How much does a GrubHub driver make?

Today we will go over how much a GrubHub driver makes in their schedule, and this will be done by looking at an average delivery day of a GrubHub driver in LA.

So today I am driving in LA, I prefer to drive around Koreatown since there are less traffic and hassle and I don't like getting mixed up in downtown traffic. I will work a six-hour day and put in around seven deliveries, not accepting four which are low income or take me into downtown.

It is very important to check the destination as well as the pickup, while some low-income deliveries might seem bad, they can actually keep you in a lucrative area. Unlike ride-sharing, GrubHub calculates the distance by "how the crow flies" which is basically a straight line drawn between the pickup location and the drop off location. If you have a multiple order route, then the straight-line fee will be calculated on a sum of all the deliveries made per drop off location. So, you don't get a real per mile rate. Which is important for you to calculate your gas usage. The payment is calculated using this model: Order base fee + Mileage rate + 100% Tips. There is a minimum hourly income. The only way a driver will qualify for this minimum pay is if they must fulfill a preset percentage of all orders offered (acceptance rate) and finish a block (attendance rate). To assure you reach these minimum's you should be able to receive all notifications and will need to be focused on your app and have a good communication line.

So, my first delivery was a big one, and I didn't have enough delivery bags to contain all of it. I do have a DoorDash space blanket, yes, I drive for more than one service. So, I managed to cover the large order with the space blanket since it's a 20-minute drive and the last thing I want is to deliver cold food, especially since they tipped so well. In fact, I will make $33 for this trip which is OK, but the bummer for me is that its delivery to downtown. So, the moment I make that delivery, I am out of there and heading for Koreatown. In the end, I paid $3 for five minutes parking, so my gross income was only $30.

While working in Koreatown, I managed to rake in 4 delivery requests but denied them all due to low income or destination. I received a new delivery for $7 which was close to where I am, so I took it., the drop off was only a mile away. I accepted another trip for $12 and am calling it quits for today. I made $97 in 6 hours which comes to around $16 per trip which is fine by me. I do less mileage and wear a tear than Uber and Lyft drivers, I have plenty of down time, and I only covered 53 miles.

To sum up, as a second source of income, GrubHub is a good provider, there are days where I will make much more and others where I make less, so long as I can keep my income to a $16 per hour minimum I am covering all bases and remember, the expenses are far lower than Uber or Lyft, since the car requirements are not as high. This means the expenses per mile and per hour are far less.