You wanna do XL get a bigger vehicle

Just observed 6 girls squeeze into a small car that clearly isn’t XL eligible. That pisses me off and it takes money out of my pocket. You wanna do XL get a bigger vehicle.

Whatever your passenger amount is for you car per Lyft or Uber and if the passenger brings more than the amount your car can hold Uber & Lyft will charge them & you get the money of course . Had it happened to me twice and I got paid for it

In Texas you’ll get a ticket if you have more riders than seatbelts!

seriously this has gone completely overboard, all drama stretched to the limit . Sheesh . One more time , WE have all made mistakes OBVIOUSLY :roll_eyes:. The guy who posted this , several people in this thread admitted to picking up to many pax. I’m sooo done with this conversation… And , no shit I’ll get a ticket . DUH! My picking up to many pax happen ONE YEAR ago & hasn’t happen again . No one in this thread knew that you can get paid & report the pax for having extra people that went beyond the sitting limit till I said something. I’m over this … y’all go enjoy the weekend . Damn .

really? I didn’t know that. Of course i know its illegal but when i first started out i took a group of 5 in my 4 seater because i was afraid if i denied them a ride id be kicked off the platform, i know now i can deny those riders and yes i know by state law it was illegal (long story lol). I understand where your coming from. But i could have gotten paid more for that ride?

yes. you could have . Long story on that airport ride too … They pulled one on me I didn’t even notice I had exceeded the limit till I pulled off . Funny , airport security saw it & said nothing . Due to the fact , it was less than a 5 minute ride to their hotel room & they even knew they did wrong as the pax started to apologize immediately & between all of them they gave me a $ 70.00 tip for a less then 5 minute ride . The pax was the one who emailed or called & apologized & Uber charged her extra which went to me .

Or they’re too cheap to pay for XL and the driver doesn’t want to lose a fare due to them not requesting the right sized car.

Follow the car, call the police … say to many people in the car for seatbelts, appears unsafe.

Driver will get a ticket and not do it again…

Sometimes ya gotta be the bad guy, to make things fair. :man_shrugging:t3:

Yes by all means, and if you’re lucky you can get them sent to a camp, grow up, move on, or get a job you can mentally handle

They should get charged $10 for requesting uber x for 5/6 people This will stop them from trying to be cheap real quick and the ones that do take them in the x are just assholes and will lose everything if they have an accident because uber/lyft won’t cover them

My regular uberx vehicle can fit 5 and has seat belts for them all. Also insurance covers anyone in the vehicle, even if illegally. Why you think drunk drivers are still covered?

I have spoken to uber, my insurance and the state I live in. Insurance companies can not put special restrictions on insurance policies, it is against the law. Cause then they would start denying claims for anything illegal, not wearing your seat belts? Oops sorry not covered… See the point?

I honestly think they do this on purpose because they don’t want to pay more. Yea I had to report also too many drunk college girl piling in my car like wild beasts.

If he calls & tells Uber or Lyft they will have to pay more . I had 9 people pile in my car at the airport & told them I can only fit 4-5 people & anymore I would have to report it to Uber they were fine with it & all 9 of them gave me a tip around $ 70.00. If he reads the guidelines on Uber or Lyft they will pay him & charge the pax for bringing more pax’s

Actually, my car can fit 6 . And , it was a 5 minute drive to their hotel. :joy::thinking:. I feel sorry for people like you, that have to call others names you’re life must be very lonely & depressed. I said it happen twice & it seems no one knew you could report it & get PAID extra.

No I’m not’ And, I didn’t say I was . You’re claiming I am. So, you’re doing the gossiping. :joy::joy: Damn, stop making this such a huge issue . The guy who posted this obviously picked up to many pax, the girl above said she as well picked up to many pax … We’ve all made mistakes big whoop. And none of you knew you could call Uber or Lyft to report it & get paid extra till I made a comment about it.

No, it isn’t. The big “supposed” concern here in the OP is that too many people got into a car designed for less people, hence some of them aren’t wearing seatbelts. Your implication is that a driver not concerned with a passenger not wearing a seatbelt is more likely to get into an accident overall. I disagree with this sentiment

In most if not all municipalities nation wide, it is a law all passengers are supposed to buckle up, including the driver. Not to mention both Uber and Lyft have rules stating the same. It is up to a driver to accept or decline too many passengers, but in accepting too many PAX the driver bears the responsibility! Do it and get stopped by the police if you want see what can happen. So remember the good or bad actions of one driver–intentional or otherwise–can and often does affect us all even if inadvertently. So reporting someone, or speaking directly, is not ‘tattling.’ It is simply maintaining a level of ‘workplace safety.’ That is being responsible, or looking out for the needs of the many opposed to the needs of a few. This is a protection for us all and hopefully nothing any more costly for the offender other than a warning.

With Uber you can’t take more than your car can handle if you have a seat belt for each of them cool squeeze them in. If you don’t have a seat belt for each so sorry you can only take however many seatbelts you have available

I drive X and I occasionally get those clowns trying this crap and their always “well other uber drivers allow it”. Those other drivers are encouraging this bad behavior and it pisses me off too.