Would anyone else have taken muddy bikes?

Tell me if I’m wrong… I might have been.

Last night it was raining off and on. I get an XL ping from a Walmart and I show up to 3 guys with muddy bicycles. I refused to give them a ride… they said it was only a few blocks away so I offered to take them but they’d need to lock their bikes up as I wasn’t putting them in my car.

One guy said he was going to report me to uber and have me fired. I told him go ahead, he’d get a canned response from them with the credit of their cancellation fee and I’d still be driving tomorrow. He got soo pissed and started cursing soo I just drove off.

Mud is easy to clean after it dries. I would’ve taken them and get the cleaning fee.

Hell no. Ive turned down clean bikes b4. Good customers call ahead and ask if its ok to transport their bike. They also order XL. Great customers dont ask PERIOD!

Passenger can do anything remember and Uber and lyft really care what they say they don’t care about drivers . Uber and lyft doesn’t compare one passenger even with 50 drivers

I wouldn’t have waste good energy to even say anything…I would have drove right by them! Lol

I think you did good Trina. Just peel them off a fresh :fu: outta your purse and carry one with your night

You can’t have mud in your car unless you expect to be done for the evening. Next passenger gives your crappy rating because of it.

If it was only a few blocks they should have ridden their muddy bikes home.

Nope… don’t wanna make my car dirty with those bikes… I’m here to transport people not bikes!

Really what the issue would be is for them to prove that one of them is at least 18 years old that would’ve been your way out first or take them and collect the cleaning fee after. I got 200 for two strollers the wheels were full of mud now I carry a large piece of plastic fold it up in the back

I would have pulled up the Rider app and have them read the app. I do this with rides with two many people. I really dumb it down for them and ask how many people does the app say?

I took a guy that got a flat. I carry a couple of towels so I layer them out. He tipped $10.

3 middy bikes I would have laughed and said ride is not happening. Any threats to report me ends when I point to my dash cam and let them know this entire interaction is documented via video and audio which I will be uploading to uber.

At that point I wait and collect my cancel fee.

Always report that ASAP first because all they have to do is report you intoxicated and you will be deactivated for 24 to 48 hours and no matter what you say will make a difference. You will be the one getting canned responses. Yes, they can lie on you. It has happened to the best of us.

And the rideshare companies don’t give a flying fuck about you, me or any other driver.

A heads up that they are gonna make a complete mess? Noooope. Thanks and cancel. I would have saved the exchange though. If obviously they don’t know boundaries, it wouldn’t take nothing for them to escalate BECAUSE THEY HAD THE NERVE TO BELIEVE they were in the right.

I never take bikes in my car. Been reported d sevral time and nothing ever happens.

When he said that he would get you fired, i would hav laughed and said i do not work for uber.

Depends. If it was the end of the night you were going to go home, I would take the cleaning fee LOL

Ride Sharing is a scam. Do the math. It is not worth it. If folks spend the same amount of time, doing, for example, online marketing etc. Tallahassee sucks, the number of low class, unethical, sans-empathy, grown young and mature people is astounding. I was raised in the third world but people here have NO EMPATHY AND NO COMMON SENSE. The cheek of these guys a) to think they can put their bicycles in a Uber car b) the cheek to think that muddy bikes is ok c) the cheek to think they can complain. If they live so close why not wait till the rain stops and then ride home. I verily tell you, the youth in TLH suck, they seem to be without a conscience.

I find it so hilarious that people think they can threaten your job and still get a ride​:joy::joy::joy::joy:

Yep. I have had to stop a few times and tell someone to get the fuck out of my car and its my car

I’ve done that too.

I had one lady tell me to call my Lyft supervisor. She proceeded to open all of my doors and my hatchback saying she was going to hold me there until my supervisor came.