You should NOT let others pressure you

If all your friends at a wedding are business owners or in a career jobs like lawyer or doctor…
It could make someone who only drives rideshare a lil bit ashamed of his social position.
You will notice that some people will emphasize: “oh no, i am not just driving, i ALSO have another full time income!”
Like they try to justify themselves.

But at the end of the day, depending on your social circle, life could be a competition.
The same way some people in here like to compare or brag about how much they are able to earn driving in their market.

You see what i mean?

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I am an engineer for 17+ years. Have 2 engineering degrees and MBA. My wife is an attorney. I still drive Uber part time, and I keep Uber logo on my SUV.

Again the point here, is that depending who is asking you what you do in life,
You might want to “buff” rideshare out with other things that you also do in life. (Or other degrees that you also earned).

Why? Because you know that to this person asking you, if you ONLY say that all you do is uber/lyft, this not gonna be “good enough”.

I got my friend who is an engineer at an army base where I live to uber dude already makes 6 figures. He said it’s the best thing to happen to him in a long time. He loves it. As do I. I Work as a quality engineer for 20 years where I work full time.

Another one of my friends who is an engineer at NASA wants to do it but his wife said no lmao

My wife doesn’t like it neither, so we agreed that I don’t drive during “drunk hours”

Drunk hours in my area is the money maker for me. My wife wants to do it but her car is nice but 11 years old. Lol

Haha I know. Those are best here as well.
I drive early mornings and happy hour times. I take people downtown. Usually done by 8-9 Friday and Saturday.
I am pretty friendly with great stories to tell. Tips do me good.

The problem I think is with certain circle of people, femmy if I’m not mistaken is originally Nigerian. I have had many people of African origin (My personal experience) who think it’s beneath them to date “a cab” driver. I think it’s about assertion. We need to be honest with our own self and not pretend to be what we ain’t. If onee has no other profession besides driving it’s an honest work and THEY should realize that and be proud about it irrespective of other people’s opinion. It’s about being humble and accepting life’s reality.

I agree with you. I am former refugee myself. Most of my people drive semi trucks, including my dad. Yes, especially foreigners judge like that. Not all, but many.
To me, uber is just another source of income. It is a job!

I have found that I love driving around NYC. How many other drivers get calls to nondescript warehouses only to pick up a super model (because apparently it’s a Vogue studio)?

Hell no man. If you are making the $$$$ who cares. I work for the government and love driving and telling people i drive

I do it by choice. Its easy money. Who does not want easy money. Its 1 of 3 side hustles… No main job… Kids grown and moved so why kill myself in a full time job… Semi retired!

I’ve got other money coming in and I now quite a few people from my former profession, which is where most of my friends come from, that do this as a full time and some as a part time. I mainly do this to get money to start my other company. Once that takes off I won’t be able to do this at all.

It’s a societal problem that we measure worth by career and income.

“What do you do for a living?” Should not be the ice breaker default. It should be “What are you passionate about?”

Way better! I don’t deal with racists, child molesters, drug dealers, drug addicts, alcoholics or all around negative people.

sounds like you care too much what people think. Instead of entering into a nasty insecure contest convey charisma and authenticity.

definitely agree with this - people have different experiences and they don’t need to justify their choices to random strangers

Meh… Semantics.
We are social people.
And no matter how many times we keep telling ourselves that we dont care…
Deep down we do really care. Somewhat.

Unless we choose to absolutely live in a bubble.

I am not judging. I am just saying.

Nothing wrong, believe it or not some people enjoy those posts.
If you personally dont, i strongly advise you to block me, your life will be better!
No hard feelings, i promise.