Have you ever given a free ride?


(David Smith) #41

I wouldn’t make a habit of it! However, there’s nothing wrong with being charitable under the correct circumstance. Sometimes we do have to step outside our boundaries to help people in need, I agree!

(Audrina Jameson) #42

Brother i am very scared can you take me and my family to the airport for free i live in hackney and to many attacks happen recently i will send you my detials privately you sound like a very good man

(Peter Dave) #43

Would have done the same thing. I know some clowns have a real problem giving away anything free. But who are we if we can’t help someone in need? If we don’t, we’re no better than the crooks who would have (possibly)robbed them.

(Mitchel) #44

Your a good man. I got a call for a gaggle of young girls, to take them to the boat harbor. When they got there, they were not ‘comfortable’ with the croud there, and wanted to go home, but they were using a free ride coupon. So, the dad in me kicked in, and I took them back home.

(Haris_McMan) #45

I’ve done the same thing. Different circumstances. But young girl, couldn’t leave her where I could tell she didn’t want to be. Free ride home.

(Andrew Martin) #46

Actually regarding this I was doing a uber xl in la. Some guy kicked 5 little girls about 4 6 8 12 and 17 out of his car at 3am. I stopped my can parked It and walked to the older one and asked her If she was ok. She said her step Dad got mad and dumped them. I was Inraged with what I had just seen. I got my phone went off line and asked If they wanted to call their Mother. They did them the Mom got on the phone and asked me what I had seen. She works at night and had no Idea he would have done such a thing. I asked the Mom If I could bring the kids to her. Well when I arrived the kids had confirmed the Mom did not know about this. The LAPD were their along with CPS by the time I had got their. I spoke to the case worker for around 30 mins. I told her what they told me. They have the kids back to the Mom and arested the Step Dad. The Mother said she was done with him after he did that so I was ok with this. I could NEVER do this to a kid let alone 4 beautiful little girls.

(Kimberly Nelson) #47

I have given a free ride to a Vet when he fell on the road. I told him I would take him anywhere he wanted to go and thanked him for his service. He had tears in his eyes. He said he didn’t have a smart phone or any cash. I said we are all in this life together to take care of one another, right? And he said YES we sure are!

(Sharon Green) #48

I had a girl request a ride to where all of our homeless stay. When I got to her I couldn’t charge her so I went offline and took her.

(Sue Cooper) #49

I have done something similar because it the right thing to do and it made me feel good - paying it forward

(Donna Harris) #50

Don’t see why you would expect people to hate on your decision to help out lost foreigner females. Chivalry is clearly alive and well brother

(Michaela Biksacky) #51

I’d be apprehensive about posting these things we do in this group also…bc so many drivers ridicule each other for such.

(Sheena Washington) #52

To some ppl chivalry is dead and they only care about the money and themselves

(Brendan Halai) #53

your good deed for the day!!! karma will smile at favorably when you least expect it!!! :blush::blush::blush::smile::smile::smile:

(William Murphy) #54

I was wondering if this thread was a trick, actually a plant by the company to get people to admit they violated TOS. Its against the rules to transport people off the app, and we just admitted we did. I guess it’s different if the rider doesn’t pay? I hope so

(Graham Sandy) #55

Well if we aren’t logged in. We don’t charge a fee. How are they liable if something happens? How is any misdeed come to fruition? The wisest course of action is to do good towards all. And it only leaves good impressions on Uber or Lyft if we serve the community for the betterment of our neighbors. If it is a violation then they definitely aren’t the companies for me. :green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:

(Mathew Boolean) #56

If we are not logged in it is personal business so therefore we are good to give anyone a ride, unless of course you logged off so you could give a passenger a ride for cash. Which is a no no

(Trish Richardson) #57

Yes i am with Uber everyone will be deactivated lol i think what you do off the app doesnt matter in that case i couldnt even take my grandmother for a ride

(Lance Rodriguez) #58

I gave 4 young black men a ride after no one would take them… everyone kept pulling off on them… I was like their 3rd uber… The guys were cool, they had just got done making a video… had video equipment with them… i even took them for food /drive thru… its was surging and it was a nice ride San Pedro to Hollywood. Not to mention they could have robbed me because i allowed the guys to get thers own things from the trunk and i had totally forgot that i left my wallet out back there. About 2 mins after ride i remember, pull over jump out wallet still there… im like yes i knew those were good kidz… oldest had to be 19 or 20 youngest 17…

(Melinda Foster) #59

It’s your car and your money.
I don’t have an issue with generosity.

(Bector Ernest) #60

I’ve given a free ride. One time GPS screwed up was going to take me 5 miles out of the way. I turned the trip off because I refused to charge him for my phone messing up