear or see the word block, remember that it is referring to a time shift of work.

Starting to Work

After you have completed an onboarding session, you can start working. However, like Amazon Flex, you need to schedule your blocks. So, you will need to use the app and set up a full schedule ahead of time before you can start working.


If you remember, we mentioned blocks earlier in this article. Now we will start discussing all things block related.

Blocks are issued on a weekly basis and are taken by a first come first served opportunity; this means that you have to take notice of all the notifications that the GrubHub app sends you regarding Blocks. The notifications can come at irregular intervals, so don't expect a standard weekly schedule date, and each city releases its blocks differently. The notification will come via text message to the mobile device you used when applying.

Since blocks are created at irregular intervals, you will most probably need to sign up for new blocks as and when you are notified. The best scheduling procedure is to access the "schedule" feature the moment a text notification is received and decide to accept blocks. If undecided, take a block you think you can do, it is better to take one and cancel an hour before then to not take and have no work if you do become free. The actual procedure for canceling a block is in the apps "drop block" function.

If you don't see a block in the weekly schedule that is free, then you will have to wait until one comes free due to a cancellation. Since GrubHub is constantly expanding, the number of restaurants in the GrubHub partnership program is growing, and this will eventually generate more blocks.

If you want to stop working for a while, you can cancel the text messages notifying the drivers of blocks by texting STOP to 36005. Once you want to re-subscribe, you text START to 36005. Drivers are urged to help with subscribing any restaurants that they know of; it will increase the scope of GrubHub's reach.

Priority Scheduling

This feature is open to qualified drivers only. If you qualify, you will get an e-mail message from your driver specialist or GM explaining how to schedule blocks without waiting for notifications.

Qualifying for this feature is easy, and every driver can apply via the driver recognition program. This program qualifies drivers into three basic categories; Premier, Pros, and Partners. A Partner is a standard driver, a Pro is a qualified driver, and a Premier is a first-class driver. Here are the main differences between the three and the qualification is based on driver's performance:

  • A driver must have consistent attendance to blocks that they scheduled.
  • Drivers must accept as many offers as possible; this is the offer acceptance rate.
  • Drivers must have a low block drop rate, so don't take on any blocks you are unsure of and complete all the blocks you scheduled.


  • Gets Access to all the Basic Features
  • Qualifications: Available to all GrubHub drivers
  • Schedules are released every Saturday
  • May receive extra blocks via text notification during the week


  • Access to some features

  • Qualifications:

    • Must complete all accepted blocks
    • Must maintain over 85% order acceptance rate
    • Must maintain under 20% block drop off rate
  • Schedules are released every Saturday

  • Secondary Schedules released every Friday

  • Will receive extra blocks via text notification during the week

  • Access to market referral program


  • Access to all features
  • Qualifications:
    • Must have a perfect attendance rate score (100%)
    • Must maintain over 95% order acceptance rate
    • Must maintain under 10% block drop off rate
  • Will gain 1st access to new blocks
  • Will be eligible for catering orders
  • Complete access to referral programs
  • Extra rewards

If you are a qualified Pro you might not receive any priority schedules, this is due to workloads and balancing. All pros have the basic access that every driver has (partner), so you continue to work as usual until a priority access is available.

The GrubHub Recognition Program

This program is how drivers gain access to many interesting features that expand their driving experience as well as increase their earnings.

The recognition program is based on a stepwise logical progression. The more successful your stats, the higher your level, the more rewards you receive in the form of unlocked features that increase your income as well as helps you to work more, which helps increase your stats.


Early Block Scheduling; this allows you to access the pre-schedule feature before other drivers.

Catering Orders; this allows you to take on catering orders which are larger and provide better tips. It also connects a good driver with a restaurant owner that might prefer them for future catering functions. It also exposes drivers to more potential customers when delivering the catering service.

Referral program; this opens up a new source of income from referring new drivers and customers to the service.

The Recognition Program Process

GrubHub updates the driver's levels every Monday, based on a continuous calculation of the last 30 days statistics. Drivers receive their first level rating after their 20th delivery. The activity level is calculated after activity in all three variables;

  • Attendance Rate: the number of completed deliveries within the last 30 days.
  • Acceptance Rate: The number of accepted orders within the last 30 days.
  • Block Drop Rate: The number of blocks canceled within the last 30 days.

It is important to provide the best service without seeking rewards. The reward incentive is only there as an added bonus that everyone should reach by factoring in personal gain and customer satisfaction.

During a Block

**Choosing an Area **

The area you start to work in is important since it sets the tone of all the work you will receive during the block. Make sure you are close to all the restaurants so that you can begin to receive requests for deliveries. Also, pick a good time to start work. Usually a few minutes before lunch or dinner, this will assure you of a lot of work coming your way and filling your block with maximum income. Check out the high saturation area's that GrubHub has to offer; this is based on actual restaurants that are partnered with GrubHub. This also means that there will be more drivers in a saturated area, but the block scheduling program sorts out how many drivers will be around at any given the time of day.

If you don't get any orders via the app, you should contact support at and check out why you are not receiving deliveries.

Mandatory Items

Since you are arriving at a restaurant, it is important to stand out from the other customers for the restaurant manager to identify. So, you must either wear your GrubHub t-shirt and cap or come with the delivery bags. The moment you are identifiable, the restaurant staff will be more responsive to your urgency and your request.

For driving efficiency, it is important to have these items in your car; they help with driving safety as well as identification:

  • Get a dash mount for your mobile device; this is a must for GPS based navigation.
  • A phone charger to maintain your mobile devices battery life.
  • The GrubHub "making a delivery" sign which is available for download online at this address:
  • A marker is always helpful for labeling orders if you have more than one delivery from the same restaurant you don't want to confuse the orders.
  • A lot of quarters for parking meters, it's cheaper to pay a quarter then to pay a fine.

Handling an Emergency

If you are involved in an accident or collisions, you must perform the following actions:

Without Injured Parties

  1. Photograph all the damage to both cars or property
  2. Never claim responsibility
  3. Exchange driving info and photo all documents
  4. Call Driver care services: (866) 834-3963
  5. If you cannot complete the order, tap on the app. 'There's a problem,' then tap 'I can't deliver this order.'
  6. If you cannot complete the block; Call Driver care services: (866) 834-3963 and cancel any other blocks you think you cannot make.

With injured parties

  1. If you are injured, do not move. Do not call, just wait until an ambulance or 911 is called.
  2. If the other party is injured call for an ambulance and 911 immediately.
  3. Do not touch the other driver unless their position is life-threatening and only by moving him will you save him.
  4. Photograph everything
  5. Call Driver care services: (866) 834-3963
  6. You cannot complete the order, tap on the app. 'There's a problem,' then tap 'I can't deliver this order.'
  7. When the police arrive, follow their instructions.

For any other kind of reason, such as engine trouble, tire problems, etc.

  1. If you cannot complete the order, tap on the app. 'There's a problem,' then tap 'I can't deliver this order.'
  2. If you cannot complete the block; Call Driver care services: (866) 834-3963 and also cancel any other blocks you think you cannot make.

Note that there are two service numbers, one is for driver support and the other for customer support, they are:

  • Driver Care at (866) 834-3963
  • Customer Care at (877) 585-1085

Interested in Uber? Check out: The Uber driver’s handbook - Uber Driver Guide

Delivery Delays

If you will be later in making the delivery, then contact the customer and let them know you will be delayed. Make sure you identify the issue with the customer, you don't want them getting angry at you, so if the problem is a queue at the restaurant or a delay in food preparation, let the customer know. If it's a traffic issue or car trouble, let the customer know. Make sure you include the expected delay time, this will allow the customer to decide if they want to wait or cancel the order. Don't forget to call customer care services: (877) 585-1085

Customer Issues

If the customer does not reply to your call within 10 minutes, you should call the driver care (866) 834-3963, and they will try to contact the customer. They will also give you instructions on what to do next.

If the customer has an issue with the order, you delivered you should inform them how to contact Customer Care at (877) 585-1085 and that customer care will deal with any issues. Once you have given them this information move onto your next delivery. Do not wait around after a delivery and try to keep conversation with the client to a minimum so you can maximize your block.

Pre-Picked orders

If you reach a restaurant and your order has already been picked up, you must contact Driver care services: (866) 834-3963 and they will deal with the issue.

Technical Issues

Choosing a Mobile Device

There are three important factors to remember when choosing the mobile device:

  • Readability; how easy is it for you to see and read the screen from its fixed position?
  • Navigation; how easy is it for you to reach the screen in order to navigate between screens?
  • Upgradability; how modern is it for upgrades without the OS or memory becoming insufficient?

Since every driver is different, the reach of arms, view from eye height and strength of vision, it is imperative to match the right tool for the interface. This is called ergonomics and is a major if the not most important method for choosing the right machine that you will use for the hours you drive.

Phone requirements

Android requirements

  • Any smartphone newer than 2013
  • Android version 4.0 or up
  • best results are reached with Android 5.0 or up

iPhone requirements

  • Must be more than a 4S
  • iOS 8 or later versions
  • Best results are iPhone 5 or newer

Choosing the best devices to run GrubHub

It is obvious that the newer the model, the more chances it has for offering a better interface and providing a better service. However, choosing the model is entirely dependent on the driver.

You can also choose to buy a tablet, iPad or notebook and enjoy the larger screen option that they offer. They are also usually more powerful and faster than most phone models.

Using the app on a tablet

Make sure that the tablet with 3G or 4G and has a larger hard disk. Also, make sure it has Bluetooth as well as WiFi. Download the app onto the tablet and use it as you would use our phone.

Safety First

Make sure you are fully integrated with your app's position, easy to reach with your hand and easy to read with your eyes. Look out for "sun glare" issues and make sure you can read the screen easily.

Phone features

  • Screen: Size does count, and the bigger the screen, the better the result. The last thing you want is to squint at the screen and try to press small buttons whilst to drive.
  • GPS strength is highly important, don't buy models with weak reception or bad GPS systems. Without a GPS signal, you cannot drive for Uber or anyone.
  • Battery life is not as important as the first two since you connect the phone to the car energy source and don't need to think about battery during the ride.
  • Phone accessories and gadgets
  • Phone mount: The most important of accessories. The stronger the mount and the more versatile will assure a continuous, secure link for your eyes to read and your fingers to touch.
  • Charging port and cables: Make sure you have a backup line for charging, many times these little cables and connectors wear out, so keep a spare in the glove compartment.
  • 5mm aux cable: This is useful if you want to connect to the entertainment system, saving you having to buy an expensive system.

Phone issues and how to solve them

Overheating: When a phone overheats due to too much processor use, then it is wise to check for the following issues:

  • Direct sunlight; try to keep the device out of direct sunlight.
  • Heating Vents: Try to keep the device out of the heating vents direct route
  • Packaging: Try to keep the device free from any bulky covers.

Glitches and Freezes

There are a number of ways to deal with slow or sticky reactions and freezes:

  • Start by hard closing the app and then restarting it.
  • Then hard close the phone and restart it.
  • Then remove the app and download it again.
  • Download an OS upgrade.
  • Last effort, check your phone's memory and storage and free up if full.
  • If none of these work, buy a new device.
  • If nothing works, then contact Driver Care by emailing

What to do when you get no orders

Check first to see if the app is open and you are logged in.

Close all other apps that might be open, including GPS map apps.

Don't open any other apps after opening the GrubHub app.

Check to see if the notifications setting is open, the app updates weekly and it can reset the notification settings.

With iPhone and iPad, there is a known iOS 9 bugs that can interfere with the notification feature including receiving and hearing notifications. The following bug fixes should help:

  • Check the mute button status and ringer volume setting
  • Check the notification status in the settings menu of the device, choose GH Delivery and turn on all notification settings.
  • In settings check to see that they do not disturb is not on
  • In settings, go to the General menu and reset the network settings.
  • Do a hard restart, hold both the home and lock buttons, and wait for the iPhone to restart.
  • In settings, turn off the low power mode in the battery function.

App Not Trusted Message

.This usually occurs with iPhones with iOS 9 and can be reset this way:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap General
  • Tap Profiles
  • Choose "Grubhub Inc."
  • Choose "Trust"

In case this solution doesn't work contact Driver Care by emailing

Accepted order not in app

If you accepted an order, but it doesn't appear in the app contact Driver Care by emailing

Using the Feedback feature

Drivers are urged to help GrubHub improve by using the feedback feature. However, don't expect a reply after proposing a suggestion. GrubHub receives all the suggestions and deals with each one; it does not reply due to workloads.


Deposit Dates

GrubHub makes the weekly deposits every Thursday, and the amounts are based on the earnings you make between Monday through Sunday of the last week of work. The actual deposit takes banks around 2-5 days to process, these times are getting shorter, but it's not a GrubHub issue, it's your bank's processing time that controls the rate of transfer.

If you didn't receive payment by the following Monday, then contact

Earnings Amount

The earnings model is simple, it is:

Order base fee + Mileage rate + 100% Tips

The actual amounts differ between cities, so there is no fixed rate, but top earners are reported to have made anywhere between $18 to $15 per hour. There is also a minimum rate that is set per city, so if a driver receives less, GrubHub will fill in the remainder. The only way a driver will qualify for this minimum pay is if they must fulfill a preset percentage of all orders offered (acceptance rate) and finish a block (attendance rate). To assure you reach these minimum's you should be able to receive all notifications and will need to be focused on your app and have a good communication line.

If a driver does not receive any orders, the minimum hourly rate is still viable for them, so long as they maintain an attendance rate by keeping the app open and accepting any orders, even if it is only one. Just make sure that the app is working, the notifications are set to on and that you have a good connection.

Reporting payment issues

If you have any issues with a payment, you should contact immediately. Try to keep screenshots of your daily pay summary and send them with our query. This helps support solve the issue quickly.


GrubHub sends all drivers a 1099 form at the start of every new year. If you have questions regarding the form, you should e-mail them to

If there are specific tax issues or questions you should use your own tax expert, GrubHub will not deal with them.


As with all car related operations, there are expenses, and these are calculated as follows. If you don't own a car and intend on buying, leasing or renting then you must include the monthly car fee as well. In this calculation, we base a used car cost into the estimation. This means that after 36 months you will have paid for the car completely if you work 4 hours a day.

Expenses include a plethora of details, such as direct car expenses and indirect costs from outfitting and maintaining new gadgets and items in the car.

The end result was found to be:

  • Expenses paid by the driver per hour: $12.21 (Buying a Car)
  • Expenses paid by the driver per hour: $5.79 (You own a car)
  • Expenses paid by the driver per mile: $0.19

Now let's look at how we reached this information:

Calculations for expenses per mile for a Toyota Prius C 2017 model

  • Car buying price $24,686 (= $685.72 per month)
  • Annual loan interest 3.79% (=$77 per month)
  • Annual Car Depreciation 15% (= $264 per month)
  • Annual Car Insurance $1,350 (=$112.5 Per month)
  • Gallon of Gas $2.35
  • Miles per gallon 50
  • Annual Car maintenance $800 (=$66.66 per month)
  • Weekly Car cleaning bills $25 (=$100 per month)
  • Three-year indirect expenditure $2,250 (=$62.50 per month)

Total Monthly Expenditure (no gas) $1368 (rounded)

Total cost per hour for a 4-hour daily shift: $3.80 (Including gas)

Total Expenses per mile $0.19 (based on 20 miles/hour)

Hourly monthly expenses $12.21 (4 hours daily for 28 days a month)

The above calculation shows us that if you make $18 minimum, then your hourly income will be $5.79. Now that might look small, but remember, you factored in the full car cost, which means that you are buying the car with this work. For 4 hours a day over 3 years you end up buying the car as well as making $5.79 per hour. This is without tips and special days. So, the actual income will be higher.

If you already own a car, then you can remove the car value and payment schemes (but not the depreciation) from the list, and this will give you $2.11 per hour, and that makes your hourly earnings a minimum of $15.88

Bottom line:

  • Income per hour based on Pay for car = $5.79
  • Income per hour based on Car-free expenses = $15.88

Also, take into account that this is an important factor when planning your yearly tax returns, also, remember that the mileage factor will include the current federal deduction rate for mileage which is $0.535 per mile.

Account Security & Personal Safety

Keeping your account secure

There are a lot of scammers and phishers on the internet; it is important to make sure you choose a good password and update it regularly, or be aware of how to deflect scams and phish attacks.

Good passwords are a minimum of 8 characters including capital letters, small letters, numbers and special symbols. Security specialists suggest not using birthdays and names but picking out a word that you associate in an abstract way, such as a favorite book or fictional character.

Never give out personal details of your account to anyone, especially to people online.

When completing a block, log out of the app and close it.


Phishing is a major concern in all industries and sectors of the internet. Anyone at any time can become a victim of a phishing scam. However, with due diligence, you can refrain from falling victim to any and every attack. There are some rules to follow, but if you follow them, you will never be phished.

How Phishing Works

Phishing is a type of subversion marketing and tools aimed at getting a user to divulge personal information with the sole purpose of accessing their money or their identities.

Phishing comes from the term "fishing" where a "Fisher" tries to get a "fish."

Phishing scams come in some forms; they are either web-based or email based. They are also focused, which means they target a specific user type. For instance, in our case, Uber drivers. How does it work?

False Messages

The first stage in a phishing scam is creating a false message that will lead the user to a fake site adapted and designed to get the user to divulge pertinent information.

The false message will usually give a false link that will come either in the message on any one of the social media platforms, as well as in an e-mail message or an internal message from a hacked app.

How do you check the authentication of a message?

To ascertain that the message is authentic, first, check the content. Many fake messages can appear authentic with all the right logos and graphics. However, they all request you log in to the site or press a link to access the site mentioned in the message. For instance, a message from GrubHub will come from a recognized e-mail address or source. Don't rely on the email address you see in the address bar, click on the" more information" button next to the income address and see what the actual address is. You will be amazed how many times this solves the issue immediately. Read the incoming e-mail address source carefully and compare to a real message you received from GrubHub. The other method of authenticating a message is by checking the link direction. If you hover your mouse over the link, you will see in the status bar at the bottom of the browser the link address. Compare that address to GrubHub's official addresses. You will be amazed at how quickly you find out that these messages are fake.

Bypassed and under Attack

Another way of accessing your information is by bypassing messages and attacking you directly through the GrubHub app. This is done by creating a fake passenger/customer ID and then using it to contact you directly. They will approach you directly as a GrubHub employee and ask you for various bits of information by misdirecting you to believe they are really from GrubHub. For instance, they might ask you for your password, so they can verify your reward and send it to you, to ask for the verification code GrubHub sent you to confirm it's you. The best way to deal with these direct calls is not to trust them. Tell them you will call them back, and they should leave you their GrubHub office number. Since they can't do that, they will most probably start to make up excuses and offer to call back or pressuring you to believe that this is one time an emergency or special offer which you will lose.

Don't believe anything, always suggest you call back to confirm that it is a GrubHub operative calling you. Remember, GrubHub rarely calls a driver, and will never ask for passwords, SSN's or verification codes, ever!

Reporting a suspicious activity

If you suspect any form of activity, you should contact GrubHub immediately at or at Driver Care (866) 834-3963.

Reporting Customers and Merchants

If you are at the receiving end of an inappropriate text message or abuse during delivery, either from a customer or a merchant, contact GrubHub immediately at or at Driver Care (866) 834-3963.

If the activity is considered dangerous or even life-threatening, you should vacate the area as soon as possible and notify both driver care as well as law enforcement. Do not hesitate to call 911 if you think you are in imminent physical danger.

Unsafe Neighborhoods

If you fear to enter a particular neighborhood, contact Driver Care (866) 834-3963

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