Have you ever given a free ride?


(Jack Dolen) #1

Tonight i drove 4 pax from another country. Probably early 20s. Well they wanted to see a movie and for some reason the theater was in a very bad neighborhood. I saw the fear in the young ladies. When they got out i asked if they were ok the 1 girl said no i am very uncomfortable in this area. Then the others were yelling at the girl who booked the theater. Long story short maybe the dad in me i told all 4 girls id take them home for free. I may get criticized here because it is a business but i felt bad for them and didn’t want to leave them there.

(Lisa Markee) #2

You did what you felt was right. Remember it is your business. You can choice to do this if you want.

(Christian Odom) #3

Yup i did tonight gentleman called me as I was headed to destination given turned out was a different destination and that he ran out of gas I got him and told him to cancel

(Brahim Decker) #4

You did what your heart told you to do its not a bad thing, last Sat I saw this man that was sitting on the bench by Panera area in Soho and after I saw he was too confused I asked him first if he was ok then if he needed a ride home he didn’t know I was a uber but turned off my app and took him home, I think sometimes it’s good to follow your heart

(Cody Parker) #5

You are putting your life/vehicle at risk with no record/information of a stranger in your car when you do that

(Marsha_Smith) #6

I did once. I dropped a woman off at her boyfriends house but since it didn’t look like anyone was home I hung out and waited. The woman came back to the car crying so I drove her home. I’ve driven her many times so I knew where she lived

(Chris Stipe) #7

I told her I would never leave a woman stranded in a dark parking lot in the middle of the night.

(Rakesh Sharma) #8

Same reason I let the drunk girl who had already puked in my car and rolled down a hill when I stopped for her to throw up outside back in the car…it was a dark empty road in the desert…no way was I leaving her

(Abdul Karim) #9

When I drive college kids I always feel like mom. I have a 17 yr old daughter. I’d do the same

(Snyder Reed) #10

You are sweet for that… I always ask the females I drop off if they are ok where I am dropping them off when they seem unsure about where they are. A lot of times they ask to be dropped off at a location they are unfamiliar with or someones house they never been at and they seem unsure about where they should be so I stay parked until I see them enter the house because I would like someone to do that for me.

(Hassan) #11

Part of out job is to keep them safe. Granted you weren’t on rideshare insurance, but you did the right thing.

(Laura Lee) #12

I took a girl to meet up with her friend in a sketchy part of town and as she got out, I ended the ride. Her friend ran up and said her brother was called into work and couldn’t take them to the airport. The girl went to send another request but her card was declined. So instead of leaving them stranded, I took them for free. It’s what you do as a good person… and it always comes back to me. :slight_smile:

(Abel) #13

Good man. I’m sure karma will come back around one way or another. I’m sure if something woulda happened you woulda felt like shit. And I have 3 girls so I know I woulda done the same. Keep up the good work and stay safe.

(Chris Stipe) #14

You did the right thing. It’s very scary when you’re someplace unfamiliar and not sure how things are in an area. All the more so if you’re not even from that city let alone country. If you had been in an accident, they would be covered under your insurance the same as any other friends you were giving a ride home to. When people agree to cash under the table, that’s where you have a problem, or several really, because it may be illegal, it violates rideshare terms, and taking cash makes it not a personal trip.

(Marsha_Smith) #15

We’re working to get paid not give out free rides and wear and tear on our vehicles.

Fares have also decreased along with booking fee increases and gas price increases I don’t know how long you’ve been driving or how many rides you’ve given but your tune will change when you have at least a few unpleasant entitled riders who are rude and make a mess of your car

(Jeremy Mwan) #16

When your rider feel uneasy about where they are and doesn’t feel safe you do the right thing and take them to a safer place. Money comes and goes but someone’s life is more important than the wear and tear on my car or the few dollars I’d make. I’ve had my fair share of unpleasant riders but they never made me a bitter driver. I’ve been driving a long while. It’s called having a heart for others.

(Cody Parker) #17

This is why i said critisized because there is always 1 person who beleives money is more important than anything else

(Brahim Decker) #18

Yep… 20 minute free ride away from an impending surge at bar closing. Sometimes a life is more important than $.

(Garrent George) #19

That’s great to hear that’s what I’m talking about always remember beyond the business Beyond driver and passenger were people and people come first

(Christian Odom) #20

Oh its Mr Right winging bitter clinging proud clinger to guns god and religion Trump supporter to chime in. Your opinion =0 buddy.