Would anyone else have taken muddy bikes?

Heck no, I wouldn’t take the dirty bikes. People don’t understand that these are our personal cars, and we’re not going to ruin them for a $4 fare. I don’t know what people are thinking. A cabby wouldn’t take their bikes in that condition. Their mom would take their bikes in that condition.

Hell to the no! Def would not have taken 3 muddy bikes. You were correct in response too

“You do understand that you will be charged about $150 for the muddy mess you’ll invariably leave in my ride, right?”

I’ve said it before I transport people and if they’re nice I will transport groceries and luggage but I am not a moving service. Now if they want to start paying like a moving service then I’m willing to talk but until then you can keep your crap out of my car

We have a Lyft driver in Minneapolis who helped a couple move their stuff because be wanted to do it & was being “nice”. One idiot sets a standard.

There was a ride one time, I was downtown by the Gallivan center, similar deal. Guy had a dirty HUGE mountain bike, and I said “Let’s see if it fits in the trunk.” I’ve put my kids bike in the back before, no biggy. Well his bike was MUCH larger, he said “NO problem, I’ll take the front wheel off and put the bike in (on) the back seat” OH HELL NO, you’re not putting pointy forks on my leather. I told him to cancel the ride, and he wasn’t happy about it.

too bad for him. Is your car and you would have to spend down time cleaning even if they did give you the clean fee. I am selective in who gets in my car. No extreme drunks. No wet suits. No homeless looking creepers

I stopped reading when you said Walmart. Why do people keep accepting these requests? Nothing good comes from Walmart requests.

I had six people and thier groceries wanting to fit into my uber x soul. Denied of course and they kept requesting x. Had to turn off my site and get out of area