The Best Xchange Leasing Deal With Uber

Uber’s leasing program offers an excellent deal for drivers seeking to exchange their cars for a better and newer model. However, just like any other contractual transaction, you must understand all the grey before getting a good deal. Here are some tips on how to maximize the benefits in an Uber Xchange leasing deal.

Introduction to Xchange leasing

Uber set up a subsidiary company, the Uber Xchange leasing Program, set up to deal with the issuance of financial products to further increase their income by providing their drivers with in-house financial services.

To put it in one sentence: The Xchange leasing program takes on the risks of leasing where the driver pay’s them for their services through their Uber earnings.

Be sure you are using the Xchange leasing company. Uber also has a whole list of Uber Vehicle Solutions; they include dealership options such as BAMA and Santander leases. These are not part of the Xchange leasing program. Make sure you click on the Xchange leasing option under the Uber Vehicle Solutions page, or you will end up with a more expensive lease.

The Xchange leasing product

Xchange leasing offers some features that make it attractive:

  1. Unlimited mileage, which is extremely important for an Uber driver
  2. Cheap lease options for a pre-owned car, this can go as low as $98 per week.
  3. A comprehensive list of cars including UberXL
  4. A 2 week cut off notice (starting after 30 days of leasing), allowing the driver to cancel the lease
  5. Essential maintenance services that include: oil changes and tire rotations every 5,000 miles and air filter replacements every 25,000 miles.
  6. A fast and timely credit decision making process

Note: Xchange leasing is not a dealership, it is a legal framework arranging for you a car.

The basic car requirements:

  • Ten years or newer
  • No salvage title
  • Four full-sized doors
  • Minimum of 5 seat belts (driver and four passengers)

The list of cars include only these models:

  • CHEVROLET: Cruze
  • FORD: Focus
  • HONDA: Accord, Civic, Fit
  • HYUNDAI: Elantra, Sonata
  • NISSAN: Altima, Maxima, Sentra, Versa
  • TOYOTA: Camry, Corolla, Prius, Yaris

Lease requirements made simple by Xchangeleasing:

  • The lease is for 36 months only,
  • There is a downpayment of $250
  • Not all applicants will be approved; if you have one of the following, do not apply:
  • A repossessed vehicle within the last 12 months,
  • A pending bankruptcy,
  • A discharged bankruptcy within the last 12 months.
  • You must sign a “payment deduction authorization agreement.”
  • The Xchange Leasing program is not available in all cities.
  • Weekly payments do not include taxes, fees, and license.
  • The majority of eligible vehicles will be pre-leased and pre-owned inventory.
  • There is a 30-day return notification period when returning a car before the end of the contract.
  • There is also a $250 early release from contract fee to be paid.

The Xchange program comes with some interesting add-ons, such as Xchange Access which is a second-tier offering. Xchange Access means that when someone returns their leased car before the time is up (36 months), you have an option to take that lease over.

The dealership challenge

Once the Xchange leasing program has approved you-you will need to find a car. It gets complicated here and where it is essential to read all our tips.

Tip #1: Remain patient, don’t rush to buy the first car you see. Finding the perfect car solution for you is about seeking the right vehicle from visiting many dealerships.

Tip #2: Don’t be taken in by all the dealership BS. Dealers want to make as much money as possible from every deal, which is OK, but it shouldn’t come at your expense.

Tip #3: Dealers will try to stop you from buying a used car, explaining that used cars are not part of the Uber Xchange deal. That’s not true. Xchange leasing allows drivers to buy used cars, recognizing the benefits of economic prudence.

Tip #4: Dealers will try to sell you cars with less market value, this is due to Uber’s 105% payment of the blue book lending value only. For instance; Honda and Toyota will sell at a higher price than 105% so dealers will try to dissuade you or refuse to sell you these brands. Kia, Chevy, and Hyundai sell less than 105% so these will most probably be more readily available. Don’t be put off, see Tip#1, keep on trying until you find the car you wanted.

Tip #5: Don’t be fooled by their insistence that their lease program is cheaper than Uber’s. The unlimited mileage in Uber’s Xchange lease program is a game changer. Since most Uber drivers gobble up their miles, other leases with mileage cap will cost much more in the long run. Another issue is the maintenance fees, where Uber gives certain free maintenance, these all add up to significant savings.

Tip #6: Never put the $250 downpayment down until you have decided on a car. Some dealerships will try to take you “hostage” by asking for the downpayment until you find a car in their lot.

Tip #7: Don’t stick to one dealership. Dealerships that might seem friendly and adopt you like a long-lost son/daughter, but in fact, all they are interested in is profit turnaround, so go to as many dealerships as possible, and look for the car you want, not the dealership that appeals to you. The dealer is not important, your car is. The dealer is constrained to the Xchange Lease program, so whether they are nice or not is irrelevant. Don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment.

Tip #8: Once again, patience. Read this comparison chart between Uber Xchange Leasing and Traditional Leasing; it will show you the significant differences. That is why waiting for the right car, going to many dealerships will eventually win out.

Xchange Lease
Mileage Unlimited - Early return $250 deposit fee - Maintenance Periodic - Upfront cost $250 (You can trade this for the early return fee)

Traditional Lease
8,000-12,000 per annum - Early return thousands of dollars in early termination penalties. - Maintenance None - Upfront cost usually an upfront deposit of one or two months lease value as well as processing fees.

Xchange Leasing is a criminal organization and should be shut down.

I leased a very nice 2016 Sonata from them to drive for Uber. I was sick of racking up miles on my car. I was quoted a weekly price of $142. This was on Sept 13 of 2016.

I picked up the car at the local Greenlight Hub in Houston. Drove home and called the local Toll Road authority to add this car to my account.

I was told that the car Had over $800 in prior delinquent toll violations that needed to be paid.

I returned to the Uber center and was assured that in no way would I be charged for these fees since they were from before when I took over the car. I even received an email from xchange leasing telling me to “relax” that life’s too short.

Sooo… Started driving, paying a weekly fee, etc. 3 weeks later I received a notification from uber that xchange leasing had levied my account for $121 for “toll violations.” Then again 3 days later another charge.

Back to Uber Greenlight Center… no problem we will reverse the charges… Just keep driving.

After more than 100 emails and countless visits to uber finally, the charges were reversed a month later.

Now just before Christmas, I get another charge for 121… Then another and another…

The toll authority tells Me xchange needs to put new plates on the vehicle because the violations are associated with the plates. Xchange tells me no new plates. I ask them if I can trade the car for another. They tell I can turn the car in but would not eligible for a new lease. I ask them if I can get my 250 back, the answer is no.


And can anyone recommend an agency can report them to? My thought is although the relationship with uber is an independent contractor (with very few protections), my relationship with xchange leasing (an uber company) is as a consumer.


Don’t know how in your state, but I would somehow reach out to DMV as this could end up an issue later down the road where these charges get the car booted, towed or worse. This could affect you by getting a judgment against you for the fees or loss of license etc. Call a news channel investigative reporter!

So,.Make a copy of the date you took possession of the car. Send a copy in with every Bill you get. Pay yours, don’t pay the past ones. They are not your debt. The DMV can see that. Here in Ca, you can’t get registration renewed until fees are paid…exchange does the registration? I did Breeze last year; they paid fees.

Don’t know about Texas but. I call to pay the toll, and they told me the same thing that there was an outstanding toll. I explained that I just got the vehicle and the asked for my information. They apologized and explained that I would not be charged. The charges belonged to the registered owner at the time of the violation. I would check with whoever the tolls are with.

I would have returned the car as soon as I discovered the liability. It’s a breach of contract for them to give you a vehicle that has those outstanding obligations. And their behavior after they became aware of the situation is reprehensible and caused you damages. Talk to a lawyer right away.

I just submitted a complaint to the Consumer Protection Division of the Texas AG Office. We’ll see.

Sure, everyone, it’s easy to say I should have taken it back… but they told me I could not get another car and could not get my $250 back… so a little difficult to just choke that down. In retrospect, yes I should have done that, but I think I was like the frog boiling in the pot of water… (google it if it’s not familiar)… lol

I’d get ahold of a lawyer even if it’s just the consultation to see if you’ve got a case. Also the Federal Trade Commission. They fight for you and other consumers who are being screwed by this company and will send you a check in the mail once they win the case in court. Takes time, but you’ll be taking a stand against these crooks.

I just submitted an application to lease out a vehicle because I don’t want to burn out the miles on mine like ten mins ago…then this pops up…almost like some Omen lol. I would like to try out their leasing program, but I’ll be completely fine and ok with their decision if I’m denied.

Very sorry this happened to you. I’m hoping the odds are in your favor. Good luck!

Just as a general response to everyone recommending small claims court… if your experience is anything like mine, you have no idea of anyone’s real name who works at Uber or Xchange Leasing. If you think you do you don’t. Nobody ever shares their last name, and I suspect their first names aren’t even real. Even at the Greenlight hub, they refer to each other by different names than their name tags… why? Well, to file in small claims you have to serve someone and to serve someone you need a real first and last name oh and a phone number. Good luck getting any of that info from these companies. Just saying