Teenager Accused Of Robbing A Lyft Driver

19-year-old Christopher Smyzer was arrested by Louisville police on Tuesday, and he appeared before the judge on Wednesday. Judge Sean Delahanty of Jefferson District told the young man that he better gets a good look at the inside of the jail since this will be his home for the future. He then suggested to the young robber that he needed to figure out what he will do with his life. Smyzer pleased not guilty.

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Christopher Smyzer is accused of calling a Lyft driver for a ride and then, together with two accomplices, told the driver to take them to Riverside Gardens Park, which is near Lees Lane and Camp Ground road. When the driver reached the destination, one of the passengers pulled out a gun, aimed it at the drivers head and told him to give them his wallet and get out of the vehicle. The accomplices then drove off with the car. The driver walked to a neighbor and called 911.