Have you ever given a free ride?

I was on your side all the way up until you claimed that half the country is mentally ill because they have a better grasp of evidence and logic than you (on average).

I have given a couple free rides, the mom in me and making sure my passengers are set and safe…

I hate to be that guy…
But nobody here is going to mention the insurance risk when it comes to having a perfect stranger in your car?

we are free to give any meaning we want to our life.
it’s like a blank paper, and you are holding the pen.
but since there was a beginning, there will also be an end.

i use the word GOD because this is what i noticed most people believe in order to give more “meaning” / “purpose” to their life.

18yo drunk girl out by herself
Friends left her
No money she wanted to go home

What insurance risk? He was being a good Samaritan at that point and it would be no different if he didn’t rideshare. He was offline at the time

If you pick up someone on the road and something bad (really) bad happen…
You might very much regret it.

But its not an insurance risk. Let us not be so fearful and afraid that we cannot lend a helping hand if needed. I refuse to live in so much fear that i lose my humanity.

Yes, took a veteran to two different places before taking him home. (NOT on Veterans Day or any other holiday)

Call her a ride on your uber rider account. I dont know about these samaritins intentions…what if instead of looking like Miley Cyrus the girl looked like Precious lmao…you would have not even given her a bus pass.

Are you talking about race (black/white)
Or are you talking about shape (skinny/obese)


Who said anything about what they looked like? They were 4 girls if they were guys i would have done the same thing

I understand, had two pax, lockout of the house dead phones and lost purse 19-20 yrs old. Gave them ride to a friend’s house. I wouldn’t want some one to just leave my kids like that. You did a chivalrous thing. Good man.:pensive::ok_hand::+1:

You took care of your passengers and went above and beyond seeing that they didn’t get into a bad situation and established a god example of what a professional driver should be. Kudos to you!!

Yup. I seen a girl walking by herself on campus at 3 am one night. I stopped and told her I would take her where she needed to be, because she shouldn’t be walking alone. She was very appreciative and I gave her the mom talk the whole time.

Wow. I lived in a “sketchy” part of town, homeless for awhile too, walking the streets day and night. Wish somebody like you would’ve come around to give a F about me. Those girls were lucky you were their driver. Can’t say I would’ve done the same though.

I would want someone to do that for my child, so yes, it’s the right thing to do. Making sure those girls got to their destination safely is important, more important than the old Mighty Dollar. A sure sign of great integrity is doing the right thing when nobody’s looking…

Wow went to bed thought i would see more critisizm than good comments. Makes me feel that i did the right thing. This was nevee about race or what the people looked like or if they were hot girls as 1 guy put it. It waa about i sensed a fear. Even if they were guys i would have done the same thing. Its a shame a few comments that i did read but i blocked those people and will move on to a nice day!

I agree. I drive in a college town and drive late night. I will make sure they get home safe. That is something I take very seriously. I do believe the dad in me drives me to be overly protective of my pax.

Well thank goodness it’s YOUR business and you can do whatever you want and nobody has to like it. I for one appreciate that you are a nice and caring person who looks out for other people even if it costs you :moneybag: once in a while. :heavy_heart_exclamation: