Amazon Flex(Prime Now) Customer Service Phone Numbers for customers and drivers

Amazon Flex Phone Support

Sometimes working for rideshare companies can be frustrating, especially when looking for quick support contact and help. Most of the companies, including Amazon try to provide plenty of online help but very little personal contact. Drivers for Amazon Flex are no different to other company drivers. Their frustration levels increase every time they try to contact a living Amazon Flex support representative. Well, we have decided to make the whole process easier and provide a detailed description of how to reach Amazon Flex drivers support, including their phone no.

There are some ways to reach Amazon Flex Driver Support and Help, and they are:

  • Email
  • Daily Online Q&A Session
  • Phone

Amazon Flex Email

Drivers can contact support through the e-mail used to sign up for the services. This e-mail address is There is no best time to e-mail, and they do tend to respond to e-mails within 24 hours. This is the best and safest option for contact, since it is recorded, and all questions and answers can be date tagged for future reference.

Amazon Flex Online Q&A Session

There are two daily online Q&A sessions for drivers and they both last around two hours. The first starts at 1 pm EST and the second start at 4pm EST. Drivers log in, and the sessions offer help with the account and the app. If you have any personal issues, it is not advised to deal with them here. This is the best place for in-depth questions about the use of the Flex App and for understanding how to use your account.

Amazon Flex Support Phone Number for Drivers

I guess that this is either a State secret or its just ambiguous information trying to hide the number from drivers so that they don't inundate the service with many calls. However, there are two support phone numbers available to drivers, one is the Amazon flex support phone number and the second is the Amazon flex customer service number

The Amazon Flex Support number is: 1-877-472-7562

This number is only for drivers and can be used when working a shift or block. If you are not working, then do not call this number. The service representatives will only help you with current order issues or with an immediate previous order problem such as reporting a late delivery or other delivery problems that you need to notify about.

The Amazon Flex Customer Service number is: 1-877-212-6150

This number is for non-working drivers when you are not on a shift or block and need to discuss account issues. The representative s cannot and will not discuss any order or delivery related issues with you.


Most of the issues can be dealt with through e-mail or the online sessions. In case of emergencies or accidents, you will call the support number, in case of personal issues with your account you will call the service number.