You should NOT let others pressure you

I agree! Nothing wrong with your opinions AND if she/he doesn’t like it…block or simply keep scrolling! It’s that easy!

I was raised to never be ashamed of who you are or what you do as long as you’re doing your best. I’ve always lived by that and am not worried about what someone else is doing. I most definitely do not compete or attempt to compete with anyone.

There is a huge difference between being proud of an accomplishment and overdoing the tooting of your own horn! :grin:

I worked for emergency management in a state that lives on hurricanes. The politics got so bad I resigned of my own volition. I do Uber/Lyft and Shipt/InstaCart to ensure I have at least $500 coming in a week somehow. If it’s 4 side hustles, so be it. It handles what I need and my friends understand it. Plus when a new job pops, I’ll have some nice side options.

I am embarrassed for the fact that I have to work for 5 different companies to make ends meet. That 1 job doesn’t do it. I feel people think because I work so much I must be bad with money and I absolutely am not. If rideshare was extra money to do something cool with like a vacation or saving for my kids college it would be different. The fact is that none of my jobs pay that great and we have made a decision to not put our kids in daycare so my wife just works part time subbing at the schools and brings home only $150 a week. When she is working. If you count the time she doesn’t get paid like summer vacation it’s more like $125 a week.

Don’t ever be embarrassed that you are making ends meet. You are trying and succeeding and ultimately, that is a laudable accomplishment you should be proud of. Circumstances are just that. I’ll have months before a new job is offered so this fills the gap. You are doing right by yourself and your family and that’s all that matters. Head high my brother!

it only matters if society dictates who you are…your self worth. There is much stress put on education. Frankly, unless you are to become a doctor, lawyer…some profession that demands intellect and continual oversight, you probably wasted a whole bunch of money for some person to sign a piece of paper saying you just spent a whole lot of money at their institution. You could have learned the same stuff from the library…though no one would sign that fancy piece of paper for you. Not only that, if you would have not agreed and repeated what you paid money to “learn”, they would have kept your money without said signed piece of paper. Ones social status is also relative. You can take someone with a masters or doctorate who knows nothing except his/her profession, take him/her out of their comfort zone where they have made a bubble of a life and put them on a farm…what you have there is a high priced stable boy/girl.

I would disagree with your statement regarding education, but we all have opinions.

I haven’t told family
(Only because I have had blood clots in the past and now on thinners and have the clot filter in my legs a nd survived PE bloodclot
So I just don’t think she needs to stress about it being unsafe
But overall I am proud to be able to drive since I was unable to walk in 2015 I have a reason to get out ofnthe house now

My wife is a nursing supervisor and we go to dinner parties with doctors. I can hold my own wirh any of them!!! No reason to be ashamed. most of them are jealous of the fact I can work when I want to.

They maybe jealous of THAT part of your job but what about the rest?

Do you really think they would rather quit their job and start driving for uber??

You are absolutely right. Driving for Uber and Lyft is by far my favorite job but I often feel the need to tell people that oh yes I’m also a property manager. Even though I would love to be just an Uber and Lyft driver I might find it has a negative connotation

At some point you have to get over comparing your social position. Usually it involves maturity and being comfortable and proud of who you are. If you keep worrying about keeping up with the Joneses you are going to lose. Someone always has more does more or earns more. Time to new friends if this is an issue

Personally, I couldn’t care less what people think. I am making money and paying my bills. It’s better than just sitting on welfare and living on someone else’s dime.

I don’t give a flying fuck about what others think. I know that I save lives when I drive those drunks home. How much is that worth to those greedy people?

I’m not ashamed that I drive rideshare, but, I also am a business owner. My business gross income for the year will be about $290,000. Problem is my overhead comes close to that too, so yeah, I need something to make ends meet personally. No shame there at all.

I am in competition with no one but myself. I don’t care how anyone else runs their business. I run mine my way, and I simply strive to do better today than I did yesterday. I don’t care about social standing. I think most people who make a ton of money and are very competitive come off as arrogant, materialistic, and self-absorbed. I don’t particularly enjoy socializing with people like that, so I just shut up and work.

I am the same way. Sometimes it is better that way. Downside to that (this is not meant as an insult) is that people think I am stuck up. Fact is, I am not. I just prefer to keep to myself. I will talk to people if they talk to me, but won’t go out of my way to initiate a conversation.

Only drives? I am responsible for getting people (mostly drunks) around my city safely. I believe that is a very important and respectable job. I am not in a competition with anyone. I love what I do and I am proud to help people get around my city safely.