Wonder why people are always complaining about the money when they signed up knowing what the pay was

I am giving notice today to my job that I am retiring. I can no longer do what I was doing and am collecting social security. I will be a full time/Part time uber driver. I make good money to compensate for what social security does not. I go to work…am thankful to Uber and Lyft for their platforms which allow me to make money…and know I signed up with the knowledge I will not be a millionaire off of these companies.

no, no, when they signed up (they thought) they knew what the pay was, then they started driving and got a rude awakening.

well there is the door dont let it hit you where the good Lord split you…lol yesterday between uber and lyft and the bonus for 15 rides after gas I cleared 165 dollars

You cant clear even half that in my market in one day. Used to be easy to hit $200 days not that long ago too. Markets change and yours may too. Which is why I walked out that door and didnt let it hit me where he split me.

I’m in full time ministry, which contrary to popular belief does not mean we ride in private Jets. This gig economy allows for me to supplement my income and offset what I made in the private sector driving around which I enjoy doing

They are in drastically different circumstances. You grew up in a different time. You have your s.s. to help you. Huge difference

that’s exactly what I’m saying bro. It depends on the market. That is the point I’m trying to make. Tons of people like him quit their day jobs to do uber, then the market changed and they got screwed. He has income coming in. It’s different for him

Like me he’s on a set income all he is doing is supplementing not depending on it 100%. I know what I need to earn every week to offset my earnings because I get no overtime at work but love what I do

depends on the market. On the strip my friends hate it but in the suburbs it’s ez. See I mainly work near LAX. Half the time the lot is full so driving around to look for rides isnt as profitable as well tipped food deliveries

Good for you Peter Convery! I’m also retired, and I’m very satisfied driving for lyft/uber. I tried to be the typical retiree, but I need to engage with other human beings on a daily basis, or I have a tendency to go wacky! Good luck, and congratulations on your retirement!

I’ll second that. The Social Security Pension (not entitlement) is just not enough and does not correspond to the rate of inflation or congressional pay raises. For those of us like myself who want a living wage become Rideshare Drivers but we own our time clock.

future drivers do not know what they are going to earn if they believe uber/lyft lies. many current drivers don’t know how to calculate expenses, thus fooling themselves about their net income.

I have had 2 nights this week where i have taken a loss. With working 6 hours a night. I calculated that i am making 7 dollars an hour. Less some nights. I will keep trying but so far this week is sucking.

The Rideshare companies are fucking thieves. You can love rideshare and hate the thieves. But the thieves love when the ones they steal from love them.

I signed up at a time where this was way more profitable. Uber fucked us all and Lyft followed. I don’t know how long you’ve done this, but some of us have every legitimate reason to bitch.

Let’s not be ignorant, arrogant and uninformed. Many drivers got fucked and their lives slashed to ribbons by the lies and deceit put forth by Uber. All you need to do is a little research. You’re retired now so you have the time to do a little googling. Tell us how many lawsuits you find where Uber paid back only a small percentage of what they stole and swindled. The list is long. Good luck burning your car up out there dude on the road, but don’t for a minute think the rideshare companies give a fat flying fuck about you, me or anyone else behind the wheel. Let us know how your googling goes.

That’s all good. But remember there are a lot of people who were lied to and their lives destroyed. The black car drivers in Philly lost their ass. My point is to help you understand what really happened to good, diligent hard working people in the industry at the hands of the largest most heinous privately owned company in the world. Do what’s best for you, but have a little understanding of the facts first as to why drivers “rightfully” complain about what happened to them and their families. That’s my point.

Your ignorance could fill the Grand Canyon. You will be singing a different tune if you get corn holed by the ride share companies. And it happens all the time.

This is a virtual chatroom. Everyone is entitled to speak their voice, regardless of their opinions. Every voice matters.

I agree with Peter, it’s up to all of us to accept what we earn or get screwed over depending on your specific situation. Instead of bitching about the money you do not earn, try doing something else? I cannot believe you HAVE TO continue working with Uber/Lyft. If you feel you are not getting what you expected, try something else PLEASE