Have you ever given a free ride?


(Kelly Hector) #61

I drove single mom and her daughter (who looked like her twin) to the library and then happened to take them back home. I think it was $10 total. Later I went back in the app and refunded both trips.

(Jack Dolen) #62

NEVER “feel bad” about standing up for someone’s safety!! Be Proud & pray that if necessary; someone in the future might do/feel the same about someone you love.

(Lisa Markee) #63

A lot of people may not have done it. You did and if you were moved to do so, there was probably a good reason. You’re the man!

(Greg Poprik) #64

You put your life on the line walking across the street too, whats your point?

(Greg Poprik) #65

Doing something good for someone has no price but you keep on being ignorant.

(Greg Poprik) #66

No more of a risk than having anyone else in your car genius.

(Greg Poprik) #67

Uber or lyft cant say anything if your off line, its none of their business.