Women Passengers Demands Women Drivers and Vice Versa

After a spate of sexual harassment reports by Uber drivers over their female passengers, more and more women are fuming over the disregard for their safety and demanding that at least one preventive measure be offered to them. Passengers demand the right to choose the sex of their driver; this means that women may choose female drivers over male ones and thereby secure their drive experience.

Female Uber drivers needed

This also goes the other way, where Uber female drivers can choose their customers, as one Uber driver Dilaysi Broche stated: "My last experience with Uber is three drunk guys…and one of the guys tried to kiss me, hug me, pay me," In another instance, this 30-year-old mother of three told the media that "I catch a ride from Fort Lauderdale, and the guy, he tells me he would pay me $500 to have sex with him. I told him, no, and he touched my mouth." This goes to prove that no matter which role the woman takes, driver or passenger, she is in danger when a male enters the car scene.

Video: http://cbs12.com/news/local/female-uber-drivers-passengers-call-for-gender-preference-option

The necessity for enabling a sexual preference filter would assure that women would feel safe, it is also why rideshare platforms See Jane Go, Safr, and Shebah is picking up more customers.

I have to agree with my female counterparts, women driver and passengers need some kind of filter function in their app that can allow them to prefer a female driver/passenger. Just to shut all you pervs out there, my concept is that the new feature in the app will be available to women only.

Yup, that about sums it up. Too many perv’s giving us a bad name. Every time I read an article about an Uber or Lyft driver that sexually harasses a passenger, or a passenger that sexually harasses a driver, it makes me wish that having a gun was not an issue leading to deactivation. There are two options available: 1) allow women drivers to keep weapons, 2) allow women the ability to choose the sex of their passenger or driver.