Amazon Flex Insurance: How much and when a driver is covered

All about Amazon Flex Insurance

As with all delivery employers, Amazon provides insurance coverage for their working environment. This means that whenever you are working a block or driving back to the DC, Amazon's insurance policy covers you. This insurance policy does not replace your personal insurance, so if you are involved in an accident out of hours, you will need to present your personal insurance policy. Amazon's insurance is a commercial insurance policy that covers all drivers, all except NY, so we will discuss NY drivers in a paragraph at the end of this review. now we will discuss what Amazon's insurance policy provides.


The policy covers the standard minimum that is required per state, and that is $1million per incident. This clause only comes into play when you cause an accident, or when proof of your actions led to the accident. In that case, this covers the customer's property, the third-party injury, and third-party medical costs.

Contingent Comprehensive/Collision

This clause covers you partially; it is called contingent since you should have a comprehensive and/or collision clause in your own personal policy that will cover you as well when you are involved in an accident, even when driving for Amazon.

This clause will give you $50,000 coverage per incident with a $1,000 deductible.

Remember, since it is a contingency clause, it will only cover you if you have an actual clause in your personal policy. You shouldn't make a claim that is under $1,000 since you have to pay for any sum up-to $1,000 anyway.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist

This clause will cover you for $1 million; this clause comes into play if the accident was caused by the other driver or person involved in the accident and that driver is either underinsured or uninsured.

Towing and packages

This clause only comes into action if your car cannot continue to drive. In this case, you will have the necessary contact information to call a tow truck. If your car was stolen, Amazon covers the damages due to the loss of the packages.

What is not included in the Policy

Medical Payments

Since all drivers are independent contractors and not direct employees of Amazon, the policy does not cover any medical care fees. Even if you are in an accident and have sustained injuries, your own medical insurance will cover that. So, make sure you have a comprehensive medical insurance plan in place.

If the accident was due to the other person fault, you could claim medical coverage from their insurance company. Also, homeowners usually have some kind of insurance coverage that will cover accidents that happen on their property during delivery, such as a fall due to wet floors or the most common; dog bites.

Claiming a homeowner insurance

If you are injured during a delivery at a customer's location, if it was on their property you must request a copy of their insurance, and photograph it, so you know who your insurance company will contact. All claims are made by your insurance company, or Amazon's whichever the case may be.

Towing or Rental and Extenuating reasons

If your car has a mechanical failure, it is not covered by Amazon; you will need to two using your own car insurance policy. The same goes for rental vehicles; these are claims made by the rental company and not Amazon.

What is your Responsibility

All drivers must have their own car insurance, without that they cannot and will not be able to work for Amazon flex.

Medical coverage is for your own best interest whether you work for Amazon or not.

Car condition is also up to you; any mechanical or electronic failures are your responsibility.

Parking fines, driving violations and anything to do with both road safety and transit regulations are all up to the driver.

New York

Drivers for Amazon Flex in NY State will need to take out their own commercial insurance policy.

What to do after an Accident

The first thing to do is make sure you are not injured if you are you must not move until an ambulance comes and takes you to the emergency room.

If you are not injured then dependent on the nature of the accident, you either wait for a police car or deal with it and the other driver by exchanging information.

No, matter what, you never claim liability for an accident, ever. You are innocent until proven guilty applies here too.

Take photos and check to see what physical damages have been done to all properties involved in the accident.

Once you have exchanged all information, photographed what needed to be shot, you contact Amazon Flex support.

You must provide Amazon Flex of the following details:

  1. Detailed description of the accident
  2. Photos of any damage
  3. Photos of all documents
  4. The time and location of the accident
  5. Information about all involved in the accident
  6. Police reports if there are any
  7. Witness statements (recordings) if there are any

You should send all this by e-mail and wait for Amazon Flex to provide you with instructions how to continue. If your car is damaged, you will be directed to an Amazon car shop or receive a tow solution.